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Sorebois to Les Hauderes

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  • The Lac de Moiry
    The Lac de Moiry
    Photo: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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A strenuous day’s walking; cover varied terrain including the dam at Lac de Moiry between the two cols, before descending the slopes above Les Hauderes brimming with wild flowers. 

Distance 21.5 km
6:30 h
1,092 m
2,094 m
2,916 m
1,442 m

Take the cable car to Sorebois to avoid ~800m of ascent. From the cable car station, ascend between the ski lifts to the Corne de Sorebois at 2835m to be rewarded with views of the beautiful turquoise waters of Lac de Moiry and the Zinal peaks towering behind. Descend to the lake and follow the trail as it passes the Barrage de Moiry restaurant and crosses the massive Moiry dam. The trail skirts the north flank of the lake, before leaving it behind to ascend to the Col de Torrent at 2919m. From the top of the col on a very clear day you might catch a glimpse of Mont Blanc in the far distance.  The descent is long, but pleasant with lots of fine places to stop for breaks before arriving in the village of Les Hauderes.

Author’s recommendation

On beginning your descent from Col de Torrent keep an eye, and ear, out for marmots – they are common on the upper and middle slopes of this descent. 

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Catherine Allan
Update: June 28, 2022
Highest point
2,916 m
Lowest point
1,442 m

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Safety information

Today’s walk reaches a high point of 2919 m so we advise that you don’t do the route after snow as this will make the high pass difficult to cross.  In the early season (end of June early July) the high ground could still retain winter snow – this will likely be soft and easy to cross if you are used to the terrain.  If the snow patches are unavoidable or hard (i.e. requiring winter equipment; ice axes and crampons) we advise that you do not do the route if you don’t have the relevant experience or equipment. If in doubt, retrace your steps and continue to Les Hauderes by public transport/taxi (Zinal to Les Hauderes).

Tips and hints


For your gondola - Zinal-Sorebois-Espace Weisshorn you can find details here:

If you need to skip today's walk you can check the train timetable here: 

Points of Interest

Barrage de Moiry

After crossing the first col of the route you'll have great views down onto the turquoise waters of the lac behind the Barrage de Moiry.  At 148 m high, and 610 m long the dam is an imposing feature of the Valley de Moiry.  Since being built in 1954 it has become a tourist attraction in the region, being just 8 km along the road from Grimentz.  There is a restaurant beside the dam where you can stop for a refreshment before crossing the next col of the day.

Les Hauderes

The village of Les Hauderes, situated at 1450 m has been recorded in historical records as early as 1250, but become popular with tourists in 1870 when it's first hotel was built for travellers.  The small village in Val d'Herens is surrounded by less lofty but still magnificent 3000 m peaks of Dent de Veisivi (3,418), Tsa de l'Ano (3,368 m) and Mont de l'Etoile (3,370 m).


Food & Drink

In Zinal there’s a supermarket (open 7 days a week in the high summer season), bakery, and deli where you can pick-up provisions for a picnic.  There is also a restaurant at the top of the Sorebois cable car and another café/restaurant at the Barrage de Moiry.  After this point, there are no further places to eat until Le Sage village near Les Hauderes at the end of the day’s walk.  The best and quietest picnic spots are around Col de Torrent so we suggest you bring a packed lunch along with plenty of water. 



Sorebois cable car station (2,438 m)
2'612'731E 1'110'348N
46.144495, 7.603413
46°08'40.2"N 7°36'12.3"E
32T 392141 5111050
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Les Hauderes

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 km – From the upper Sorebois cable car station TURN LEFT to pass between the restaurant and the cable car station and emerge with a signpost and track junction ahead.  Continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the signpost for Corne de Sorebois (1hr 20 min). 

Pass a small wooden building in your right-hand side and continue ascending for 1.4 km. 

1.40 km – TURN RIGHT on the track with the top of the Le Chiesso (2645 m) chairlift on your left-hand side.  Follow the wide track and continue ascending. 

1.80 km – Under the top of another chairlift TURN LEFT to ascend below the concrete building (there’s red and white painted marker on the building) to reach the signpost ahead. 

