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Bicycle Ride

Cycle Alberobello to Ostuni

Bicycle Ride · Bari,Murge
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A ride through the heart of Trulli country linking Alberobello to Ostuni via Locorotondo and Cisternino. 


36.9 km
2:30 h
230 m
430 m

The ride allows you to glimpse the past of this area. All four towns visited have old towns which retain significant architecture from the past and give some sense of life then. In the countryside many Trulli dwellings still stand.

Some have been modernized in spectacular fashion while others are sadly decaying. However although the old towns and buildings still stand, this is a working environment. New areas of the towns have grown up and the land is still actively worked.

The route goes straight out into the countryside, where you can play spot the trullo! You follow cycle routes which keep you off the main roads but sometimes need you to pay attentions to turns. There's a steep hill  to reach the plateau where Locorotondo sits, it's worth it though for the great views and to be able to wander around the old town. 

Coming off the plateau, you regain quiet roads and take a cycle track, Don't be daunted, the first unmade up track soon becomes good tarmac without a car in sight.  Again there's a steep hill into Cisternino but great views on arrival and a handy cafe at the viewpoint. The route takes you through the old town and then back onto quiet lanes into the centre of modern Ostuni. Beat the oneway system by counting  the turnings and your chosen road will take you all the way into the historic town centre.

Author’s recommendation

The old town of Ostuni is on a steep hill with great views from  the top.  It also contains many restaurants and other shops, so find time for a wander and your first glimpse of the sea.

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Updated: July 26, 2018
Highest point
411 m
Lowest point
197 m
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Safety information

Before starting your ride it’s always worth inspecting your bike for any damage. Check for any damage to the frame, components or wheels. Ensure there are no loose cables and that the tyres are inflated and the brakes are working. Always wear a helmet when cycling. If you are doubtful of the condition of your rental bike please call the office or the local bike hire on the number provided in your information pack.

Beware of traffic especially when entering and leaving the towns where the traffic flow tends to be highest. Take care on the day’s descents; make the most of the downhill but don’t speed around corners where you can’t see what’s coming ahead of you on the narrow single-track roads.  There are also some overhanging trees so watch out for wet patches of tar or fallen branches on the road. Always treat descents with respect!

Do remember to ride on the right-hand side of the road and whilst drivers in Puglia are respectful of cyclists', please do be mindful of other road users at all times, obeying local road signs and any change in road conditions.

Tips, hints and links


Cisternino has a lovely ancient town center with sights such as the Chiesa Matrice. You will have to dismount your bike for a short distance approaching the old town, so it is worth making a short detour to walk around.


Locorotondo is known for it's circular format, and the old town is a pretty diversion. 


Food & Drink

Cisternino is a good point of the journey to take a rest, however as with some of the other towns in the region, restaurants may close during the day depending on the season, so it is worth taking a picnic lunch just in case, although there should be a cafe or gelataria open. Other than this, you could stop in Locorotondo too, once again there are a few cafes, but they do also close seasonally during the day so bear this in mind and always have some picnic food with you (a tomato and olive focaccia is a particular favourite for a mid-cycle snack!).

Of course, always take plenty of drinking water too.

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Largo Trevisani, the triangular Piazza on Largo Martellota, the main road through Alberobello, facing the road. (411 m)
40.783168, 17.236610
40°46'59.4"N 17°14'11.8"E
33T 688724 4517093


Piazza della Liberta, Ostuni at the entrance to the Centro Storica

Turn-by-turn directions

TURN LEFT on Largo Martellota which becomes Via Indipendenza, and continue to roundabout just past a petrol station.

600m – TURN LEFT,4rd exit, and in 100m TURN RIGHT signposted (sp) Locorotondo/Taranto. In a further 100m reach a main road.

800m – STRAIGHT ON (with care) and cross this road and immediately cross the railway line.

1.1km – TURN LEFT at large blue gates.

1.5km – At the next crossroads, TURN RIGHT onto the SP59. Now follow this road to reach a fork.

2.0km – Ignore cycle route to right and BEAR LEFT past a large map.

3.2km – At the next junction by a white house with black gates, TURN RIGHT (ignore signs straight on for Capitilo and Locorotondo). Follow this road for approx. 3.5km to reach an offset crossroads.

5.5km – BEAR RIGHT sp Cycle Route Locorotondo and stay on this road to reach a Stop sign.

6.6km – TURN RIGHT, still following the Cycle Route and follow this road ignoring all side turnings to a fork at Cappagliano.

7.8km – BEAR LEFT still following the Cycle Route . In 0.5km reach a junction.

8.4km – TURN LEFT still following the Cycle Route, Fulio s.Eligio. Follow this road to a large tree in the middle of the road.

