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Bicycle Ride

Dijon to Vouegot

Bicycle Ride · Bourgogne
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  • Exit from Place de la Liberation, Dijon
    / Exit from Place de la Liberation, Dijon
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Crocodile Dijon
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Chateau Marsannay
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Cote de Nuits Vineyards
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Beginning of path in Dijon
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Church at Fixin
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Vineyard Signpost
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Gilley-les-Chateaux
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Wine press
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Place Charles de Gaul, Couchey
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Vougeot
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Gilley-les-Chateaux
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
m 500 400 300 200 25 20 15 10 5 km L'église Saint-Antoine de Fixey Pressoir Chenove Gilley-les-Chateaux

Leaving Dijon, cycle south west across the l’Ouche river as urban dwellings give way to the rolling vineyards of Cote du Nuits. Soon you’ll reach a series of charming villages; Couches, Fixin and Gevrey Chambertin where the Grand Crus listed wines of Chambertin and Chambertin-Clos de Beze are produced. Pedalling into Vougeot, arrive at your overnight hotel, Château Gilly. Here you can relax poolside before enjoying dinner in the grandeur of the vaulted dinning room.
26.4 km
5:15 h
238 m
230 m
Setting off from the magnificent Place de la Liberation this route takes you from the centre of Dijon out into wine producing areas culminating in Vougeot. The route out of Dijon initially follows a path towards Kir Lake which is within the town boundaries then branches out towards and through residential areas. After these are passed you reach a well defined and smooth forest track and descend towards Chenove where the route begins to take in the wonderful Cote de Nuit vineyards. You will pass many famous vineyards and end at the lovely town of Vougeot. 

Author’s recommendation

Whatever time you have in Dijon try and get a walk around the old town before you set off on your cycle ride. Even if you don't have time to browse the internals of the buildings and museums,  stroll around and remember to keep looking up at the beautiful architecture in the old city. User
Colin Fisher
Updated: August 03, 2018

Highest point
375 m
Lowest point
229 m
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Safety information

Be aware that France like most other countries have laws for cyclists. Click here for basic guidelines on French cycling safety.

Always wear a helmet when cycling, preferably your own as you will be familiar with its fit. Check your bike every morning before your ride.

Thunder storms occur in Burgundy at any time of year and the ensuing rain can change the nature and grip of the road surface. Many of the roads and lanes in the old towns are limestone slabs and they may become slippery when wet. In such conditions, we would suggest dismounting and walking the shorter distances around the towns and villages.

You will be cycling along vineyard tracks which are in good condition but may have potholes and some rougher surfaces in parts. The area is an agricultural area so you may encounter local farm and vineyard traffic. Drivers in Burgundy are extremely courteous but always be aware of other road users at all times. Much of the route is through vineyards and avoids the small towns so it is always a good idea to carry plenty of water and a few snacks.

Tips, hints and links


Your arrival time in Dijon will determine your extent of taking in the sights and atmosphere of this historic city. An excellent source is the Tourist Information website. A browse through here will show its address, tours that are available and other details. It has little detail on cycling within the city. Please click here for or on one of the following links for further information about the major attractions of Dijon.

The Musee de Beaux-Arts, The Notre Dame de Dijon and the Place de la Liberation

It is also useful to know what you're drinking! You can swot up on your Burgundy wines before you set off at


This day ride is available on the following tours: ECSGCBBB, ECSGCBIS, ECSGCBSB


Place de la Liberation (229 m)
47.321365, 5.041638
31T 654281 5242898


Chateau de Gilley

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 – Starting off from within the Place de la Liberation. With back to the Palais de Ducs cross STRAIGHT ON over the square and pass between two square pillars which have statues at their tops unto Rue Vauban.

0.20km – Continuing along Rue Vauban at T junction with Rue Amiral Roussin TURN RIGHT passing old houses on both sides along a narrow lane with many cafes. After 50m reaching Place Jean Mace take Rue Berbisey passing a pharmacy on the left corner where it leaves the square. Continue STRAIGHT ON along Rue Berbisey.

0.50km – Pass the entrance to La Cour Berbisey, two large doors on the left.  Continue STRAIGHT ON finding yourself on a traffic road.

0.60km – At the traffic lights continue STRAIGHT ON.

0.90km – At a T junction you will see a large set of steps in front TURN LEFT and after 50m TURN RIGHT at a major intersection up a steep incline on Rue de Tivoli, a tree lined road which leads to a play area at the top.

