St Cuthbert's Way

St Cuthbert’s Way is a historical self-guided walking tour through the Scottish Borders and Northumberland countryside. It finishes with a memorable walk across coastal flats to spectacular Holy Island, one of Europe’s most famous Christian sites.

During your adventure you will visit places closely associated with St Cuthbert’s life. Pilgrim’s travel along the way-marked trail through rolling farmland, quiet woods, moorland and across a causeway. This route lends itself to visitors who are interested in religious history as the route passes close to graceful ruins of Dryburgh Abbey (where Sir Walter Scott is buried) and the cave where St Cuthbert’s remains were stored. Finish with a walk across the sands to spectacular Holy Island and Lindisfarne, where St Cuthbert served as Bishop.
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11 km
3:05 h
245 m
246 m

A steep climb leads up to fantasic views of the countryside, once reaching the saddle, the descent takes you to your destination of St Boswells.

from Callum Broad,   Macs Adventure Ltd
13.6 km
3:29 h
120 m
136 m

Your walk will take you along riverside paths and ancient roads through classic Scottish Borders scenery. 

from Callum Broad,   Macs Adventure Ltd
18.4 km
4:55 h
309 m
282 m

Another day walking along Roman roads and over the ancient bridges with pleasant views of the Cheviots leading you to Cessford Castle.

from Callum Broad,   Macs Adventure Ltd
11 km
3:07 h
275 m
253 m

Today prepare yourself for a strenuous climb rewarded with fantastic views to Yetholm and its surroundings, as you walk into the hamlet of Kirk ...

from Callum Broad,   Macs Adventure Ltd
21.6 km
6:12 h
553 m
588 m

Traversing the Cheviots makes for an unjulating walk as you enjoy hilltop views and leave the Scottish Borders behind, journeying into England.

from Callum Broad,   Macs Adventure Ltd
Hiking trail · Berwick-upon-Tweed
Wooler to Fenwick
19.5 km
5:11 h
300 m
338 m

The penultimate day takes you toward the coast, walking through forest and field on your way to Fenwick.

from Callum Broad,   Macs Adventure Ltd
Hiking trail · Berwick-upon-Tweed
Fenwick to Lindisfarne
9.5 km
2:21 h
14 m
43 m

Your final day's walk takes you to Holy Island, a site of much religious and historical signficance. Following the tide times which dictate a ...

from Callum Broad,   Macs Adventure Ltd