In 100 m at the La Vouvanda (2693 m) signpost BEAR LEFT to ascend on a zig-zag path following the arrow for Corne de Sorebois. 

2.10 km – TURN LEFT onto a wider track and continue ascending on a zig-zag path. 

2.70 km – At a T-junction with the track below a chairlift station on your right, TURN LEFT onto the track and descend following the signpost for Corne de Sorebois. 

2.80 km – At the top of the Corne de Sorebois (2850 m) follow the signpost for Lac de Moiry and TURN RIGHT to begin your descent.  The path zig-zags relatively gradually down to the dam. 

4.90 km – TURN RIGHT at the signpost to follow the Barrage de Moiry signpost and continue your zig-zag descent. 

5.50 km – At the signpost with the hut ahead continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the arrow with the walker symbol on it to take the path cutting the zig-zag.  In 100 m TURN RIGHT onto the zig-zag track and follow it to reach the road. 

5.70 km – On reaching the road TURN RIGHT onto it and walk through the car park to cross the dam following the signpost on the left-hand side for Les Hauderes.  There’s a raised pavement on the left-hand side of the road across the dam. 

6.40 km – After crossing the dam continue STRAIGHT ON the track to follow the Barrage de Moiry (2250 m) signpost for Les Hauderes and begin to ascend a zig-zag track. 

6.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the track as a wider track curves right.  In 100 m TURN LEFT onto a wide track again, then follow the signpost for Les Hauderes to continue STRAIGHT ON

6.80 km – At the signpost for Les Hauderes BEAR RIGHT off the track onto a path.  Follow this path as it ascends traversing the mountainside for 1.1 km.

7.90 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the path with a signpost for Les Hauderes on your right-hand side.  This is summer pasture for alpine cows so if there are any in the area, although they are generally docile creatures do take care not to startle them, come between a mother and calf or approach any bulls who could be aggressive. 

8.20 km – Just after passing another signpost for Les Hauderes continue STRAIGHT ON to cross a track and rejoin the path.  In 100 m pass a hut on your left just as the path curves up to the right.  Continue to follow this path for 1.3 km as it ascends to the Lac des Autannes. 

9.60 km – With the lake and a metal pole on your left-hand side continue STRAIGHT ON to remain on the path as it passes the lake and continue to ascend in zig-zags towards the Col de Torrent. 

11.00 km – You have reached the top of Col de Torrent (2919 m)!  There’s a signpost here and you can detour to a wooden cross atop and stone cairn along a path on the left.  After some time to gather yourself and admire the view, from the signpost TURN RIGHT to descend following the signpost for Les Hauderes (3 hrs).  Take care on the gravel and wood steps.  After the steps the path zig-zags relatively gradually through alpine meadow to reach a small lake.

12.50 km – Pass the lake on your right-hand side and a large stone cairn on your left to reach the Beplan (2536 m) signpost and continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the arrow for Les Hauderes.

12.80 km – At the signpost surrounded by larger boulders continue STRAIGHT ON following the walkers symbol. 

13.60 km – At the corner of a zig-zag in the path with painted arrows on a boulder TURN RIGHT to follow the yellow and black arrow on a more defined path – continue descending. 

14.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON and descend past a wooden cross and Swiss flag on your left-hand side. 

15.10 km – On reaching some chalets around the T-junction with a track TURN LEFT onto the track and ascend slightly to the next signpost ahead on the right.  In 50 m BEAR RIGHT to follow the signpost for Les Hauderes onto a descending grassy track. 

15.60 km – Descend through a field to reach a chalet and TURN RIGHT to emerge onto a concrete track, then in 20m TURN LEFT off the track just after the chalet follow the walker signpost.  Follow the red and white painted markers and signposts for Villa to continue descending. 

15.80 km – At a path junction with a signpost on the left TURN LEFT and follow the signpost for Les Hauderes. 

16.00 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to cross a wooden bridge over a stream then in 100 m TURN RIGHT onto the track below ad continue descending following the walker symbol signposts. 

