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Anacortes Ferry Terminal to Skagit Cycle Center

Bicycle Ride · Washington
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Make your way from the Anacortes Ferry Terminal back to the heart of Anacortes and Skagit Cycle Center. 

6.4 km
0:30 h
53 m
53 m

A short and easy ride back to downtown Anacortes, this route takes you up from the ferry terminal and after a few short miles, you'll arrive back to Skagit Cycle Center. After a small ascent, it's smooth cruising as you'll be on the main road back to Anacortes, with views of the Ocean for most of the journey. 

Author’s recommendation

After meeting your baggage transfer driver outside the Ferry Ticket Office, your ride will take roughly 30 mins. If you aren't in a rush to return your bike, you can spend some time in downtown Anacortes before heading the few short blocks back to Skagit Cycle Center. User
Hannah Lafleur
Updated: May 18, 2018

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57 m
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3 m

Safety information

You'll be traveling on paved main roads for the entirety of this ride but use caution as most roads have minimal shoulders. Motorists are generally very courteous to cyclists but use caution at all times. 

Before starting your ride it’s always worth inspecting your bike for any damage. Check for any damage to the frame, components or wheels. Ensure there are no loose cables and that the tires are inflated and the brakes are working. Always wear a helmet when biking. If you are doubtful of the condition of your rental bike please call the office or the local bike shop on the number provided in your information pack. We also recommend keeping your bike light on and set to flash, even during the day.


Always be prepared to bike through a change of weather conditions and do check for any local weather warnings before cycling. Good shoes, a windbreaker-type layer, sunscreen, and sunglasses are ideal items for a sunny day. If you happen to have rainy weather, waterproof pants and a jacket are a must. 

Most cyclists wear [fingerless] bike gloves for some padding on the handlebars. Don't forget a spare battery pack for an emergency charge of any navigation unit you may decide to use. Don't forget your camera and even a pair of binoculars if you plan on spending a little time whale watching. 

Tips, hints and links

Points of Interest 

Ferry to Anacortes

One of the best parts of the ferry rides on this trip is that those rides in themselves offer spectacular views of the islands and far off mountain ranges. Spend a portion of your ride out on the sun deck, you won't be disappointed. 

Historic Downtown Anacortes

Anacortes boasts a number of restaurants, art galleries, shops and more. Make sure to have a stroll through town before you depart.

Tommy Thompson Trail

If you have extra time, have a stroll on the Tommy Thompson trail which runs along the water, just one street over from Anacortes' downtown. 


Food and Drink

There will be opportunities to buy food and drinks at the ferry terminal before heading out on your ride. It's a short ride to downtown Anacortes where you will find plenty of options. 


Ferry Terminal, Anacortes (4 m)
48.506115, -122.678890
10U 523718 5372605


Skagit Cycle Center

Turn-by-turn directions

0.0 Miles - After meeting your transfer driver, directly in front of the Ferry Terminal, head STRAIGHT ON out of the terminal following the exit signs. You will be on Ferry Terminal Rd.

0.3 Miles - Road begins to slope up and left, head STRAIGHT ON to the top of the hill. 

0.6 Miles - At the top of the hill, continue through the stoplight and head STRAIGHT ON Highway 20 towards downtown Anacortes. 

3.5 Miles - Reach stoplight intersection of Highway 20 (12th st) and M Ave. TURN RIGHT onto M Ave. 

3.8 Miles - Reach All-Way stop intersection of M Ave and 17th St. TURN LEFT onto 17th st. 

4.0 Miles - You will arrive at Skagit Cycle Shop. 


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6.4 km
0:30 h
53 m
53 m


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