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Niagara Biking - Niagara Falls to Port Colborne

Bicycle Ride · Ontario
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Finish the Niagara River Recreation Trail as it takes you to Fort Erie, where you begin the Friendship trail along the coast of Lake Erie. Enjoy the car free trail all the way to Port Colborne. 

56 km
5:00 h
25 m
16 m

Begin with fresh, morning views over Niagara Falls as the Niagara River Recreational Trail takes you up river. Quickly leave the busier roads and crowds behind in favor of tranquil riverside trails that bring you to the town of Fort Erie and the end of the Niagara River Recreational Trail. The Friendship Trail officially begins and quickly gives way to stunning views over Lake Erie. Follow it past the impressive Old Fort Erie, the Old Lake Erie Beach Park, and eventually to the long, straight bike path that leads to Port Colborne. Spend the last 15+ miles enjoying the peaceful trail while passing several roads to infamous Erie beaches. 


Note - the start point for this day's route depends heavily on which accommodation you had been booked in for the Niagara night. Though this route officially begins at Kingsbridge Park where the previous day's ended, your accommodation may be farther along closer to Fort Erie, or earlier on and closer to Niagara Falls. Please see your individual accommodaiton sheet for details. 

Author’s recommendation

Refer to your individual accommodation sheet to determine the best way to get from your accommodation back to the route. Note, it will likely not align perfectly with this route so take special note of the mileage. User
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Updated: April 19, 2019

Highest point
193 m
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168 m

Safety information

Inspect your bike for any damage before you begin your ride. Please check for issues with the frame, components, wheels, and breaks. Ensure there are no loose cables or straps and that the tires are inflated. If you are doubtful of the condition of your rental bike, please call the office or the local bike hire on the number provided in your information pack.


Always wear a helmet when cycling. 


Be aware of traffic at all times. While most locals drivers are accustomed to seeing bikers, there are many visiting drivers unfamiliar with the roads, so always pay attention to passing traffic. When not on a bike path, utilize the shoulder whenever possible, ride single file on the right side of the road, and obey road signs. When passing through towns, stay alert and ride defensively as drivers will have a lot to focus on. Mind inconstant pavement and unique intersection lanes.


The many bike paths in the region included on the ride are well maintained, thoughtfully built, and provide safety from the main road. However, they are not without danger and can at times be very busy. Be aware of other rides when passing or being passed, and always yield to walkers.


Be aware of the few instances where the multi-use path merges onto a “Service Road,” or a type of driveway that parallels the main road. Though limited to residents, there may be traffic on these roads.


When crossing over bridges, be aware of the material of the surface of the road. Many of the bridges - mainly those over canals - are not suitable for bikes as the gaps are long and will arrest your bike wheel. Defer to the route notes / turn by turn directs for insight to these bridges before you cross. 


When leaving your bike unattended, always use the lock provided to protect your rental. Furthermore, be sure to bring your valuables with you wherever you go as they are not necessarily safe in the bike bag.


Always be sure to check the weather before beginning your ride. Rain and fog can reduce visibility and can affect how you normally ride your bike.


In addition to your preferred bike shorts and shoes, please make sure that you also have a rain layer and warm layer in the event of inclement weather. Many riders also enjoy gloves for extra padding on the handlebars.


Though most routes will pass stores for food and drink, bring enough snacks and water to sustain yourself for the day. Many riders enjoy reservoir backpacks in addition to water bottles. Please also bring proper cash/credit card, navigation equipment, emergency phone numbers, and a way to charge your phone.


Always wear a helmet and pack a spare tube, puncture repair kit, tire levers, and handpump. You may also like to take a multi-tool. Note, there are a few public bike repair stations throughout each day’s ride. Take note and use if necessary.

Tips, hints and links

Points of Interest


Fort Erie Town

First pass through the edge of the town of Fort Erie, where there are a few lunch options just off of the main route. Be sure to know where these are ahead of time. We suggest options off of Jarvis St. in North Fort Erie, or faster options off of Garrison Rd on the southern part of town near Mather Arch.

Mather Arch 

A beautiful monument along the Friendship bike trail with manicured gardens and a dedication to the architect of the International Peace Bridge. 

Old Fort Erie 

A stunning tribute to the history of the region, the Old Fort is active today with interactive exibits, live re-enactments, and rich history shared with daily tours. Take a step into the 19th century and explore this gem!