8.84km – TURN RIGHT (Fulio Pergola) and still on the Cycle Route. Follow this road as it winds right and left through Pergola and reaches a large roundabout at a main road.

9.5km – STRAIGHT ON (2nd exit) and then TURN LEFT at the Cycle Route sign. The road winds through Molzo. Then it meets a main road.

10.3km – TURN RIGHT. As the road enters Locorotondo it meets a larger road coming in from the left. STRAIGHT ON but get in the left hand lane at the traffic lights.

11.1km - BEAR LEFT uphill sp Centro Storica. The Piazza Vittoria Emmanuelle is at the top with café and Information point. You will want to wander around this old quarter but the route resumes at the entrance to the Piazza.

11.5km – With your back to the Piazza, TURN LEFT and follow this balcony road (via Nardelli) round to the left. Here on one side are a number of Restaurants and on the other fine views towards Cisternino and Martina Franca. The road reaches a car park.

11.8km – TURN RIGHT by the street map of Locorotondo. Go down the side of the car park and then STRAIGHT ON, (ignore Cycle Route signs to the right). Pass an open space on your left and large house 104 on your right to very soon reach the main road.

12.5km – Immediately TURN RIGHT into Montequerra Figazzano. At the roundabout STRAIGHT ON (2nd exit) and continue to the next junction at a white shrine.

13.2km – TURN LEFT sp Trulo di Fagara.

15.2km – At the large Contrada Figazzano sign, TURN LEFT following the Cisternino Cycle Route sign. Go up this short hill and TURN RIGHT onto an unmade track which is still the Cisternino Cycle Route. Go down the short incline which is a bit loose. This unsurfaced section lasts for less than 400m and is flat. It soon reaches a tarmac road.

15.7km – STRAIGHT ON. ON this small road (which runs parallel to another road on the left) and go STRAIGHT ON on this road ignoring side turnings to reach a STOP sign at the top of a rise.

18.4km – TURN RIGHT and just before the railway line TURN LEFT, all following the Cycle Route. The road winds then starts to climb up towards Cisternino and reaches another STOP sign.

19.9km – TURN LEFT uphill towards Cisternino. There is a No Entry sign here but it appears to only operate in restricted hours. At the top of this tough little pull there is another STOP sign. On your right here is a viewpoint and a nice café with cakes.

20.2km – STRAIGHT ON for 100m and TURN LEFT by the war memorial and into the Old Town and main square. Cafes and restaurants here. Go STRAIGHT ON down the left hand side of the square and follow this alley as it winds slightly right to emerge through an arch into Piazza Mazzini.

20.5km – TURN RIGHT downhill and keep church on your left, now via Regina Margherita (Market Monday). Go downhill to mini roundabout, TURN LEFT (3rd exit) to the main roundabout.

21km – STRAIGHT ON (2nd exit) and at the next roundabout go STRAIGHT ON (1st exit). The road crosses a bridge over another road.

21.4km – BEAR LEFT and in 250m at a mini roundabout, TURN RIGHT, 1st exit. Follow this road gently downhill between dry stone walls. A short section of poor surface is followed by a section of smooth surface. The road bends sharp left at some ruined Trulli houses. It goes over a small hill and down to a road junction just past a house number 6A, Zaccona.

24.9km – TURN RIGHT. Follow this road as it goes up and down between well tended fields and STRAIGHT ON past a large pylon to a STOP sign at a main road.

27.3km – TURN RIGHT and in 300m TURN RIGHT again on a small road sp Barbagianni. Follow this to a fork in the road just before a distinctive building on the hill in front.

29.9km – BEAR RIGHT and at the end of this road, TURN RIGHT to reach a main road.

31.0km – TURN LEFT. Now follow this road, SP41 Strada Ostuni, to a roundabout on outskirts of Ostuni.

35.6km – STRAIGHT ON (2nd exit) to traffic lights.

36.0km – TURN RIGHT on the viale Pola and take the 7th street on the left.

36.2km – TURN SHARP LEFT sp Centro Storica. Follow this all the way to the Piazza Libertad. The road narrows (ignore the no entry sign ) and goes downhill to this piazza and the entrance to the Centro Storica.

36.9km - Todays route finishes at the Piazza Libertad


all notes on protected areas


40.783168, 17.236610
40°46'59.4"N 17°14'11.8"E
33T 688724 4517093
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Always be prepared to cycle through a change of weather conditions and do check for any local weather warnings before cycling. Make sure to always carry weather appropriate gear and clothing with you (including sun protection).  Most cyclists wear [fingerless] cycle gloves for some padding on the handlebars. Don't forget a spare battery pack for an emergency charge of any navigation unit you may decide to use.

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36.9 km
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