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Bicycle Ride

Beaune to Meursault

Bicycle Ride · Burgundy
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  • Vineyard Clos
    / Vineyard Clos
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  • / Vineyard Clos Entrance
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  • / Cote de Beaune
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  • / Chassagny-Montrachey
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  • / Vineyard Wild Flower Area
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  • / Statue de Vignerons, Puligny
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  • / Wine Sales
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  • / Entering Volnay
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  • / Degustation
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  • / Classic Clos Entrance
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  • / Route des Grands Crus
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  • / Montrachet Area
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  • / Dark Grapes
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  • / Chassagne-Montrachet
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Chassagne-Montrachet
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Vineyard Wash-House
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  • / Poligny-Montrachet
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
  • / Towards Meursault
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  • / Green Cycle Route Signs
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  • / Chateau de Citeaux,Meursault
    Photo: Colin Fisher, Macs Adventure
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Ride the ‘Voie des Vignes’ cycle route from Beaune through the southern Cote de Beaune. Discover the prestigious wine producing towns of Pommard and Volnay. Further on you will reach what is to be considered the best white wine cellar in the world, Montrachet in Puligny-Montrachet. From here, return to the sleepy square of Meursault to soak up village life with a large glass of Burgundy.

30.6 km
6:25 h
214 m
169 m

Leaving behind the beautiful and bustling little town of Beaune you quickly find yourself back in the famous vineyards of Burgundy.  Famous wine names like Pommard, Volnay and Montrachet surround you as you cycle through kilometers of the Cote de Beaune vineyards. You'll see the tended acres and the famous names as you pass the stone walls of the Crus and most towns have a degustation and also a chateau which may have an exhibition or museum. 

Author’s recommendation

Why not take a picnic? There are so many places to stop eat and enjoy the scenery. This isn't the area for traditional cafe culture. This is wine country and what you may consider to be a cafe is in fact another degustation. Read up on your vine growing techniques then you will see these put into practice. And of course remember to look at but not touch the beautiful grapes hanging from the vines. User
Colin Fisher
Updated: August 03, 2018

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Safety information

Be aware that France like most other countries have laws for cyclists. Click here for basic guidelines on French cycling safety.

Always wear a helmet when cycling, preferably your own as you will be familiar with its fit. Check your bike every morning before your ride.

Thunder storms occur in Burgundy at any time of year and the ensuing rain can change the nature and grip of the road surface. Many of the roads and lanes in the old towns are limestone slabs and they may become slippery when wet. In such conditions, we would suggest dismounting and walking the shorter distances around the towns and villages.

You will be cycling along vineyard tracks which are in good condition but may have potholes and some rougher surfaces in parts. The area is an agricultural area so you may encounter local farm and vineyard traffic. Drivers in Burgundy are extremely courteous but always be aware of other road users at all times. Much of the route is through vineyards and avoids the small towns so it is always a good idea to carry plenty of water and a few snacks.


For safety reasons, always wear a helmet when cycling. You don’t have to wear lycra to ride a bike but padded cycling shorts do provide a more comfortable ride, especially when riding for a number of consecutive days. These can also be worn under shorts or long pants if you prefer. For a full list of recommended clothing and kit, please refer to your information pack.

A spare inner tube with tools are supplied with the bike. You may like to also use our Macs Adventure App for easy paper free navigation and therefore we would suggest taking an extra battery pack to recharge your mobile phone.

Tips, hints and links

Swot up on your Burgundy wines before you set off. Here is a link that could be useful as an introduction but there are many more.


This ride is available on the following tours: ECSGCBBB, ECSGCBIS


Place de General Le Clerc in Beaune (221 m)
47.023644, 4.835609
31T 639490 5209426


Place de L'Hotel de Ville in Meursault

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km – Start at Place de General Le Clerc and with back to the Notre Dame church TURN RIGHT towards a tree lined avenue.

0.20km – TURN RIGHT towards Rampart XV Siecle along Rampart des Lions and after 20m with stone lions on your left BEAR LEFT. After another 50m at the traffic lights TURN LEFT and cycle on the path with the main road Rue de Marechal Foch on your right.

0.40km – At the next pedestrian crossing cross over the road towards a pillared opening then TURN LEFT and immediately TURN RIGHT with boulangerie  on corner into Rue du Frauborg Saint Martin. Continue STRAIGHT ON. After 50m at the next Y junction BEAR LEFT into Rue de la Bouzaize with metal gate on right and three storey building on the left. Continue STRAIGHT ON then BEAR RIGHT over bridge.

0.90km – At T junction at end of avenue TURN LEFT. Note the green marker on right for Beaune-Santenay cycle route.

1.10km – At crossroads with traffic lights continue STRAIGHT ON. Cycles are OK at the no-entry sign into Rue de Sceaux with white wall on left towards Pommard along cycle route.

