Viana do Castelo to Praia da Ancora


Robbyn Dodd

September 06, 2021 · Community
Description in app doesn’t match the trail at all. No sand dunes or promenade. Be prepared for steep climbs over stone streets and through forests. It’s a beautiful trail, just not what’s described. There is also an issue in Carreço where the trail wants you to cross a railroad track, but there is no where to go. After some investigation we figured out someone built a concrete wall at the entrance to the trail. We were able to climb over an continue on. Side note, Macs route did not follow the yellow arrows on the trail coming into Carreço. Maybe they would have circumvented the wall issue.
End of trail
End of trail
Photo: Robbyn Dodd, Community
Up and over
Photo: Robbyn Dodd, Community

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