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Bicycle Ride

Cycle Ostuni to Alberobello

Bicycle Ride · Trulli,Itriatal
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  • Trulli in Alberobello
    / Trulli in Alberobello
    Photo: Fran McCann, Macs Adventure
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Take your time to wind through the understated bustle of rural life from Ostuni to Alberobello, via Cisternino and Locorotondo, two more towns with ancient hearts and narrow lanes to discover.

36.2 km
4:40 h
460 m
269 m

A gently uphill day, you should take your time to enjoy the scenes of rural life as locals work in the fruit orchards and vegetable plantations along the way. With more rural settlements dotted along the way, and a wider variety of crops and farming, you will really see the diversity of country life here today. As you make your way closer to Alberobello, the occasional Trulli house will become a multitude of Trulli! A classic symbol of Puglian life and history. You will soon lose count! Cisternino is a bustling town with a view, worth a detour into the old center. Locorotondo is a lovely small town to stop for a stroll around the narrow lanes and old-town heart. The countryside cycling is gently uphill, so expect to take your time, but on mostly quiet roads you will feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the slower pace of life and cycling! Your reward is Alberobello, possibly the most iconic town in the entire region, with 1000s of Trulli packed together to create a simply beautiful town. 

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Go at a gentle pace today, end really enjoy the scenes of rural life at work, and the peace of the countryside. User
Fran McCann
Updated: August 02, 2018

Highest point
424 m
Lowest point
206 m

Safety information

Before starting your ride it’s always worth inspecting your bike for any damage. Check for any damage to the frame, components or wheels. Ensure there are no loose cables and that the tyres are inflated and the brakes are working. Always wear a helmet when cycling. If you are doubtful of the condition of your rental bike please call the office or the local bike hire on the number provided in your information pack.

Beware of traffic especially when entering and leaving the towns where the traffic flow tends to be highest. Take care all descents; make the most of the downhill but don’t speed around corners where you can’t see what’s coming ahead of you on the narrow single-track roads.

Do remember to ride on the right-hand side of the road and whilst drivers in Puglia are respectful of cyclists, please do be mindful of other road users at all times, obeying local road signs and any change in road conditions.

Always take special care at railway level crossings and without exception comply with any warning lights or barriers.

Whilst we will try to flag any junctions which need special attention in the turn by turn directions, it is prudent to take extra care at every junction, particularly as some of the road markings and signs in Puglia vary in quality, so it is not always immediately clear which approaching traffic should give way.

Pay particular attention around 2km after Cisterino, when there is a left turn at some Trulli houses which involves crossing the road at a blind corner.

In Cisternino, depending on the day or time, you may encounter a market on one of the streets. In that case, you should dismount to walk the bike through.

One-Way Systems - Important

In Cisternino, we suggest (to assist with negotiating the one-way system) that you dismount from the bike, as on one street for a short distance you will be proceeding against the flow of traffic. If you are using solely the app to navigate, please look out for contradictory one way signs in these towns, and heed the road rules. This warning only applies for a short distance of up to around 200m.

Tips, hints and links

Points of Interest 


Cisternino has a lovely ancient town center with sights such as the Chiesa Matrice. You will have to dismount your bike for a short distance approaching the old town, so it is worth making a short detour to walk around.


Locorotondo is known for it's circular format, and the old town is a pretty diversion. 

Food & Drink

Cisternino is a good point of the journey to take a rest, however as with some of the other towns in the region, restaurants may close during the day depending on the season, so it is worth taking a picnic lunch just in case, although there should be a cafe or gelataria open. Other than this, you could stop in Locorotondo too, once again there are a few cafes, but they do also close seasonally during the day so bear this in mind and always have some picnic food with you (a tomato and olive focaccia is a particular favourite for a mid-cycle snack!).

Of course, always take plenty of drinking water too.


