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Goult Countryside via St Pantaleon

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  • The Moulin de Jerusalem
    The Moulin de Jerusalem
    Photo: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
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A circular walk through forest trails from Goult to the small hamlet of Saint Pantaleon. 
Distance 9.5 km
3:10 h
246 m
216 m
258 m
138 m
Today's walk is a pleasant circular journey from the hilltop town of Goult through forest trails and the fertile fields that surround the town. After making your way out of Goult, stopping off to enjoy the views from the Moulin de Jerusalem, you have a steep climb up the ridge on the opposite side of the valley before the walking becomes easier again. The forest soon opens up into neatly maintained farmland as you make your way to the small village of Saint Pantaleon. The walk back offers similar easy trails until the steep, but relatively short, climb back into Goult. 

Author’s recommendation

Take some time out to enjoy the vista from the Moulin de Jerusalem. This ancient windmill dates back to the 18th century and the views extend over the valley towards Bonnieux and Lacoste. 
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Fiona Marshall 
Update: July 25, 2018
Highest point
258 m
Lowest point
138 m

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Safety information

You will pass by many large, isolated properties on this day.  As is common throughout this part of France, many have guard dogs.  Generally the dogs are locked within the property walls. Should you come across a dog that is not tethered, do not approach. If the dog runs towards you, stand still and stay calm. Do not run away. Generally the dogs will come close (5 to 10 metres) and bark but come no closer. Stay calm until the dog decides that you are not a threat when it will generally calm down and walk away. Move slowly away.

Tips and hints

Terraces Cultivees de Goult

A short walk from the Moulin de Jerusalem, you will find a natural amphitheatre, protected from the mistral winds, where local farmers used to grow olive and almond trees on largely barren land. These terraces, built to maximise use of limited available land, are quite unusual and worth the short deviation from the path. 


Eglise Saint Pantaleon

This small 12th century chapel is notable for its stone cut tombs (now open and empty) scattered around the base of the church walls. If open, the simple but delightful interior offers cool respite from the summer heat. 


Food and Drink 

Although there is a small cafe in St Pantaleon, we recommend that you stock up on snacks and drinks before you leave Goult as the cafe does not keep reliable opening hours. There are two boulangeries and a general store (epicerie) in Goult where you will be able to buy bread and cheese amongst other local delicacies. 


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Place St Pierre in Goult (227 m)
43.862882, 5.244779
43°51'46.4"N 5°14'41.2"E
31T 680389 4859092


Moulin de Jerusalem ,Goult

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km – START POINT: The bus stop in the Place St Pierre. Facing the Boulangerie with the car park behind you, TURN LEFT up the main street.  Continue STRAIGHT ON towards the castle and the windmill (moulin) at the top of the village.

0.50km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past the windmill (which should be on your left as you follow the path) until you see a yellow signpost named Jerusalem on the right a few metres ahead. You may wish to continue along this path for 5 minutes or so to enjoy the fine views of Lumieres and the valley below.  You will also find the Croix de la Roche Redonne alongside the terrace complex. Return back up the slope to the sign to continue the circuit.

0.55km – TURN RIGHT following the yellow signs for St Pantaleon (4.8km) and the brown sign for the Chemin de Soeurs. The path downhill is steep and rocky so please take care. Follow the yellow stripe painted waymark signs on trees and rocks as you BEAR LEFT and head down towards the road.

1.20km – When you reach the road go STRAIGHT ON and cross over to the other side and past the red “no entry” sign. There is a more welcoming sign just ahead, reminding you that you are on private land, respectfully asking walkers to keep to the official path marked by the yellow stripe indicators. Cross the small bridge and follow the signs for Chemin de Mange-Tian to the right. The path will swing left and then right and then climb up next to a statue. From here, take the rough steps up the slope ahead.

1.30km - Continue STRAIGHT ON up the steep slope. You may wish to take a breath and have a look at the small chapel to the right where the path breaks about half way up. Continue up the slope looking for the yellow stripe waymarks. Once at the top, follow the path through the forest.

1.90km – The will open up into a clearing, where you should BEAR LEFT and follow the yellow waymarks. You will pass some unusual cone shaped stone buildings.

2.20km – TURN LEFT at the sign indicating St Pantaleon (3.2km). Soon you will reach the junction of several paths, continue STRAIGHT ON.

2.70km – You will see another sign called Mange-Tian indicating St Pantaleon (2.7km). You should TURN LEFT up the slope here. Follow the path ahead.

3.00km – TURN LEFT into the field where the forest opens. Shortly after leaving the field, you reach a crossroad in the path.  Go STRAIGHT ON.

3.80km – Keep STRAIGHT ON and onto the tarmac road when you reach a sign for St Pantaleon (1.9km).

4.00km – At the fork in the road, BEAR RIGHT following the signs for St Pantaleon (1.7km).

4.60km – You will see a private home with a pool to your left. Continue STRAIGHT ON here.

4.80km – When you reach the tarmac road you will see a sign for St Pantaleon (0.9km). TURN RIGHT.

5.00km – Head STRAIGHT ON where you see the sign for Ancien Chemin de Beaumettes.

5.50km – At the end of the road, TURN RIGHT into the village of St Pantaleon where you will see the church tower.

5.60km – At the roundabout beside the church, TURN RIGHT following the road sign to GOULT. You may wish to explore the churchyard or continue down to the next junction where you will find a pleasant café/restaurant for refreshment.

5.90km – Continue to follow the main road out of the village beyond the café, as it swings right and then left beyond the sign indicating that the village limits have been reached

7.20km – TURN RIGHT off the road and onto the forest track where you see a yellow sign indicating Goult (2.3km).  Follow this path, looking out for the yellow strip waymarks.  When the path forks take the left fork before passing alongside a large farmhouse. Continue on for approx. 1.10kms.

8.30km – As the track climbs up and swings round to join the main road, TURN RIGHT and carefully walk along the road for 400m taking care to avoid passing traffic.

8.70km – TURN LEFT at the yellow sign for Goult (0.8km) onto the Chemin de Trebari and begin the steep climb back into the village. Follow the yellow path indicators as before.

9.40km – When the path reaches a track next to a private residence on your right marked number 257 and “Prive” follow the yellow waymarked path and continue STRAIGHT ON. The path will swing up to the left and you will pass a small cave.

9.50km – Continue up the slope which will bring you out at the base of the castle walls by the windmill. Here you have completed the Goult circuit walk. Either make your way back to your hotel or head back to the village for a well-earned drink.


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43.862882, 5.244779
43°51'46.4"N 5°14'41.2"E
31T 680389 4859092
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


A sun hat, as for every day, is an important piece of equipment.

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Richard Teixeira
June 26, 2019 · Community
Great scenery, minimal pavement walking, steep but fun trail.
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Trail to St Pateleon
Photo: Richard Teixeira, Community

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9.5 km
3:10 h
246 m
216 m
Highest point
258 m
Lowest point
138 m


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