Camino Finisterre

Camino Finisterre

Finisterre translates as the “end of the world” and for many pilgrims they feel that their journey is only complete when they can walk no more — hence the walk from Santiago to Finisterre on the Atlantic Coast. Starting from the magnificent cathedral in Santiago, walk through the Galician countryside and medieval villages to finish up at the ocean. It is here that pilgrims would traditionally burn their boots after completing their pilgrimage. Only the hardiest of pilgrims complete this quieter route and for this reason the sense of camaraderie is incredible.
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Hiking trail · Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela to Negreira

21.7 km
5:30 h
475 m
546 m
Enjoy an easy walk out of Santiago, taking you a step closer to the Atlantic coast.
from Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Hiking trail · Negreira

Negreira to Olveiroa

33.7 km
7:30 h
537 m
410 m
Begin in the cool of the morning and embark upon the longest day of the Camino Finisterre. 
from Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Hiking trail · Dumbría

Olveiroa to Cee

19.6 km
4:00 h
199 m
481 m
Today you will catch glimpses of the sea in the distance as you edge closer to the edge of the world. 
from Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Hiking trail · Cee

Cee to Finisterre

16 km
3:30 h
377 m
311 m
Today's walk has an edge of the world feel - admire the sweeping views over the Atlantic Ocean. 
from Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure