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Hotel Le Fontanelle to Siena

Hiking route · Castelnuovo Berardenga
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  • Turn right at the cross-roads ~4.30 km
    / Turn right at the cross-roads ~4.30 km
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / The countryside around Siena
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Palazzo del Campo
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / View from Siena's hilltop side streets
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / The Duomo
    Photo: Macs Adventure
  • / Siena sunset looking towards the Duomo
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Wind your way down through the vineyards and olive groves of Chianti to the flatter lands near the historic hub of hilltop Siena with it’s fantastic Duomo and the iconic scallop-shaped Palazzo del Campo. 
Distance 15.1 km
4:21 h
397 m
417 m
389 m
226 m
Leave the rolling vineyards and olive groves of the Chianti region behind and descend on minor roads, wide tree-lined tracks, and woodland paths to reach the wonderful city of Siena.  Make the most of your final day in the unique Chianti landscape as you descend to the flatter plains near Siena, and on reaching the city wander the side streets and embrace the bustle of the main sites of this UNESCO World Hertitage site; the Duomo, the Palazzo del Campo, and many more. 

Author’s recommendation

If you don’t have any extra time on your onward travel day to explore Siena we recommend getting an early start for the walk so you can get into the city with enough time to explore and experience this Tuscany city before heading home the next day.  The city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site packed with spectacular Italian architecture. 
Highest point
389 m
Lowest point
226 m
Best time of year

Safety information

Some of the woodland paths near Siena on today's route are popular with cyclists so please look and listen out for bikes on the paths as directed in the turn by turn directions.  


The terrain varies from tarred roads, rough tracks, and wide gravel tracks.  On some occasions there is no pavement beside the road so please beware of vehicles (driving on the right-hand side) of the road.

Tips and hints

Food & Drink …

Make sure to take plenty of water, snacks and lunch with you on today’s route as there’s nowhere to eat along the route until you reach a Ponte a Bozzone town. Here there is a roadside Osteria and Pizzeria (detailed in the turn by turn directions below).  Otherwise, when you reach Siena there are plenty of places to eat and drink.  The route finishes at the Palazzo del Campo where there are lots of restaurants and bars, but it’s best to head away from this busy spot to experience Tuscan cuisine at it’s best.  You could also enjoy a gelato on the your way to your accommodation. 


Some useful links …

Some information from the UNESCO World Heritage List can be found at:


Hotel Le Fontanelle (357 m)
43.385290, 11.400380
43°23'07.0"N 11°24'01.4"E
32T 694427 4806400


Palazzo del Campo, Siena

Turn-by-turn directions

 0.00 km – Begin today's walk to Siena from outside your accommodation, Hotel Le Fontanelle, and retrace your steps downhill through the gates you buzzed into on arrival. 

0.25 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON through the gates and descend to the T-junction. 

0.50 km – On reaching the T-junction TURN RIGHT onto the road through the trees.  Soon the trees on the right will stop and there will be a vineyard on your right-hand side.  Continue to follow the main track alongside the vineyard.

1.10 km – TURN RIGHT to stay on the main track and walk towards trees surrounding a villa ahead before turning sharply to the left in ~100m. 

1.30 km – BEAR LEFT as the track splits and keep the woodland on your left-hand side.  Continue to follow the track as it curves left in ~200m. 

1.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as a track goes off to the left to Le Barbocce villa. 

2.00 km – Ascend to a T-junction and TURN LEFT onto a wide gravel track and follow the signpost for Pianella (3.5 km).  Continue STRAIGHT ON this track for ~700 m. 

2.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the road as it descends and curves downhill with the Canonic a Cerreto (with the bell tower) in front of you.  Continue to follow the wide track for 1.40 km. 

[4.10 km – Here there’s a rough track in the field just on the right-hand side of the track.  If you prefer to walk along this parallel track instead of the wider main track then step over the grass verge and follow it to the building at the track junction ahead.]

4.30 km – Just after the open field on your right and vineyards on your left come to a track junction with a small brick building on the left-hand side.  TURN RIGHT at the cross-roads onto the grassy track through the trees.

4.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as a track goes off to the right. 

4.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as a stream channel crosses the path. 

4.80 km – After a rough ~50 m section of path cross the stream and ascend a dirt path on the opposite bank.  Once up the bank BEAR LEFT into a clearing then BEAR RIGHT and ascend a tracl on the right-hand side of a vineyard. 

5.00 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON ascending with the vines on your left and the forest on your right, ignoring a track off to the left.

