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Walk to Goli Vrh

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    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Community
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Walk up the northern side of the Kamnik Alps - Goli Vrh. A meadow and forest walk brings you to an amazing viewpoint above the Jezersko  valley. With one foot in Slovenia and the other in Austria, you’ll enjoy splendid views of the Grintovec range.

After returning back to your hotel, you’ll be transferred to the little town of Preddvor. Historical attractions abound including the 15th century Castle Turn, Grad Preddvor Mansion and the 12th century Church of St. Peter.

Strecke 9,3 km
5:30 h
782 hm
881 hm
1.784 hm
907 hm

Walk to the trailhead  at LakeJezersko along the Via Alpina. There is a steep ascent for 2.30 hours over rough terrain. and you will be rewarded with incredible views of the Grintovec mountain range.  The ascent can be broken into two as 45 min from the top you will come to a grassy plateau. After the plateau the trail becomes a little tougher to follow as recent tree fall has obstructed sections of the path which have not been moved off of the path due to some of the areas being too steep and remote for the tree removal trucks to reach.

The trail is marked with red and white circles on the trees and rocks, these will guide you on the path, especially for the last section to the top it is necessary to keep your eyes peeled for them.

You will descend the same way you ascended and the last couple of kilometres will be the same as the trail you walked yesterday.


Take your time, it is quite a tough ascent to the top.

At the top keep your eyes peeled for a metal box, it continues a stamp and a log book for y ou to add your name. 

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Minna Harshbarger
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Take care on the trail today. There are some sections of path that are difficult underfoot.  Slippery logs, steep areas of ascent and descent make for harder going.  Keep concentrating on where you put your feet, and take your time, particularly if it is wet.


Weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains - always be prepared and carry appropriate clothing; warm as well as waterproof layers, hat and gloves etc. Please see your information pack for a detailed packing list.

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There is no food available enroute and therefore bring a packed lunch.

At the top you will find a silver box which contains a silver box with a book, pen and stamp (for your passport).

Stop for a treat post walk at the restaurant on Shepherds lake.


Car Park at the foot of Goli Vrh (1.014 m)
46.384883, 14.536692
46°23'05.6"N 14°32'12.1"E
33T 464374 5136916
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Hisa Kocka in Jesersko


Walk to the trailhead at Lake Jezersko along the Via Alpina, it starts from the parking lot (Parkirisce)

0.00km – Your walk starts at the parking lot (Parkirisce), TURN LEFT following the red sign post labelled Goli vrh up a forest track. Be prepared for a long ascent (2.30 hours) over rough terrain.

0.16 km – BEAR RIGHT following the red sign -Goli Vrh CONTINUE up the forest track.

0.80 km – TURN RIGHT when the forest road ends on to a small footpath, following the red and white circle on the trees.

1.20 km – CONTINUE on the trail passing a small shrine as you follow the footpath up.

1.90 km – BEAR LEFT passing a red sign labelled Voda, there is a small clean water source behind the sign if you need to fill up your bottle.

2.10 km – CONTINUE (or take a well deserved break) in a clearing. Take in the views of the mountains. Pass a red sign for Goli vrh (45 min) nailed on a tree in the middle of the meadow. The path with take you to the forest on the other side of the meadow. CONTINUE your ascent here

2.20 km – When you have reached the other side of the meadow, a large tree has fallen down, TURN RIGHT in front of the tree following the Red and White Circles on the trees.

This section has a lot of fallen trees, keep an eye out for the red and white circles as some of the trees have obstructed the path up.

CONTINUE to follow the forest footpath up as it zig zags its way for 1 km to the summit of Goli Vrh. Be careful on this section as the path is covered in roots and branches with lose footing.

3.00 km – You are ARRIVED at the summit of Goli Vrh, admire the fantastic view and enjoy standing with one foot in Austria and one foot in Slovenia (there is a silver box with log book and stamp in it if you want to add your name and a note)

Once fed and rested head back down to the carpark along the same track. Be careful and don’t rush as the descent can be tough on your knees.

5.70 km – You have reached the car park, TURN RIGHT following the road.

6.40 km – The road will turn left, CONTINUE STRAIGHT on a footpath through the forest (see picture), the path will take you across a clearing.

7.80 km – You will come to an asphalted road (see picture) TURN LEFT following the road, you will cross a bridge and join the same path you walked on yesterday. Follow the road past Shepherds Lake until you reach the Restaurant.

8.80 km – TURN LEFT when you reach the Restaurant parking lot.


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46.384883, 14.536692
46°23'05.6"N 14°32'12.1"E
33T 464374 5136916
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Trekking poles are highly recommended for today’s walk.  They will aid your balance and make the more difficult sections of trail much easier to navigate.

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Graeme Mackenzie
13.08.2019 · Community
Stiff climb but feasible if reasonably fit. Good path all the way. No views for us today as in cloud but still managed lunch on top. Look out for the white stones which mark the border!
mehr zeigen
Carole Gray
20.06.2019 · Community
Can’t believe that we went straight up this mountain! It takes as long to come back down, it’s so steep. Fabulous 360 degree views from the top. We sat on the bench outside the mountain hut in the meadow to have a snack before the ‘final ascent’.
mehr zeigen
Foto: Carole Gray, Community
David Virshup
19.06.2019 · Community
Steep up, steep down. Awesome summit.
mehr zeigen
Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 4:20 PM
Foto: David Virshup, Community

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9,3 km
5:30 h
782 hm
881 hm
Höchster Punkt
1.784 hm
Tiefster Punkt
907 hm


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