Hotel Realis Sant Eligio, Ostuni (233 m)
40.728610, 17.574086
33T 717381 4511818


Corner of via Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Corsa Trieste e Trento

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 km – Begin with your back to the crossroads of Via Giovanni Bovio and Via Padre Serantino Tambourrino, with the park and statue to your left ahead of you (make sure you start from the side of the road safely, checking for traffic. Go STRAIGHT ON keeping the park on your left hand side, and passing the statue on your left.

0.1 km – At the roundabout, go STRAIGHT ON taking the second exit. At the next roundabout soon after, go STRAIGHT ON taking the second exit again.

0.7 km – BEAR LEFT (to continue in a straight on direction). Signs here point to Ciossa and Montelamorte.

1.7 km – Ignore the left turn (which leads straight on and has signs for various accommodations), and BEAR RIGHT following your road.

2.2 km – You will reach a similar junction, where you should once again BEAR RIGHT to stay on your road.

4.4 km – When you reach a crossroads, continue STRAIGHT ON.

4.7 km – Ignore the gravel road to your left to BEAR RIGHT.

5.6 km – You will reach a junction with a wall in front of you. TURN RIGHT.

7.4 km – Ignore the gravel road to your left to BEAR RIGHT.

7.8 km – At the stop sign at the busier junction, TURN LEFT

8.1 km – Just before this road starts to bear right, TURN LEFT following sign for Contrada CInera.

8.3 km – Ignore the sign left to Contrada Cinera, and go STRAIGHT ON, and continue ignoring any roads to the side until you reach a T-Junction

10.6 km – At the T-Junction TURN LEFT then follow the road as it bends to the right.

10.8 km – Ignore the cycle path to the right and bear slightly left to continue STRAIGHT ON.

11.5 km – Ignore the left turn and continue STRAIGHT ON (sign Borgo Canonico)

13.2 km – BEAR RIGHT following the cycle route sign.

13.9 km – At the roundabout, after the road joins from the left, continue STRAIGHT ON (which is the 3rd exit).

14.5 km- At the roundabout BEAR LEFT taking the second exit then quickly reach another roundabout where you should take the 4th Exit (sign reads Martina Franca, Locrotondo, Cegile Messapica.)

14.8 km – When you reach the stop sign, BEAR LEFT, then TURN RIGHT onto Via Dante Alighieri. Depending on the time of day, there may be a market on here, in which case you will need to push the bike on foot (and browse the market!).

When you reach a T-Junction at the top of the hill, TURN LEFT onto Corsa Umberto I.

15.3 km – At the next junction, we ask that you dismount from the bike and walk (as you will be facing the oncoming traffic on a one-way system. TURN RIGHT here. Just after this point you can take a detour into the old center of Cisterino (on your right) if you wish, or keep going (making sure the raised road and wall is to your right and you are continuing straight on the lower road. When you reach the next junction, you will see traffic is approaching from the left down the hill, and the road is now operating in both directions.

15.5 km – At this point you should TURN LEFT to go down the hill, taking care to rejoin the road at a safe opportunity.

15.9 km – As the road bears left you should TURN RIGHT straight after the church onto Via Benedetto Croce.

17.1 km- At the stop sign and junction with a busier road, TURN RIGHT.

17.3 km – At the Junction with Trulli to your right hand side, take care to TURN LEFT (furthest left) downhill (do take particular care here as you are crossing the route of a blind bend).

18.6 km – At the stop sign at the staggered junction, go STRAIGHT ON following the cycle route sign to Locorotondo.

19.3 km – At the stop sign with the Trulli building to your left, take care to cross the crossroads and continue STRAIGHT ON.

20.0 km – As the road bends to the left continue STRAIGHT ON onto the gravel road following the cycle route sign for Locorotondo.

20.4 km- When you reach the next junction, TURN LEFT to go downhill (be aware to turn immediately to your left, which is a private road marked with warning signs. After around 50m TURN RIGHT at the junction to continue following the Locorotondo cycle route signs.

20.8 km – At the crossroads continue STRAIGHT ON following cycle route sign for Locorotondo.

