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Bellevue Loop Walk via Le Champel

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  • On a clear day, you may be able to spot Mont Blanc in the distance.
    On a clear day, you may be able to spot Mont Blanc in the distance.
    Photo: Augustijn vanGaalen, Macs Adventure
m 2600 2400 2200 2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km Suspension Bridge Col de Tricot
Take the cable car from nearby Les Houches up to beautiful Bellevue, and enjoy a lovely loop walk around Mont Vorassay, passing through a myriad of small, idyllic mountain villages, before returning to Bellevue to take the cable car back down.
Distance 15.2 km
5:10 h
1,026 m
1,040 m
2,121 m
1,222 m
Your walk starts when you disembark from the Bellevue Cable Car, taking you through beautiful mountain scenery, serene meadows, and rich pastures, to various small hamlets. These are all beautifully laid against a wonderful backdrop, featuring some of the area’s most imposing peaks, including (on a clear day) the Mont Blanc itself. Walk through small towns of Le Champel and Miage on undulating terrain, before a long and tiring climb up to the Col de Tricot. However, this will all be worth it, as most of the climbing is finished after that, with only a small ascent here and there on your walk back to Bellevue. All in all a lovely day, full of beautiful views and classic mountain scenery.

Author’s recommendation

The Col de Tricot is a definite highlight, especially as it gives you a wonderful view over both sides of the valley. Furthermore, it even gives you the opportunity to climb up to Mont Vorassay, should you be feeling adventurous enough! Otherwise, the Col is a great place to rest up for a bit and enjoy the stunning views!
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Update: March 02, 2020
Highest point
2,121 m
Lowest point
1,222 m

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Safety information

There are a couple of sections where the path is quite rocky, but there are always ropes provided to make sure you can get past safely. Please use these if necessary.

After about 12 km, there is also a narrow wooden bridge that you will have to cross. Please keep in mind that if a lot of people are on the bridge it can move the bridge quite dramatically. Please keep this in mind as you are crossing the bridge. Immediately after the bridge, the path up is quite wet from surrounding streams, so you will have to be careful with your footing here, as the rocks can be very slippery.

Tips and hints

We do recommend that you start your day early today, as it will take some time to get to Les Houches and take the cable car up. That way, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your walk, have plenty of breaks, enjoy a nice picnic, and then take the cable car back down to Les Houches. We also suggest that you bring your own food from Chamonix, as there are limited options for food once you are starting your walk. This will also give you the flexibility to enjoy a picnic at one of the many scenic spots that you will pass. 

Return tickets can be bought from the Cable Car station down in Les Houches. Please check information regarding prices and the latest timetables at:,231,en.html




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Bellevue Cable Car Station (Top) (1,807 m)
45.873929, 6.779214
45°52'26.1"N 6°46'45.2"E
32T 327650 5082438


Bellevue Cable Car Station (Top)

Turn-by-turn directions

Directions from Les Houches Train Station to Bellevue Téléphérique

0.00 km – With our back to Les Houches Train Station and the train tracks TURN LEFT.

0.05 km – BEAR LEFT, crossing the bridge and follow the walkway on the left hand side of the road as it ascends towards Les Houches.

0.35 km – At the T-intersection TURN RIGHT, following signs for the Office du Tourisme, and you will cross another bridge.

0.45 km – Immediately after the fork in the road, BEAR LEFT. Follow this road past the Church.

0.70 km – Where there is a road slanting upwards to your left, continue STRAIGHT ON, and you will pass the Office du Tourisme. Stay on this road for about 10 minutes and you will see the Téléphérique on your left.

1.40 km – You have arrived at the Téléphérique. Buy your ticket at the station for your return journey to and from Bellevue.

Start of the Walk, up at the top of the Bellevue Cable Car:

0.00 km – As you exit the Téléphérique, walk STRAIGHT ON, until you reach a crossroads with a signpost.