5.20 km – TURN LEFT to curve around the top of the vineyard.  Go around the metal gate in ~50 m. Then TURN RIGHT on meeting another track ahead to come back on yourself and reach a small concrete building in ~100 m. 

5.30 km – TURN LEFT at the small concrete building and follow the track as it ascends with the vines on your left-hand side. 

5.80 km – At the crossroads of the track with a road continue STRAIGHT ON to cross the road and continue to walk along the track with the vineyard (and a track on the edge of the vineyard) on your left-hand side. 

5.90 km – BEAR RIGHT onto a grassy track into the trees at the end of the vineyard. 

6.10 km – BEAR LEFT onto a grassy track into woodland.  Don’t turn right into the olive grove. Then BEAR LEFT at a split in the path. 

6.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at a junction with a Sentiero signpost off to the right. Follow the path heavily eroded by water in places.  Beware of bikes on these narrow paths – these trails can be popular with cyclists in the summer. 

6.90 km – On reaching the edge of the fenced vineyard TURN RIGHT to continue on the path through the trees, curving to the right. 

7.10 km – BEAR RIGHT and continue to follow the path as a very faint path goes into the undergrowth on the left.  In ~10 m, with a Sentiero signpost on the right, cross a stream channel and BEAR LEFT uphill through the trees to follow the narrow path.  Don’t bear right into open ground. 

7.30 km – At the T-junction TURN RIGHT with a black arrow signpost on a tree on your right. 

7.40 km – At a T-junction with a wide track cross the drainage channel and TURN LEFT onto the track.  There’s a red and white painted marker on the signpost ahead. 

7.60 km – TURN RIGHT off the track onto a path into the trees.  Make sure you don’t miss it and continue descending to the large wall and gates on the right-hand side.  Continue STRAIGHT ON the path, with a small clearing on the left and another path on the right. 

7.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON passed the path off to the left.  In ~50 m follow the path as it turns left to descend slightly. 

8.00 km – At a track junction BEAR LEFT to take the grassy path into the field, after crossing a small drainage channel. 

8.20 km – On reaching a track on the other side of the field TURN LEFT onto the track to join the tar road ahead, then TURN RIGHT onto the road into the village on Via Fabrizio de Andre. There is a pavement on the left-hand side of the road. 

8.50 km – At the junction with Via Vittoira Affieri TURN RIGHT to cross the bridge (Via Bianchi Bandinelli).  Walk passed the car park on your right-hand side then TURN RIGHT at the signpost for Pazza r. Guttuso.  Then BEAR LEFT in front of the play park on the right.  Follow the street and ascend into the gated car park. 

8.70 km – From the gated car park TURN LEFT to join the pavement beside the road, then continue STRAIGHT ON over Via Bandinelli. 

8.80 km – TURN RIGHT to cross the pedestrian crossing into a small park with large pine trees on left and houses on the right (Via Agostino Fantastica). 

Alternatively, if you haven't brought lunch with you continue straight on doen the hill to the roadisde and then tun right to reach the roadside Osteria and Pizzeria.  To continue the walk retrace your steps to the pedestrian crossing and go into the park of pine trees.  

8.90 km – Exit the park and TURN RIGHT onto the road at the pedestrian crossing then TURN LEFT and follow the signpost for Monaciano between the stone pillars. 

9.00 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as the road becomes a track with an open field on the left-hand side.  In ~200 m the track becomes tree-lined. TURN LEFT off the wide track onto a slightly narrower descending track. In ~100 m continue STRAIGHT ON as a track crosses this one, then cross a brick bridge over the stream. Continue STRAIGHT ON and TURN LEFT at the end of the road. 

*** Important: From here please pay close attention to the route as shown in the App. There is a route diversion in place due to a private path being fenced off and walkers are no longer able to pass through it. ***

9.20 km - At the top of the road TURN RIGHT onto a fairly busy road. Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid this road altogether, please take extra care and keep to the side of the road where possible. Follow the road for roughly 150m then TURN LEFT onto a narrow, sandy path. 

9.70 km - BEAR RIGHT and continue to follow the track ahead as you now approach a road and some buildings. Keep right of the buildings and continue STRAIGHT ON.

10.00 km - TURN LEFT at the junction and immediately TURN RIGHT onto a narrow track ahead towards more buildings.

10.40 km - TURN RIGHT at the top of the road at the junction, walking towards the busy road again. Cross the road, taking extra care and looking out for any traffic.

10.60 km - TURN LEFT and continue to follow the road towards the buildings. Ignore any streets to your left and continue STRAIGHT ON for roughly 800 m until you reach a church (Chiesa di San Paterniano). 