16.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past the signpost for Les Hauderes on your left-hand side just after entering Villa then TURN RIGHT to follow a road between houses.  Follow the road left then left again to descend to the main road below and cross the road bridge over the river following the Les Hauderes signpost. 

16.80 km – Cross the road bridge over the river then BEAR RIGHT to remain on the lower road out of Villa.  Follow this road to the village of La Sage. 

17.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past the La Sage village signpost then in 200 m with a restaurant on your right follow the signpost on the opposite side of the road to continue on the road to Les Hauderes. 

17.70 km – TURN RIGHT off the road at an old lamppost and old-style signs for Les Hauderes to descend between buildings to the church ahead.  In 50 m at the church TURN RIGHT onto the road and follow it as it curves left. 

18.00 km – At the yellow signpost on your right follow the arrow for Les Hauderes and TURN LEFT onto the road amongst chalets. 

18.30 km – On Route du Plan do Beu with a signpost on your left TURN LEFT to ascend slightly following the arrow for Les Hauderes.  In 100 m TURN RIGHT onto the main road, then in ~20 m BEAR RIGHT off it just after the house on your right to descend steeply on a track. 

18.50 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON when the road becomes a track, keep the field on your right, then follow the path into the trees.  Continue in the trees for 800 m. 

19.30 km – On meeting a track BEAR RIGHT onto the lower track and continue to follow it through the trees descending slightly.  In 300 m continue STRAIGHT ON as you reach the first chalets of Les Hauderes. 

19.80 km – TURN RIGHT off Chemin des Foches before a house on your right with a lamppost on you right also to descend a side street.  In 50 m at the end of the street with the Centre of Geologie building on your left TURN RIGHT and walk along the road towards the church ahead. 

19.90 km – Finish the route outside the church on the left-hand side of the road opposite the Hotel Melezes.  This is the main street through Les Hauderes. 


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2'612'731E 1'110'348N
46.144495, 7.603413
46°08'40.2"N 7°36'12.3"E
32T 392141 5111050
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


This is a serious mountain hike including altitudes at just below 3000 m so please bring appropriate clothing – even if it’s a sunny morning the weather can change to rain or thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Bring plenty of food and water (at least 2 litres) for the day’s walk, along with waterproofs, warm layers and comfortable sturdy walking boots/shoes.  You may also wish to bring poles to help with balance, and the ascents and descents. 

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Markus Rehm
July 13, 2020 · Community
I did parts of the hike in July 2020. First of all, I didn't do the full hike. However, I think I can give some useful advice. First of all, from what I could tell on-site, there is no cable car station called Sorebois in the valley. It is called Zinal and is closed in summer 2020 since it is being replaced by a new 10-seater cable car (the area is mainly used for skiing). More information is to be found on Usually, you can go from Zinal to Sorebois. You can do the hike starting with the Grimentz-Sorebois cable car link. In Grimentz, there is plenty of parking for CHF 6 a day. You could also skip the first part of the hike (which is the only part where you hike a skiing area) by taking the post bus directly to the Barrage de Maury from Grimentz (starts next to the cable car station). However, you'll miss a nice panorama during the descent to Moiry, but there is more stuff to see on the hike. We eventually went from Grimentz to Sorebois via cable car, descended to Barrage de Moiry and did a hike up to Col de Torrent. We were two experienced hikers and I'd say the time indicated for the total hike might be ambitious. Ending the hike at Col de Torrent is also a convenient option if you want to return to your initial point. On the way back, I'd recommend to take the post bus from Moiry to Grimentz. As of July 2020, it leaves at 17:39. Aside from the road, you can descend on a hiking path, but it is overcrowded by cows. You might be lucky (as we were) and find an option to hitchhike down to Grimentz.
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When did you do this route? July 04, 2020
Photo: Markus Rehm, Community
Photo: Markus Rehm, Community
Photo: Markus Rehm, Community
Photo: Markus Rehm, Community

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21.5 km
6:30 h
1,092 m
2,094 m
Highest point
2,916 m
Lowest point
1,442 m


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