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Comano Terme to Ville del Monte

Hiking route · Terme di Comano-Dolomiti di Brenta
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  • From the Sarco bridge crossing
    From the Sarco bridge crossing
    Photo: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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A varied route from Comano Terme, and the Alpine-like villages at the feet of the Dolomites, to the medieval village of Ville del Monte and onto the shores of Lake Garda.
Distance 16.6 km
5:30 h
578 m
406 m
970 m
388 m
Leave the peaceful villages of Comano Terme and Ponte Arche, passing along quiet country roads though beautiful farmland, with fantastic views back to the mountains.  Ascend out of Val Lomasona, and the saddle point to cross over into the valley of Ville del Monte and Lake Garda. 

Author’s recommendation

Take time at the end of the day to explore the medieval village of Ville del Monte before your taxi transfer to Riva del Garda. 
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Catherine Allan
Update: February 28, 2020
Highest point
970 m
Lowest point
388 m
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Track types

Dirt road 3.20%Unknown 96.79%
Dirt road
0.5 km
16 km
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Safety information

The first part of today’s walk is on quiet country roads, traffic generally travels slowly on these roads, but please take care and beware of traffic and bikes.  The latter part of the walk on the steeper ascent and descents is on rough, rocky paths, take care with placing your feet as they may be especially slippery when wet. 

Tips and hints

Today’s walk is the longest of the trip, and doesn’t pass by any places where you can eat en route.  The villages of Comano Terme and Ponte Arche have plenty of shops to pick up lunch and snacks from.  Ville del Monte also has a variety of cafes for refreshment at the end of your walk.  When you reach Riva del Garda there are lots of places to choose from for your evening meal. 

Taxi Transfer

The taxi will collect you at the end of today's route at 17:00 from the small car park on Via Nuova with the large info board containing archaeological information.  


Ville del Monte

The walk finishes in Ville del Monte where you will get a taxi transfer to Riva del Garda.  If you have time before the taxi arrives at 1700 take tme to wander the cobbled streets of the medieval village.  

Canale di Tenno link: 



Comano Terme (400 m)
46.038526, 10.875371
46°02'18.7"N 10°52'31.3"E
32T 645112 5100037


Ville del Monte

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 km – Leave the Grand Hotel Terme & Spa by the main entrance.  TURN LEFT and descend to the small wooden arched bridge towards the path through the park beside the river.  TURN RIGHT on reaching the path and walk through the park with the river on your left. 

0.20 km – TURN LEFT to cross the large wooden bridge across the river to the village of Ponte Arche.  Then TURN RIGHT onto the cobbled path beside the river and walk along with the river on your right. 

0.60 km – TURN LEFT to ascend the steps at the end of the river walkway before the road bridge.  After ascending the steps cross over the road using the pedestrian crossing and pass to the right of the fountain to continue along beside the river. Continue to follow the river path as it becomes a pavement beside the road. 

1.00 km – TURN LEFT away from the river up Via delle Fucine, and follow the signpost for Poia (1.10).

1.30 km – BEAR LEFT and ascend on the road ignoring the track off to the right.  The road zig-zags as it ascends.

1.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON following the road as you reach the village of Poia, and follow the road as it curves right through the village. 

2.10 km – TURN RIGHT following the signpost at the top of the hill at the stop sign with the Albergo on your right.  Continue through the village and pass the fountain/tap on your right towards the shrine and signpost ahead. 

2.20 km – At the shrine and signpost BEAR RIGHT and follow the signpost for Castel Campo (3.70). In 100m rejoin the main road through the village and continue to follow the signpost for Castel Campo (3.60) onto the tree-lined tarred track. 

2.40 km – On emerging from the trees you will reach another shrine and signpost between fields.  BEAR RIGHT and follow the road as it descends with an embankment on the left and an orchard on the right. 

2.80 km – BEAR LEFT as the road splits, to take the higher route.

3.20 km – BEAR RIGHT at the signpost next to the grassy triangle on the road.  In 100m BEAR LEFT ascending slightly on the road, and continue for approximately 1 km. 

4.10 km – As a road joins from the left continue STRAIGHT ON descending towards the bell tower, which can be seen ahead.

4.30 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON passing the large church and cemetery on your right.  Shortly after you will pass a signpost for the spot height Chiesu di Vigo (500m), follow the signpost for Vigo Lomaso and continue descending. 