1.20km – At junction BEAR RIGHT along cycle path.

1.40km – At Y junction BEAR RIGHT through pillars into Veloroute de Voie des Vignes between vineyards. Continue on tarmac road following green cycle signs.

1.90km – At Y junction BEAR LEFT following power lines.

2.30km – Taking 2nd road on the right continue STRAIGHT ON with white hut on the left.

2.50km – At the cross roads BEAR RIGHT and continue STRAIGHT ON towards right hand bend keeping the 30kph sign on your left and travelling between low stone walls.

3.00km – At Y junction BEAR LEFT keeping on tarmac.

4.20km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at crossroads with green mark on road towards the steeple and square. After 200m BEAR RIGHT at junction.

4.50km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the crossroads with a concrete telegraph pole on your right. After 50m enter the square Place de L’Eglise with a memorial in the centre. Pass through the square with the church on your left and the exit is opposite the entrance along Rue de la Metaire.

4.80km – At a junction with house with a triangular roof in front BEAR RIGHT.

5.10km – At a stone cross BEAR RIGHT and 200m later at a T junction TURN LEFT.

5.90km – Entering Volnay at a T junction continue STRAIGHT ON.

6.10km – Arrive at Plce de L’Eglise and at crossroads TURN RIGHT. Exit with the church and memorial on your right then TURN LEFT along Rue de la Combe. Continue STRAIGHT ON downhill and 20m farther with restaurant in front on the right BEAR LEFT at the next junction.

6.20km – At crossroads with a hill in front and old water trough on right TURN LEFT downhill along Rue de la Chapelle laeving Volnay and noting wash house on your left. 

6.50km – Reaching crossroads at D973 with church in front you will see route straight across the road. Continue STRAIGHT ON down incline with stone wall on left.

6.90km – TURN RIGHT at crossroads with stone wall on right.

7.50km – At staggered junction BEAR RIGHT towards spire then immediately BEAR LEFT.

8.00km – At T junction where the spire is in front and and white houses are on a slope to your right TURN LEFT in the opposite direction to the green cycle sign along a lesser road with a small wall on the left. You are now cycling with the spire on your right. Continue STRAIGHT ON at the next crossroads with a long red industrial building in the distance. Continue over the next crossroads in the same manner.

8.80km – With an irrigation pond on the left the road widens and continue STRAIGHT ON.

9.10km – At T junction with vines on both sides and a red building in front TURN RIGHT. After 50m with tree on the left of the junction continue STRAIGHT ON towards another single tree on your left.

9.40km – At junction with tree on the left note that the route is ahead of you. BEAR RIGHT then immediately BEAR LEFT passing single tree on your right. Continue STRAIGHT ON towards long stone wall on your left and a cemetery on your right.

10.00km –  At T junction with Gites in front and roofed gate on right   TURN LEFT then keeping to the right of the traffic island cross road and continue STRAIGHT ON towards Puligny-Montrachet  on D113b.

10.30km – At junction with car park and cross on your right at Place de Europe continue STRAIGHT ON towards Puligny-Montrachet with triangular roof house on your left.

10.60km – With green shuttered building on your left BEAR LEFT towards stone balustrade where you BEAR LEFT again.

10.90km – At Y junction stone wall, cross and lamp post in front BEAR RIGHT to Puligny-Montrachet.

11.50km – At T junction with stone cross on right continue STRAIGHT ON.

11.80km – At junction BEAR LEFT towards large willow tree by a stone building and note the watering trough. Continue STRAIGHT ON keeping on the tarmac road.

12.40km - BEAR LEFT on tarmac keeping trees on your right

12.90km – TURN LEFT at crossroads towards Puligny-Montrachet travelling away from hills.

13.20km – At T junction TURN RIGHT towards spire with the hills once more on your right.

13.40km – TURN LEFT at the junction with the hills now behind you.

13.70km – Reaching the crossroads with a major road beware of a blind summit on the left and continue STRAIGHT ON towards woods at the end of a vineyard.

14.20km – At a junction with the wood in front  and short stone pillars BEAR RIGHT keeping wood on left.

14.40km – BEAR RIGHT staying on tarmac road ignoring track ahead.

14.70km – At T junction with trees in front and height restriction sign TURN LEFT

15.30km – Immediately after passing under railway TURN RIGHT at junction. Continue STRAIGHT ON with railway on your right ignoring next left tuning into track.

15.70km – At turning with two pylons on the left TURN RIGHT towards the railway the immediately BEAR LEFT. The railway is on your right.

16.80km – TURN RIGHT over the railway at the T junction and ignore immediate road on the left as you cycle towards a small wood which you pass on your right. 

17.30km – At T junction TURN LEFT along Rue Truchot and pass small oak tree on right towards houses.

17.70km – Having passed cemetery on your right at T junction continue STRAIGHT ON directly towards spire. Keep cycling towards church and after passing school on the left you reach the church door below the spire in Corpeau.

