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Walk to Tsagarada

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After breakfast on the hotel’s terrace walk along the coast on a very pleasant cobbled path. Before too long you reach the hamlet of Damouchari, a small fishing village located in a pretty bay. Though this place is tiny, in the past it was of great strategic importance as it was the only natural harbour on the entire coast between Volos and Katerini. Today the bay provides a natural swimming pool with a pleasant pebble beach.

From Damouchari you continue along the coast to Fakistra beach where there is a possibility to visit the the cave of Krifo Scholio, which was used during the Turkish occupation as an illegal school! From here walk uphill on a path eventually reaching Tsagarada, a wide village with numerous churches and squares and with a panoramic view over the Aegean Sea. From theterrace of your characterful accommodation you can see the village square with its 1,000 year old plane tree. It has an incredible diameter of 14m!

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18,6 km
1343 hm
894 hm


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