0.05 km – Walk STRAIGHT ON, following signs for the Col du Tricot. You will cross over a set of train tracks and the path will slope downwards. Remember to always be careful when crossing any train tracks.

0.25 km – You will come down onto another path with a signpost. TURN RIGHT here, following signs for Le Crozat.

0.60 km – At the signpost before you walk up to Hotel Bellevue, TURN LEFT, following signs for Le Planet.

1.50 km – After passing through a field with some houses on your right, you will come to a slightly larger road with a signpost. TURN RIGHT here, passing by some houses, and then TURN LEFT immediately thereafter, following the sign to Le Pont des Places.

1.80 km – Ignore path to your left and BEAR RIGHT, descending slightly.

2.30 km – When the path merges with another road, TURN LEFT on the Chemin de L’Orney, which slopes downwards towards the river, following a sign for the Col du Tricot.

2.70 km – BEAR RIGHT, staying on this road all the way to Le Champel, which will take you approximately 45 minutes. Ignore all other paths and stay on this main road for about 2.8 km.

5.50 km – As you enter Le Champel, you will come across a fork in the road. BEAR LEFT, turning away from the cemented road. This path will take you up the hillside and into the forested area ahead.

6.60 km – When you reach a signpost, TURN LEFT, following signs for the Col de Tricot, and ignoring a path on your right.

8.90 km – At the ‘Miage’ Signpost, TURN LEFT, following the sign for the Col du Tricot.

9.20 km – You will see a small footpath on your left, splitting away from the road. BEAR LEFT on this walking path as it heads in the direction of the Col. This path will snake up to the Col du Tricot. The climb can be quite tiring, so make sure you are hydrated and that you’ve had something to eat before you begin!

10.70 km – Congratulations – you’ve made it to the top! If you’re not had enough climbing, you can always choose to climb up Mont Vorassay (30 minutes up). To do so, turn left, following signs to Mont Vorassay. If not, this is a good place to take a quick rest break. When you are ready to continue, walk STRAIGHT ON, down the valley, following this path for about 2 km.

12.70 – When you come to the next signpost, TURN RIGHT, following the path to Bellevue. Be careful as you will cross the bridge. Shortly after the bridge the path ascend slightly again – be careful here as well as the stones are often wet and slippery.

13.10 km – As you exit the forested area, you will come to a clearing. Continue STRAIGHT ON, ignoring a path on your right.

13.40 km – TURN LEFT at ‘L’Are’ Signpost, following the path to Bellevue.

13.70 km – BEAR RIGHT on the upper path by the signpost, keeping on the path to Bellevue.

14.00 km – Be careful as there are some steep descents here – make sure to use the rope if necessary.

14.90 km – TURN RIGHT here again to come back the way you came initially, as you climb your final meters up to Bellevue.

15.00 km – Cross the train Tracks again and continue walking STRAIGHT ON back up to the station.

15.20 km – Congratulations – your Bellevue loop walk has come to an end! Take the cable car down or rewards yourself with a drink at the restaurant next to the Cable Car.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Start the day by taking the free Chamonix Valley shuttle bus (no.1) from Chamonix to Les Houches (Bellevue). From here, take the cable car to Bellevue at 1,800m. Operating times and more information about this cable car can be found here:,231,en.html 


45.873929, 6.779214
45°52'26.1"N 6°46'45.2"E
32T 327650 5082438
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Sturdy hiking boots will suffice for today's walk. Hiking poles will also definitely come in handy, as there are quite some ascents and descents.

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September 04, 2019 · Community
Ich hatte beste Bedingungen. Bin etwas spät gestartet (11 Uhr) und hatte zu kämpfen, dass ich den letzten Lift noch erwische. Bin Richtung Osten gestartet.
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Photo: DaggiBee, Community

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15.2 km
5:10 h
1,026 m
1,040 m
Highest point
2,121 m
Lowest point
1,222 m


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