Crystal Beach 

A popular destination for swimming between Fort Erie and Port Colborne - worth a stop for either it's many lunch options, a dip in Lake Erie, or both! After passing through Ridgeway, follow signs for Crystal Beach by taking a LEFT onto Ridgeway Road. 

Nickel Beach 

Just outside of Port Colborne, this is another popular stop for swimming on a hot day! Visit either just before checking in, or afterwards. 


Food and Drink

Fort Erie, Ridgeway, and Crystal Beach (off the main route) are the best options for food and/or water refills. There are a few lunch spots in each destination.

Fort Erie North, try Old Bank Bistro.

Ridgeway, try 335 on the Ridge or Maria's Downtown Diner.

Crystal Beach, try South Coast Cookhouse or Palmwood Waterfront Eater & Patio Bar. 


Kingsbridge Park, Niagara Falls (172 m)
43.063840, -79.046192
17T 659088 4769756


Talwood Manor, Port Colborne

Turn-by-turn directions

 0.0 miles - The official start of this route begins at Kingsbrige Park Point, just before the bridge that crosses into Chippawa. Please see your accommodation sheet for specifics on where your ride will join the route. 


0.25 miles – After crossing another bridge, cross over the Niagara Parkway to rejoin the NRRT.


For the next 15.5 miles, the NRRT will have minimal turns and will parallel the Niagara Parkway, and will utilize a combination of the multi-use paths and “Service Roads,” or a type of driveway that parallels the main road. Though limited to residents, there may be traffic on these roads.


7.0 miles – Continue STRAIGHT ON over the bridge.


14.4 miles – The multi-use path ends, and the NRRT joins the main Niagara Parkway Road as it enters Fort Erie. Continue STRAIGHT ON along the waterfront street.


15.7 miles – Just before continuing under the bridge and as the main street begins to end, BEAR LEFT to rejoin the multi-use path. This is the official beginning of the Friendship Trail which will take you all the way to Port Colborne.


17.1 miles – Admire, and visit if time allows, Fort Erie on your right side. Continue STRAIGHT ON the Friendship Trail.


18 miles – As the neighborhood ends, BEAR LEFT to stay on the Friendship Trail toward the Old Lake Erie Beach Park.


18.4 miles – The Friendship Trail becomes a multi-use sidewalk along Edgemere Road. Use caution as you cross many active driveways and the grade is undulating.


18.9 miles – As the multi-use sidewalk ends, TURN RIGHT 90-degrees to stay on the Friendship Trail.


19.0 miles – At the T-intersection, TURN LEFT to stay on the Friendship Trail.


From here to Port Colborne, there are no turns off of the Friendship. However, there are a number of T-Intersections with roads where we recommend you stop, dismount your bike, and proceed across to continue on the Friendship Trail. There will also be several options to TURN LEFT and descend to one of Lake Erie’s many beaches.  


24.1 miles – Enter the town of Ridgeway – continue STRAIGHT ON.


24.2 miles – Cross STRAIGHT ON over the main road in Ridgeway, Ridge Road North. See signs to your left for the famous Crystal Beach, known for near white sand.


24.4 miles – As the trail exits Ridgeway, continue STRAIGHT ON across Gorham Road. Proceed with caution as it has steady, fast traffic.


24.25 miles – 250 ft after crossing the main road, BEAR RIGHT to stay on the Friendship Trail, leaving the Ridgeway Village Square to your right.


28.2 miles – Cross STRAIGHT ON over the road that intersects the Friendship Trail at a diagonal.


33.2 miles – Enter the outskirts of Port Colborne and begin paralleling a road and train tracks.


34.15 miles – Arrive at the T-intersection with Welland Street. Use caution, and cross into the far lane with traffic driving toward the bridge. Just before the bridge, exit the road and TURN RIGHT onto the sidewalk and dismount your bike.

Note - The metal bridge surface holes have spacing that is intended for vehicles, not bicycles, so it is dangerous to ride across. The pedestrian section has smaller slots, so does not impact a bike.


34.3 miles – On the far side of the bridge, continue STRAIGHT ON through downtown toward Fielden Road.


34.7 miles – TURN RIGHT onto Fielden Road.


34.8 miles – Arrive at the Talmoor Manor B&B.


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