3D Videos

With our 3D Videos you can create videos of your adventures and share them with the Outdooractive community as well as your friends and family. With just one click, create a sharable 3D Video of your Route or Track. Your video will be uploaded to Outdooractive and YouTube and we will send you a link that you can forward to your friends and family, to share your adventures with them!

3D mapping technology

Our 3D Videos are rendered with the latest 3D mapping technology and uploaded to YouTube. Photos that you have published with the Route or Track will be integrated into the 3D video. The 3D Video is then automatically added to the media gallery of the Route or Track.

Pro-Feature 3D Videos

The ability to create 3D Videos for your own published tracks and routes is only available to Pro and Pro+ users.

3D Videos created by Pro users are published on Youtube and no individual settings can be made.

Pro+ users are offered several options. It is possible to download the 3D Video, select the music, and compress the length of the 3D Video to one minute. The user can disable uploading the 3D Video to Youtube. In this case, however, the video cannot be played on the Outdooractive platform and will be displayed as a static image.

Create your own 3D Videos

3D Videos can be created from a desktop or laptop computer via the website or from a smart device using our app. You can create 3D Videos of Routes or Tracks that have been published.

1. Select the Route or Track you want to create a 3D Video from. After you have successfully created a Route, you will be given the option to create a video directly. 

2. Select the "Create video" button in the app in the main menu / on the website: the three dots at the top right will take you to the → "Create 3D video" button.

3. As a Pro+ member, you can then select background music, limit the length of the video to 1 minute and prevent it from being uploaded to YouTube if you wish. Please note that only 3D Videos that have been uploaded to YouTube can be played online. Alternatively, you can download your 3D Video to your PC. 

4. Select 'Create' after choosing your desired settings. The 3D Video will now be created for you. Depending on the current demand, processing may take some time.

5. You will receive an e-mail when your 3D Video is ready. You will find the link to the video in your media gallery and, depending on your settings, the YouTube link to your video and/or the download link, which is valid for 7 days from receipt of the email.


Where can I find 3D Videos?

If the author of a route has created a 3D video, it can be found on the detail page. 

If you delete the Route or Track or decide to unpublish it, the 3D Video will be delisted from YouTube. In this case, you and other users can only find the 3D Video directly via the link. Please note that only 3D Videos uploaded to YouTube can be played online on our platform. Alternatively, you can download the 3D Video to a PC.

3D Videos vs 3D Preview

Unlike 3D Previews which are generated in real-time and cannot be saved or shared, 3D Videos are saved in the Track or Route's media gallery and on YouTube. You can also share 3D Videos with your friends and family. Users who view your Route or Track on the platform can also view your 3D Video, and you can make use of viewing 3D videos from other users Routes. 

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