1.00km – TURN RIGHT after the play area and with the railway lines on your left and pink apartments on your right continue STRAIGHT ON to the bottom of the incline and a main traffic road.

1.20km – At the T junction with this main road TURN LEFT under the railway bridge named Rue Monge. BEAR LEFT after the bridge then BEAR RIGHT and cross the road and tramway using the pedestrian crossing to Rue de L’Hopital. Having crossed the road TURN RIGHT then TURN LEFT into Rue du Faubourg Raines. To your immediate left you will see bike stands and the entrance of a small tarmac path to the right signed Promenade d L’Ouche.

1.60km – Cross over Avenue de L’Ouche at the traffic lights and continue STRAIGHT ON along the small tarmac path sign posted Promenade de L Ouche.

1.90km – River is now on your left. Continue STRAIGHT ON.

2.00km – At a Y junction with a white building on the right BEAR LEFT under a blue bridge.

2.40km – Ignore left turn and continue STRAIGHT ON.

2.80km – Ignore left turn over bridge and continue STRAIGHT ON.

3.20km – Having passed an entrance to a campsite pass under a road bridge and keeping the water on the left continue STRAIGHT ON noting a large willow tree on the left. The cycle paths are now denoted by green lines.

3.70km – Having passed under a metal bridge reach a car park and play area at the top of a small incline noting the view towards the lake. Do not cross the bridge on the left. TURN RIGHT almost doubling back following the bike trail that leads across the metal bridge that you passed under.

4.20km – At the Y junction TURN LEFT down the incline towards the canal then TURN RIGHT after 30m towards the zig-zag path to the bridge over the canal. Cross the bridge at a lock.

4.30km – Having crossed the bridge TURN RIGHT and cycle along the paved foot path with the canal on your right. Note the stone crocodile. 

4.50km – Reaching a large gravel area Place du Lac TURN LEFT passing between two bollards and into a car park with spaces on both sides of the road. The canal is now at your back. Continue STRAIGHT ON in this direction past various junctions noting a school on left and Stade de la Fontaine de L’Ouche on the right. Travel up a slight incline along Avenue du Lac.

5.00km – Having passed a roundabout and just after College Jean Philippe Rameau on the right BEAR RIGHT towards Parc de la Combe a la Serpent.

5.30km – TURN LEFT into Rue des Marcs d’Or and continue up hill.

5.60km - BEAR LEFT at fork still on Rue des Marcs D'Or

6.20km – At major road intersection BEAR LEFT down steep hill staying on Rue des Marcs d’Or.

6.60km – Reaching traffic lights at major intersection cross over and continue STRAIGHT ON into Rue de Pere Charles de Faucauld up an incline and a right hand bend noting a tennis court on your left after you do so. You may wish to use the pedestrian crossing here. 

7.50km – BEAR LEFT uphill ignoring road to the right

7.60km – TURN RIGHT just after bus shelter on left onto Rue Chanoine Bordet.

8.40km – At bus turning point TURN LEFT up Rue de St Vincent de Paul.

8.90km – Having passed under power lines and passing a school on the left and noting a telecoms tower on the right TURN RIGHT acutely and travel down a lane towards a barrier with the tower clearly visible on your right. Pass the barrier into wooded park land.

9.90km – Reach red and white barrier with left junction and car park. Continue STRAIGHT ON.

10.00km – Pass Chenove sign and with the road sweeping to the left continue STRAIGHT ON down a steep hill which becomes Rue de Paul Bert.

10.70 – Pass very old Pressoirs des ducs de Bourgogne on your right and continue STRAIGHT ON.

10.80km – TURN RIGHT into Rue Pierre Curie and continue on narrow tarmac lane between stone walls. After 100m BEAR RIGHT at Y junction.

11.80km – Ignore road on left and BEAR RIGHT.

12.70km – at T junction TURN LEFT and keeping the traffic island on your left immediately TURN RIGHT towards houses at the end of the vineyards with a visible steeple keeping the wooded hills to your right.

13.20km – At crossroads TURN LEFT then sharp TURN RIGHT along Rue des Vignes with red fire hydrant on right and white building on left. Continue STRAIGHT ON skirting Marsanny la Cote

13.90km – At crossroads STRAIGHT ON continuing on Rue des Vignes.

14.10km - At crossroads STRAIGHT ON continuing on Rue des Vignes towards Couchey

14.20km – pass Chateau de Marsanny. Continue STRAIGHT ON.

