Approaching the Tan Hill Inn from the Pennine Way


Keld Loop Walk via Tan Hill Inn

July 19, 2021 · Community
We followed the above walking route on Friday 2 July and would like to bring an error in the route instructions to your attention as it did in fact result in us walking in the wrong direction for three miles before we realised that the route was wrong and we had to return almost back to the starting point and therefore had walked six miles in total on the wrong route and was unable to complete the full circular as planned. The error is in stage 1 where it states after 80 metres to turn right and proceed through a wooden gate signposted to Rampsholme, this in fact is totally incorrect and the sentence needs to be omitted as you need to in fact to turn left to follow to follow the Pennine way and it does actually instruct you to do that in the next sentence ! the route through the gate signposted to Rampsholme takes you towards Crackpot Hall on the other side of the valley and this instruction seems to be from a totally different walk! Following your instructions we proceeded through the gate and followed a track which we thought must be the Pennine way, the next stage of the walk. Although it wasn’t signposted as such, we have often found signposts to be missing so we were not unduly concerned at this stage. We appreciate that we should take an OS map with us which we generally do but on this occasion as the instructions seemed relatively clear we decided not to take one. We appreciate that the routes can be downloaded for free but we felt we needed to make you aware of this error as it did in fact ruin the walk and we would hate someone less experienced to get totally lost on a quite rugged and isolated moorland.

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Answered by Iain Douglas · July 19, 2021 · Macs Adventure
Hi Catherine, Thank you for letting us know - this must have been a slight mix-up when our pathfinder walked the trail and written up the route notes. I've taken this discrepancy out our written turn by turn section.
Answered by Catherine Stanworth · July 19, 2021 · Community
I have just read the turn by turn section for stage 1 of the walk & the directions are now correct. Many thanks
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