22.7 km – A sign indicates with chevrons that you need to choose a direction, and there will be a religious statue to your left. TURN LEFT carefully.

23.1 km – At the brow of a small hill, BEAR RIGHT to stay on the road, once again following the cycle route sign.

23.3 km – At the junction, TURN RIGHT following the now familiar cycle route sign.

23.8 km – At the roundabout continue STRAIGHT ON (which will feel like bearing slightly to the right) once again following the cycle route sign.

24.3 km – At the junction TURN LEFT then continue along this road ignoring any side roads, when you reach a junction where an area of park will appear in front of you to the left, you should continue STRAIGHT ON ignoring the left turn, and keeping the park to your left hand side, which will become a car parking area.

24.6 km – As you reach the end of the car parking area on your left, TURN RIGHT at the junction, before you reach the ancient church building which will be in front of you, then when you reach the stop sign and junction, TURN LEFT.

25.1 km – At the traffic lights, TURN RIGHT (obeying the signals), then shortly after this junction you should take the first TURN LEFT. Take care here to cross the flow of traffic carefully, and make sure you ignore the small one-way street to your far left. Stay on the busier road keeping the large building on the corener (Ricovero Montanaro) on your right hand side.

26.0 km – around 20m before the roundabout, TURN LEFT with the trulli building on your left hand side.

26.6 km – After travelling along this road for around 600m,  TURN RIGHT to follow the cycle route sign which will indicate Alberobello.

27.0 km – At the roundabout, continue STRAIGHT ON taking the second exit, then ignore the right turn to follow the cycle route sign STRAIGHT ON.

27.6 km – At the T-Junction, TURN RIGHT following the cycle route sign, then follow the road as it bends to the left.

27.6 km – At the next T-Junction, TURN LEFT then after 100m BEAR LEFT to continue following the cycle route sign.

28.1 km – At the next T-Junction, TURN RIGHT.

28.7 km – Enter Contrada Cappagliaro, then BEAR RIGHT following the cycle path sign for Alberobello.

30.0 km – You will shortly reach a junction where the cycle route sign points to the left (trulli house on your right hand side), TURN LEFT to follow this sign, ignoring the road straight ahead..

31.2 km – TURN LEFT at the junction to continue following the cycle route sign.

33.2 km – TURN LEFT when you see the next cycle route sign.

33.9 km – You will reach a 4-way junction, where you should TURN RIGHT to follow the cycle route sign.

34.8 km – At the junction, take care and BEAR LEFT to continue straight on.

35.5 km – Entering the edge of Alberobello, at the stop sign continue STRAIGHT ON.

35.7 km – As you bend to the right, you should merge with the busier road very briefly, before quickly making a TURN LEFT off this busy road onto Via G Benedetti, then BEAR RIGHT as the street curves around.

36.0 km – At the junction TURN LEFT along Via Due Macelli, then BEAR RIGHT in front of the railway line, to keep the railway on your left hand side as you proceed towards the level crossing.

36.2 km - As you approach the railway crossing on your left hand side, TURN LEFT to cross the crossing. Naturally, you should heed any barriers or warnings to wait for a safe passage, and take care as you cross this junction as traffic will be approaching from both sides. After crossing the railway follow the road as it doubles back upon itself, keeping the railway to your left hand side, then the road bears right a little away from the railway.

36.4 km – TURN RIGHT onto Corso Trieste e Trento, then after around 300m, when you reach the staggered junction with Corsa Vittorio Emanuele, please refer to your accommodation for directions to your trulli accommodation.


all notes on protected areas

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Always be prepared to cycle through a change of weather conditions and do check for any local weather warnings before cycling. Make sure to always carry weather appropriate gear and clothing with you (including sun protection).  Most cyclists wear [fingerless] cycle gloves for some padding on the handlebars. Don't forget a spare battery pack for an emergency charge of any navigation unit you may decide to use.

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36.2 km
460 m
269 m


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