14.90km – After passing cemertery on your left at cross roads TURN RIGHT into Couchey with pharmacy on the right and large metal gates on the left noting the spire in the distance ahead. On cobbles BRANCH RIGHT towards Fixin then BEAR LEFT at Rue George Clemenceau.

15.20km – TURN RIGHT into Place de Charles de Gaulle towards metal gates at top of square then TURN RIGHT again to exit.

15.30km – BEAR RIGHT at two large wooden doors and 30m after BEAR LEFT into Rue Pasteur up incline with stone walls on either side.

15.40km – TURN LEFT at cross roads along Rue Jean XX111 towards Fixin.

15.70km – At Y junction ignore road into houses and BEAR LEFT into lane with stone wall on left.

16.20km – At a Y junction with trees BEAR LEFT with incline.

16.30km – Leaving tarmac and onto a gravel track continue STRAIGHT ON towards village with white spire.

16.80km – After passing Domaine du Clos Saint-Louise on your left and facing wall at T junction TURN RIGHT towards old buildings and small old stone oven house on right.

17.20km – With lamp post on right TURN LEFT at white house along Rue de Hervelets.

17.50km – TURN LEFT at T junction along Rue de l’Hermitage. 20m after at next T junction TURN LEFT with red fire hydrant on right and down incline.

17.70km – With stone house and small car park on left TURN RIGHT onto Rue de l’Eglise and STRAIGHT ON towards spire and past the church on the right.

17.80km – Having passed church TURN RIGHT at junction Rue de Chapitre then TURN LEFT into vineyard area beginning with tarmac then turning to gravel.

18.40km – Once more on tarmac at T junction TURN RIGHT into Brochon with high stone wall on left. 100m later at T junction STRAIGHT ON with Marie (Town Hall) on the right.

18.80km – Having passed school on left and at the Brouchon town exit sign, TURN LEFT off main road down small tarmac road with stone wall on left and vineyard on right.

18.90km – At junction with war memorial TURN RIGHT through vineyards and passing cemetery on right. This soon becomes a track.

19.90km – At a T junction with a tarmac road TURN LEFT then after 20m at Rue De La Vaux BEAR LEFT then 50m after with a builder's merchant on your left TURN RIGHT into Rue de Combe de Bas towards Gevery-Chambertin.

20.30km – With war memorial on left BEAR RIGHT at junction into town square with beautiful metal murals. Keep bearing right towards Centre Ville along cobbled street. 50m later with square archway in front and a circle in the road TURN LEFT. 50m later TURN RIGHT towards Vougeot and towards a junction with a circular centre. BEAR RIGHT towards Vougeot.

20.80km – BEAR LEFT along Route de Grand Crus towards Morey St Denis. Continue STRAIGHT ON into vineyards.

23.40km – STRAIGHT ON at junction towards Vougeot and then enter Morey St Denis.

23.60km – At junction with war memorial TURN LEFT towards Vougeot and 20m later at junction with car park and house with turret BEAR RIGHT

24.20km – At T junction BEAR RIGHT with old church on left and once more into the vineyards.

24.50km – At Y junction with Chambolle Musigny on sign BEAR LEFT off main road. After 40m pass stone cross on right.

25.30km – Arrive at five way junction with cross on left and a sign Chemin Morey a Vosne.  Take small road on other side of junction by a TURN RIGHT at the send exit on your right.  Continue STRAIGHT ON noting two telegraph poles on left.

25.80km – At another five ways junction with memorial in the vineyards in front BEAR LEFT. After 50m BEAR LEFT downhill onto larger tarmac road.

On reaching the T-Junction, please refer to your accommodation sheet for your specific hotel directions.


all notes on protected areas


47.321365, 5.041638
31T 654281 5242898
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

With an area as famous as Burgundy many books have been written about the region. The following link may help you in your search.

Burgundy Wines.


Author’s map recommendations

There are many maps available both on-line and from the local tourist offices. Click here for suggestions prior to your departure which shows maps which may be of use. 


For safety reasons, always wear a helmet when cycling. You don’t have to wear lycra to ride a bike but padded cycling shorts do provide a more comfortable ride, especially when riding for a number of consecutive days. These can also be worn under shorts or long pants if you prefer. For a full list of recommended clothing and kit, please refer to your information pack.

A spare inner tube with tools are supplied with the bike. You may like to also use our Macs Adventure App for easy paper free navigation and therefore we would suggest taking an extra battery pack to recharge your mobile phone.

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