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Long Compton to Enstone

Hiking route · United Kingdom
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  • Following wheatfields out of Long Compton.
    Following wheatfields out of Long Compton.
    Photo: Robbie Thurley, Macs Adventure
Follow the route through peaceful scenery and cross the border to Oxfordshire while enjoying views over Chipping Norton, the 'gateway into the Cotswolds'.
Distance 17.6 km
5:30 h
270 m
250 m
250 m
115 m
Leave Long Compton by way of an ascending grassy track over peaceful fields. Cross the border line from Warwickshire to Oxfordshire and enjoy views of Chipping Norton on the ridge in the distance. Be sure to take a short detour to visit the Rollright Stones an impressive and ancient Bronze Age collection of standing stones, the Kings Men stone circle, the King Stone, and the Whispering Knights stone. Continue on to Chipping Norton, known as the ‘gateway to the Cotswolds’, is another bustling yet charming market town. Continue through woodland and open field trails to Enstone, your final destination for the day!

Author’s recommendation

The Artyard Cafe in Enstone is a great place to stop by in the evening and mix with the locals at the regular music events and art exhibitons.
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Robbie Thurley
Update: February 13, 2019
Highest point
250 m
Lowest point
115 m
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Safety information

Short sections of this route follow main roads with no pavement. In this case please walk on the right hand side towards any oncoming traffic and try to make yourself as visible as possible.

Tips and hints

Food and Drink

Long Compton has a village store if you would like to stock up on supplies for todays walk. Otherwise you have the option of The Black Horse Inn in Salford or plenty of cafes, delis, pubs and restaurants when you pass though Chipping Norton.


Points of interest

Rollright Stones

This complex of megalithic monuments lies on the boundary between Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, on the edge of the Cotswold hills. They span nearly 2000 years of Neolithic and Bronze age development and each site dates from a different period.

The oldest, the Whispering Knights dolmen, is early Neolithic, circa 3,800-3,500 BC, the King's Men stone circle is late Neolithic, circa 2,500 BC; and the King Stone is early to middle Bronze Age, circa 1,500 BC. 

The Stones are made of natural boulders of Jurassic oolitic limestone which forms the bulk of the Cotswold hills. This stone has been used extensively in the region for building everything from churches and houses to stone walls. The boulders used to construct the Rollright Stones were probably collected from within 500m of the site.


Chipping Norton

The highest town in Oxfordshire, situated a hillside that was once the site of a Norman castle. 'Chipping' is derived from 'ceapen', an old English word meaning market. There has been a market here every Wednesday since the 13th century it also became a major wool-trading town in the 15th century. Along with the 16th century Almshouses on Church Street and the numerous pubs, restaurants and shops there's plenty to see and do in this bustling little town.


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Red Lion Inn, Long Compton (115 m)
OS Grid
SP 28920 32361
51.988961, -1.580257
51°59'20.3"N 1°34'48.9"W
30U 597487 5760762


Swan Lodge Guest House, Enstone

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 km – Standing with your back to the entrance of The Red Lion Inn TURN LEFT to follow the main road back towards the village hall.

0.15 km – TURN LEFT to leave the road and go through two wooden gates immediately before the village hall.

0.20 km – STRAIGHT ON across the next two fields.

0.44 km – Cross the stile then TURN LEFT and immediately RIGHT to follow the tarmac lane, passing a low apple tree.

0.62 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to leave the lane and join the wide grassy track. After 50m BEAR LEFT at the way marker to follow the track as it heads uphill across the field.

1.10 km – At the top left corner of the field go through the metal gate and continue STRAIGHT ON up the next field. This forms part of the Macmillan Way that you may have noticed way markers for during yesterdays walk.

1.30 km – BEAR LEFT at the way marker then go through the metal gate after 50m, now heading towards South Hill Farm.

1.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past South Hill Farm to follow a well-defined track across the wheat field. Aim just right of the radio transmitter in the distance.

2.00 km – At the end of the field cross the stone stile then TURN LEFT onto the road. This road forms the borderline of Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. As there is no pavement be sure to walk on the right side towards any oncoming traffic.

3.00 km – At the T-Junction cross the busy main road to go over the stile and continue STRAIGHT ON along stony track. There are views of Chipping Norton on the ridge ahead.

(As a side trip you may like to TURN LEFT at the T-Junction and follow the road for approx. 750m to reach the Rollright Stones – Please refer POIs for more information.)

3.20 km – BEAR RIGHT at the hay barns then immediately left to follow the steeper, tree lined track downhill.

3.60 km – TURN LEFT at the T-Junction to pass Little Rollright Church, it’s worth popping your head in to have a look around. Then continue along the farm track as it BEARS RIGHT.

3.90 km – Cross the cattle grid then TURN RIGHT on the driveway, after 20m TURN LEFT to follow the sign for ‘D’arcy Dalton Way’ as you now join a grassy track.

4.00 km – Pass the large green barn then continue STRAIGHT ON as the trail narrows between bushes.

4.30 km – STRAIGHT ON through two metal gates then follow the top edge of the large field.

4.70 km – Go through the gate to enter the woods then follow a well-defined track gently downhill.

5.00 km – On emerging from the wood cross the stile over a small stream. After 100m TURN RIGHT through the metal gate then immediately LEFT to go through another small woodland.

5.40 km – Cross the stile then BEAR LEFT along the field to cross another two stiles next to large barns on your left.

5.70 km – Cross the horse paddock next to a large farmhouse and over the stile between the trees. Then TURN LEFT onto the farm track.

5.80 km – TURN RIGHT onto the road as you are now entering Salford village. Continue to follow this road STRAIGHT ON over the crossroads onto ‘Roses Lane’.