*** End of route diversion ***

11.40 km - TURN LEFT onto Strada delle Tolfe and follow the tar road as it curves left then right and changes to gravel as it descends. Continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the road as it curves left and descends at the start of a metal barrier on the right. 

11.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON over the bridge, and pass the buildings on the right-hand side.  Follow the track as it curves right to ascend.

12.20 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON passed the Siena Commune signpost on the right. 

12.40 km – On joining the road TURN RIGHT and follow the road as it curves left.  There is no pavement and this can be a busy section of road so please be especially careful of vehicles.

12.70 km – TURN LEFT off the busier road as it begin to curve right, and follow the smaller road as it curves right after a Parking signpost.  Catch your first glimpse of Siena on the hill behind the church just up ahead.

12.80 km – TURN LEFT and follow the road towards the church. 

12.90 km – BEAR LEFT on the lower track towards the church carpark then in ~100 m BEAR LEFT again taking the lower track, which descends with trees on the left-hand side. 

13.20 km – Descend between the buildings and then BEAR LEFT at house no. 2 with a red and white painted marker on the ground on the bottom left-hand side beside the gates into house no. 2 on the left.  The track is rough and fainter, as you continue down it there will be wooden railings on the right-hand side. 

13.50 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as the path becomes a track, then TURN RIGHT at a track junction, and TURN LEFT to cross the bridge over the road. 

13.60 km – After descending to roadside cross the busy road at the pedestrian crossing and TURN LEFT to descend on the pavement on the right-hand side of the road.  You will soon pass under the bridge over the road you just walked over. 

13.70 km – Stay on the pavement and take the first right at the roundabout, using the pedestrian crossings to cross the road to the pavement on the other side.  Follow this road as it ascends slightly and continue STRAIGHT ON

14.20 km – Stay on the pavement and TURN LEFT at the roundabout keeping the metal railing on your left-hand side. 

14.30 km – At the small roundabout just after the Si Pedala station of white bikes TURN RIGHT at the roundabout and stay on the pavement of the left-hand side of the road. 

14.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON under the road bridge above. 

14.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON across the pedestrian crossing at Largo Sassetto and follow the road as it curves right with black and yellow metal posts on the right-hand side of the pavement. 

14.70 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON through the brick archway into the old city of Siena (use the pedestrian crossings to cross the road).  Continue through the second archway and stay on this paved road to ascend follow the signpost (on Via di Vallerozzi) on the left-hand side for Palazzo del Campo. 

15.00 km – As Via del Abbadia cuts across this road continue STRAIGHT ON to ascend. 

15.10 km – TURN LEFT on reaching a T-junction with Via dei Montonini, with a bakery in front of you, continue STRAIGHT ON along the street with shops on either side. 

15.40 km – At a T-junction with steps down ahead of you descend the steps on the left-hand side of the large white marble arched building.  At the bottom of the steps you will find yourself in Palazzo del Campo the ancient heart of Siena and the end of the day’s walk. 


all notes on protected areas


43.385290, 11.400380
43°23'07.0"N 11°24'01.4"E
32T 694427 4806400
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


This depends on the time of year you are walking; if travelling in the spring or autumn it can be cool in the morning but it soon heats up in the late morning and afternoon so make sure and bring some layers with you.  During the summer months the area can be prone to afternoon thunderstorms so waterproofs are also essential in case of heavy showers.  In the heat of the day suncream is essential and a sunhat is highly recommended.  Otherwise normal hiking gear in a ~25 litre rucksack will suit.  Either sturdy walking shoes, or light hiking boots are suitable. 

Basic Equipment for Hiking

  • Sturdy, comfortable and waterproof hiking boots or approach shoes
  • Layered, moisture wicking clothing
  • Hiking socks  
  • Rucksack (with rain cover)
  • Protection against sun, rain and wind (hat, sunscreen, water- and windproof jacket and suitable legwear)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking poles
  • Ample supply of drinking water and snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Kit para bolhas
  • Bivy / survival bag  
  • Survival blanket
  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Whistle
  • Cell phone
  • Cash
  • Navigation equipment / map and compass
  • Emergency contact details
  • ID
  • The 'basic' and 'technical' equipment lists are generated based on the selected activity. They are not exhaustive and only serve as suggestions for what you should consider packing.
  • For your safety, you should carefully read all instructions on how to properly use and maintain your equipment.
  • Please ensure that the equipment you bring complies with local laws and does not include restricted items.

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15.1 km
4:21 h
397 m
417 m
Highest point
389 m
Lowest point
226 m
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