4.50 km – BEAR LEFT onto the bigger road and ascend slightly – keep to the right hand side of the road here on the grass verge and beware cars and bikes.  In 100m the road splits BEAR RIGHT following the signpost for Vigo Lomasone and follow this quiet scenic road for approximately 3km. 

7.30 km – Ignore the dead end track on the left and TURN LEFT when you reach the road junction with the bench under the tree ahead.  In 20m follow the signpost to Malga Lomasone.  Pass the small man-made pools on the right and continue STRAIGHT ON into the Riserva Naturale Provinciale. 

8.80 km – BEAR LEFT as the track splits and continue onto open ground.  Follow the signpost for Pra della Vespana (1.00) at the spot height Malga Lomasone 536m.

9.30 km – At the large wooden signpost for the climbing park continue STRAIGHT ON following the track. 

9.50 km – At the spot height le Porcil 576m BEAR LEFT to ascend and follow the signpost for Pra della Vespana (0.50). 

10.00 km – BEAR RIGHT on the descending track at Bivio dei Molinel spot height 600m.  Continue on this track for approximately 800m.

10.80 km – Emerge from the trees and TURN RIGHT skirting the forest on a rocky track.  Continue to ascend. 

10.90 km – At the spot height for Castelanghe 650m BEAR LEFT up the narrow dirt and gravel path. Follow the very vague grassy path as it ascends across the field passing to the right of the two clump of bushes to the signpost on the far side.

11.20 km – On reaching the signpost on the other side of the field BEAR RIGHT up the gravel path through the trees.  The spot height here is Marac del Baco 660m,

11.60 km – At the path junction with the red and white marker continue STRAIGHT ON across the track, descending to the left, and continue to ascend. In 20m keep left as a drainage channel goes up to the right. 

11.70 km – BEAR LEFT uphill and follow the zig-zag path.

11.90 km – On reaching a sinpost for Pra della Vespana (route 410) BEAR RIGHT up th grassy track away from the small house.  In 100m TURN RIGHT onto a track and ascend curving to the left up to the signpost and spot height Pra della Vespana 791m.

12.00 km – On reaching the signpost TURN RIGHT and follow the dirt track, then BEAR LEFT in 50m. 

12.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the ascending path, passing the MTB (mountain bike) signpost on your left. Continue for approximately 1km.

13.30 km – TURN RIGHT and follow the signpost for Sella di Calino (0.10).

13.60 km – TURN RIGHT and follow the track as it descends slightly then curves left.

13.80 km – Continue to descend and BEAR LEFT following the signpost for Ville del Monte (1.10). 

14.00 km – TURN RIGHT sharply on reaching a small car park (on your left), and a large building (ahead on the right).  In 20m TURN LEFT off the track onto a path and continue descending with a green mossy wall on your left hand side.

14.60 km – BEAR LEFT as the track splits and continue to descend.

14.70 km – On reaching the house and small car park at spot height Casa Bastiana 854m TURN RIGHT in front of the building onto the track descending nearest house.  The path becomes narrow and rocky with short walls on either side. 

15.10 km – in front of the small stone building TURN RIGHT and follow the path and it curves right, then left, and continues to descend for approximately 700m.

15.80 km – As a path joins from the left continue to follow the track right and continue STRAIGHT ON descending to the signpost at the end of the track.

15.90 km – TURN LEFT and descend at the signposts following the cobbled track down between the houses to the medieval village centre of Villa Canale, Ville del Monte. 

16.10 km – TURN RIGHT and pass through the tunnel then walk down the cobbled street descending through the arch ways outside street no.s 35 & 37.  Follow the cobbled path as it descends through the medieval village, keeping right before emerging beside the road, with steps ahead.  Ignore the steps and TURN LEFT to the small car park in the hairpin bend on Via Nuova. 

16.60 km - The car park at the finish point has archaeological notices up on a large wooden info board. The taxi will collect you from here at 17:00 to take you to your accommodation in Riva del Garda. 



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46.038526, 10.875371
46°02'18.7"N 10°52'31.3"E
32T 645112 5100037
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


The weather in the hills, as normal, can be very mixed so make sure to pack layers, and waterproofs for cooler, wet days.  For warmers days remember sunglasses, hat, and suncream for protection.  Normal hiking equipment in a 20-30 litre rucksack, and walking boots or sturdy walking shoes are needed.  Walking poles for the ascents and descents are highly recommended. 

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16.6 km
5:30 h
578 m
406 m
Highest point
970 m
Lowest point
388 m
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