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Xaghra Loop Walk via Victoria & Saltpans

Wanderung · Malta
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Today’s walk combines nature and history. You’ll pass saltpans hand-dug into the limestone coastline, admire the dramatic Wied I-Għasri gorge, and climb towards Victoria’s imposing citadel.
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Gozo’s north coast is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, diving, fishing, and… salt mining. Shortly after leaving the lively coastal town of Marsalforn, you’ll pass strange troughs dug into the limestone shelves. These are filled with seawater which then evaporates and leaves salt behind. This simple process began with the Romans and has continued to the present day. Small shops carved into the cliffs sell local salt. You’ll continue along the coast until reaching the impressive Wied I-Għasri gorge.

After turning your attention inland, it’s not long before Victoria’s imposing citadel rises into view. High on a hilltop and resembling a beehive dripping with honey-coloured buildings, the citadel is a medieval construction that was intended to shelter Gozo’s population. But Victoria spilled beyond the citadel’s walls, meaning there is a charming network of alleyways to explore, both in and outside the walled citadel. There’s a steep climb from Victoria to Xaghra if you have the energy, or you can save your legs and catch a bus.


Descending the steps to Wied I-Għasri gorge is a worthwhile detour. A secluded rocky beach is your reward.
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There are several stretches where you must walk on the road as there is no pavement. Walk on the right side facing the oncoming traffic, except where the road bends left.

There are some sections with a steep and unfenced drop. Stick to the footpaths.

The promenade section beside the sea can be slippery. Hold a handrail where one is provided. 

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Points of Interest


The gaze of Christ the Redeemer appears to watch you throughout this morning’s walk. This is the third statue to stand atop Tal-Merżuq Hill after the previous two were destroyed by lightning or bad weather. Myth and legend surrounds the hill; some people claim to have seen smoke rising though there is no evidence of volcanic activity, while others claim God punished Gozo with three days of darkness which ended when a ray of light beamed from the hill.

Victoria Citadel

Victoria’s hilltop location has been considered prized real estate since the Stone Age. You can still see neolithic silos carved into the rock for storing food. The walled citadel was constructed around the 15th century when the threat of Ottoman invasion was omnipresent. The citadel’s fortifications are intact so you can still wander through quiet alleyways and explore intriguing museums.

More information here:

Salt Pans

Salt was once so valuable it was used as a currency and restrictions were placed on its production. For one kilometre you’ll pass bizarre troughs in the limestone shelf, the earliest of which was hand-dug by the Romans. Seawater fills these shallow pans and as it evaporates, leaves a sediment of salt behind. If you’re lucky enough to be here from May to September you may get to see this longstanding tradition in person. Outside this period you’ll still get to try some local salt from shops dug into the cliffs.

Food and Drink

Apart from sampling some of the delicious local sea salt, you will pass Marsalforn after 3 kilometres and Victoria after 12 kilometres. Both have a wide range of cafes and restaurants.


Victory Square, Xaghra (138 m)
36.050065, 14.264366
36°03'00.2"N 14°15'51.7"E
33S 433740 3989751
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Victory Square, Xaghra


0.00km – Start in Victory Square with your back to the Xaghra Parish Church. CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON along the road directly ahead. After 200 metres, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON at the crossroads following the sign to Victoria.

0.50km – Shortly after passing a viewpoint, BEAR RIGHT as the road forks around a restaurant.

0.85km – BEAR RIGHT as the road opens into a square for car parking. Remain on this road for 1.6 kilometres, ignoring all side roads. You’ll enjoy a great view of Victoria’s Citadel on your left.

2.50km – TURN LEFT at a crossroads to walk along a narrow track. After 300 metres, BEAR LEFT along the paved road.

2.90km – At the crossroads beside a small bridge, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to walk with the ditch on your left until you reach the sea.

3.80km – After reaching the sea, TURN LEFT to cross the bridge. After 100 metres, BEAR RIGHT to walk along the promenade. Use a railing where provided as the walkway can be slippery.

4.40km – BEAR LEFT up the flight of steps and then TURN RIGHT to walk along the road beside the sea.

5.00km – TURN RIGHT at the T-junction. Follow this road for 2.4 kilometres ignoring all side roads. To your right, you will pass the salt pans.

7.40km – Just before the road passes a stone tower, and besides railings to lock bicycles, TURN RIGHT sharply. After 300 metres, enjoy views to the Wied I-Għasri gorge and then CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON along the footpath. Stay on the path as there are steep and unfenced drops.

8.20km – BEAR LEFT upon reaching the road and then after 300 metres, TURN RIGHT at the crossroads.

9.40km – BEAR LEFT to pass an old church on your left and continue heading uphill. After 100 metres, having passed the church, BEAR RIGHT to continue along the main road.

10.20km – At the stop junction beside a niche of Mary dated to 1773, BEAR LEFT. After 100 metres, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON following the sign to Victoria, which is now directly ahead.

11.50km – TURN RIGHT at the roundabout. After 400 metres, TURN LEFT at the T-junction and then after 50 metres TURN LEFT onto Triq Il-Kastell.

12.10km – At the T-junction, detouring left to explore the fortified citadel is a must! After, return to this point and TURN RIGHT to head downhill towards the cathedral. At the bottom of the road, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross through Independence Square and follow an alleyway to St George’s Square.

12.30km – From St George’s Square BEAR LEFT of the cathedral, then after 50 metres, TURN LEFT by the niche of San Lwigi Gonzaga.

12.40km – TURN RIGHT at the T-junction and then after 100 metres, TURN LEFT sharply at the roundabout to pass through the traffic lights.

12.80km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON at the roundabout. After 20 metres, TURN RIGHT to follow the road downhill.

13.10km – BEAR RIGHT at the roundabout and then follow this road for 2.1 kilometres, ignoring all side roads.

15.20km – Finish in Victory Square. If you arrive in Xaghra early enough, why not go 5,000 years back in history and visit the Ġgantija Temples? They are older than the pyramids!


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36.050065, 14.264366
36°03'00.2"N 14°15'51.7"E
33S 433740 3989751
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Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

Make sure you bring enough water. It is recommended to drink 0.75 litres per 1 hour of hiking.

Be sure to bring plenty of sun cream and a healthy respect for the sun.

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