High Trails of the Julian Alps

Explore the heart of Slovenia’s Julian Alps as you follow the high trails staying in traditional mountain huts. From the serene shores of glacial Lake Bled the route takes you from hut to hut high into the Triglav National Park and on down to the pristine waters of Lake Bohinj. Pass medieval castles, churches and traditional mountain villages as you walk across rich mountain pasture and traverse mountain ridges and passes beneath the sky scraping peaks.Your trip begins in the picturesque lake side town of Bled overlooked by the imposing medieval Bled Castle. A warm-up hike explores the surrounding verdant mountain pastures and dense fir forest up onto the Pokljuka high plateau, getting you ready for the following days exploring the Triglav National Park. Beneath the rugged summit of Mount Triglav, the highest Slovene peak at 2864m, you will get your first experience of staying in a traditional alpine hut. Continue toward Dolina Triglavskih Jezer, the Valley of the Triglav Lakes and Savica Waterfall, where the alpine karst spring water cascades 78m to feed mighty Lake Bohinj below. A relaxing walk along the northern shores of Lake Bohinj brings you to the village of Ribecev Laz, where you can enjoy a taste of home-made honey brandy and borovnica blueberry schnapps. Take a dip in the crystal clear lake waters or perhaps a cable car ride up to the Vogel high plateau. Your tour ends back at the pretty Lake Bled, which you can explore further. Slovenia’s Julian Alps, located on the border with Austria, have always been a cross roads and this is reflected in the rich culture, architecture, music, history and food of this beguiling region.

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Hiking trail · Upper Carniola
Walk to Pokljuka
Top moderate
14.1 km
5:15 h
805 m
725 m

An easy warm-up day, starting on the outskirts but heading ever-deeper into Triglav National Park, through woodland, mountain pastures and over ...

from Josiah Skeats,   Macs Adventure Ltd
Hiking trail · Upper Carniola
Pokljuka Centre to Planika Hut
Top difficult
11.6 km
7:00 h
1,288 m
243 m

Climb into the heart of Triglav National Park, finishing in Planika mountain hut, which cowers under the summit of Triglav mountain, and offers a ...

from Josiah Skeats,   Macs Adventure Ltd
Hiking trail · Upper Carniola
Planika Hut to Triglavskih Jezerih Hut
Top difficult
11.7 km
6:00 h
347 m
1,059 m

After overcoming Hribarice Pass you are plunged into a new world as you traverse limestone pavement and descend into the Valley of the 7 Lakes, ...

from Josiah Skeats,   Macs Adventure Ltd
Hiking trail · Upper Carniola
Triglavskih Jezerih Hut to Komna Hut
Top moderate
7.7 km
4:00 h
133 m
305 m

Today’s walk leaves behind the barren high mountain slopes and descends through woodland and meadows, finishing in Komna Hut which enjoys a ...

from Josiah Skeats,   Macs Adventure Ltd
Hiking trail · Upper Carniola
Komna Hut to Lake Bohinj
Top moderate
14.7 km
6:00 h
181 m
1,179 m

One long zig-zagging descent brings you back down to civilisation, passing the powerful Savica Waterfall and the enchanting Bohinj Lake along the way.

from Josiah Skeats,   Macs Adventure Ltd
Hiking trail · Upper Carniola
Vintgar Gorge
Top easy
6.5 km
3:00 h
167 m
271 m

Shuffle along the wooden boardwalk marvelling at the forces of nature that carved out the 100-metre deep Vintgar Gorge. Return to Bled on foot or ...

from Josiah Skeats,   Macs Adventure Ltd