6.20 km – As the road bears right TURN LEFT to go through the yard of ‘Village Farm’, following the public footpath sign for Chipping Norton. If you’re feeling hungry or thirsty at this point you can continue following the road as it bears right to reach the Black Horse Inn.

6.30 km – Go through two large metal gates then continue to follow the fenced farm track as it BEARS RIGHT.

7.00 km – At the top of the field BEAR LEFT into the next field then immediately RIGHT to follow the hedge on your right side.

7.30 km – Go through the gap in the hedge at the top right corner of the field then STRAIGHT ON across the next as it follows a well-defined path.

7.80 km – Go through the gap in the bushes at the end of field then a wooden gate to follow the right hand side of the next field.

7.90 km – Through wooden gate, cross the lane, then STRAIGHT ON through another gate. Now passing a cemetery on your right side.

8.10 km – Go through two more gates then downhill along the right side of the field ahead.

8.20 km – Cross the stone bridge then continue STRAIGHT ON uphill. On reaching the top BEAR LEFT through the children’s play park and across football pitch towards the church tower.

8.50 km – At the corner of the football pitch go through the metal gate then TURN LEFT to follow the surfaced road a short way before it becomes a stony path alongside a stone wall. Now entering Chipping Norton.

8.60 km – Go through the churchyard then BEAR SLIGHTLY RIGHT to head uphill on Church Street.

8.80 km – At the top of Church Street TURN RIGHT onto Market Street next to The Chequers Pub.

9.00 km – TURN LEFT to cross the carpark then take the pedestrian crossing over the busy road before immediately TURNING RIGHT to follow the pavement past Chipping Norton Town Hall.

9.20 km – TURN LEFT at the mini-roundabout next to the Kings Arms Hotel to follow the sign for ‘Burford A361’. At the next roundabout TURN RIGHT onto Burford Road.

9.60 km – TURN LEFT to cross the main road towards the school then follow the paved road immediately right of the school buildings and leisure centre.

9.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as you now follow the gravel vehicle track past allotments, soon narrowing.

10.20 km – Go through the gate and continue STRAIGHT ON past a stone barn.

10.80 km – Cross the farm track next to Glyme Farm then go through the wooden gate and continue on in the same direction across the next couple of fields.

11.10 km – Go through the wooden gate next to a large ash tree at the bottom of the field to cross a small wooden bridge over the River Glyme. This little river eventually supplies the Great Lake in Blenheim Park. Now follow the track through the tree plantation.

11.30 km – Pass through two gates into a second plantation, at its end follow a well-defined path STRAIGHT ON across the field.

11.70 km – Cross the wooden gate at the end of the field then TURN RIGHT onto the track. Passing the sign for ‘Glyme Valley Nature Reserve’. After 30m, at the split in the track, TURN LEFT to go through a large metal gate then STRAIGHT ON across this long field running parallel with the river on your left.

12.30 km – TURN LEFT at the metal gate to cross the river then immediately RIGHT to go through another large metal gate.

12.60 km – At the end of the field go through the gate and TURN RIGHT onto the surfaced farm track heading up hill between two small lakes.

12.70 km – TURN LEFT through the yard of Old Chalford Farm passing a stone barn and farmhouse. At the end of the track TURN RIGHT through a small gate next to a ‘Private Land’ sign.

13.00 km – Go through two more small wooden gates, crossing a stone track, then aim for the power pole in the far right corner of the next field. Potential horse paddock.

13.10 km – Cross the metal gate and TURN LEFT onto the dirt track. After 50m cross another metal gate and continue STRAIGHT ON across the next few open fields.

13.90 km – After the trail dips then climbs again go through a small wooden gate (way marked) then follow the narrow path with fence on your left and bushes on your right.

14.10 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON through the farmyard at Stone Farm to follow the surfaced driveway to its end.

14.50 km – At the end of the driveway TURN LEFT onto the narrow public road as you head downhill through the tiny hamlet of Lidstone.

14.70 km – Just after crossing the stone bridge TURN RIGHT to leave the road and follow a boardwalk across boggy land. Then continue STRAIGHT ON following the track as it weaves through the woods.

15.00 km – On leaving the woods BEAR SLIGHTLY RIGHT to follow a faint path across the field.

15.50 km – As the tree line in the next field bears right continue STRAIGHT ON following a now very faint track across the field. Soon BEARING LEFT towards the main road.

15.80 km – Go through the stone wall and cross the busy main road to a stone stile on the opposite side. Cross this then through small clump of trees following sign for Church Enstone.

15.90 km – Cross the driveway then over the wooden stile and STRAIGHT ON to gap through hedge directly ahead.

16.40 km – At the end of the field TURN RIGHT then BEAR LEFT across the next field as it gradually heads downhill. Good views of Neat Enstone just ahead of you now.

16.70 km – Go through the gap in the hedge then STRAIGHT ON past a fenced garden to follow a narrow path through small woodland.

16.90 km – TURN RIGHT onto the driveway for Heythrop Park then cross the main road STRAIGHT ON to ‘The Drive’.

17.30 km – TURN LEFT at the ‘Art Yard Café’ (great for a coffee) to now follow the main ‘A44 Oxford Road’ through Enstone.

17.60 km – Finish your walk here, on the opposite side of the road, at Swan Lodge Guest House.


OS Grid
SP 28920 32361
51.988961, -1.580257
51°59'20.3"N 1°34'48.9"W
30U 597487 5760762
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A pair of sturdy walking trainers will be enough for this route if you dont want to wear full hiking boots. Along with the rest of your usual gear for a day outdoors remember to pack a wind/waterproof and an extra layer.

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17.6 km
5:30 h
270 m
250 m
Highest point
250 m
Lowest point
115 m


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