18.20km – At the Y junction in front of the church BEAR LEFT passing cross on left and wine press on right.

18.30km – With house steps and hydrant on your left at the crossroads continue STRAIGHT ON with an immediate TURN RIGHT into Rue du Puits Messidor passing white building with blue shutters on the right and house with 3 gable windows on the left.

18.50km – At major crossroads continue STRAIGHT ON and pass flag poles on your right.

19.00km – After the stone wash house at the T junction TURN RIGHT towards town with concrete power poles on your left .

19.30km – At T junction with major road TURN LEFT then immediately TURN RIGHT towards a small wood on the right.

20.00km – At the crossroads with the town in front TURN LEFT with small wood in the distance on the right. Continue STRAIGHT ON over small crossroads with stone hut.

20.40km - At crossroads with round stone hut and panorama viewpoint TURN RIGHT towards town. Note green cycle marker on sign.

Note that from here to the end of the ride the route follows the green cycle signs. This will not be highlighted in these directions but at many of the following turns you will see these signs.

21.00km – At the T junction with a stone cross on the right TURN RIGHT and enter Chassagne-Montrachet. 50m later with modern chateau on the right TURN LEFT towards large houses noting yellow diamonds on roof to your right.

21.30km – At Place des Noyers TURN RIGHT with metal gates on the right towards red roofed house. Then TURN LEFT uphill to have red roofed house on your right. Continue STRAIGHT ON to top of hill and metal railings on patio ignoring 1st right turn.

21.40km – With railings and brown shuttered windows in front TURN RIGHT at T junction continuing downhill.

21.50km – At junction with red roofed house in front and brown shutters BEAR RIGHT downhill at Place du Grand Tour.

21.60km – At T junction continue STRAIGHT ON along Rue de la Muree passing large gate on left towards spire.

21.90km – Passing church on the left continue STRAIGHT ON. 50m further there is restuarant on the left that is popular with cyclists. 

22.30km – At T junction with stone shelter on left and old building in front TURN LEFT across cobbles towards towards Puligny-Montrachet. Afterv 50m BEAR RIGHT leaving Route de Grand Crus.

22.70km – Having passed  junction into Chateau de Chassagne-Montrachet reach crossroads with main road. Continue STRAIGHT ON aand cross road with group of trees and rest area on your right across the junction.

23.10km – At T junction BEAR LEFT trees on your right.

23.50km – Having passed a wash house TURN LEFT at the T junction towards the hills.

24.10km – Having passed a junction with a viewpoint at the next crossroads TURN RIGHT between two stone walls.

24.4km – At the Y junction continue STRAIGHT ON

24.70km – At the crossroads with a Puligny-Montrachet sign TURN RIGHT towards houses.

25.40km – Reach Place de Johannisberg with sculpture in the centre. Go round the roundabout and  TURN RIGHT out of the roundabout by taking the 3rd exit D113b towards Mersault along Rue de l’Abreuvoir. 

25.70km – Passing church on right continue STRAIGHT ON along Rue Drouhin.

26.00km – At a junction with a triangular grass patch and wine press and a stone cross continue STRAIGHT ON towards wooded hills in distance. 60m later BEAR RIGHT. After another 100m BEAR LEFT towards small house on slope.

26.70km – At crossroads with wooden telegraph pole on the left TURN RIGHT towards small house and trees.

27.00km – Having passed a rest area continue STRAIGHT ON past a T junction with a grass patch towards town with spire.

28.60km – At Y junction facing town BEAR LEFT towards left of town.

29.20km – At junction TURN RIGHT the immediately TURN LEFT again towards town. Continue STRAIGHT ON into town between 2 stone capped walls.

29.60km – At the end of the walls at the T junction TURN LEFT then immediately TURN RIGHT into Rue du Clos Mazery. At next crossroads TURN RIGHT into Rue de la Goutie D’Or. 200m farther at Rue de Montmeix TURN LEFT

30.2km – At T junction with war memorial in front TURN LEFT then after 50m TURN RIGHT along Rue de la Libertie. BEAR LEFT at church and reach the Place de L'Hotel de Ville which is the finish and where you can relax with refreshments in the square.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Both Meursault and Beaune are served by train although the station at Meursault is some distance from the centre of the town. Buses are also available. 

Getting there

Depending on where you are coming from this area is well served by train and the railway runs from North to South through the heart of this region. Travel by car is also suitable should you wish this ride to be part of a larger itinery. 


There are many places to park.  If parking is not available at the hotel they will guide you as to the nearest suitable area. 

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

with an area as famous as Burgundy many books have been written about the region. The following link may help you in your search.


Author’s map recommendations

There are many maps available both on-line and from the local tourist offices. Here is a suggestion prior to your departure which shows maps which could be of use.


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