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Walk to Elbigenalp

Wanderung · Lechtal
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  • The Holzgau Suspension Bridge
    The Holzgau Suspension Bridge
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
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A beautiful walk along the Lech valley via the impressive Holzgau suspension bridge, or alternatively the dramatic Simms Waterfall. 
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The walk today takes you along the Lech valley from Holzgau via varied trails to the small town of Elbigenalp.  Passing through forest, alpine meadows and along the banks of the Lech itself, this day is perhaps the most varied so far in terms of terrain.  Throughout the day there are opportunities to bask in the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains or enjoy forest-bathing in the greenery of the pine and spruce.

Starting from Holzgau, there are 2 options for the first part of the walk.  You can choose to ascend and cross the Hoehenbach Gorge via the Holzgauer suspension bridge or walk via the Simms waterfall. At 200m long, and 110m above the Hoehenbach Gorge, the Holzgauer Haengerbruecke bridge is the second longest suspension footbridge in Europe (the first being in Switzerland!).  If you prefer a lower-adrenaline experience, or just don’t have a head for heights, then the Simms Waterfall walk is a beautiful alternative.  The trails meet and then the path undulate through meadows and forest towards Bach, via the Joeclspitzbahn cable car station from where you can ascend to 1768m for panoramic views of the valley below. Beyond Bach, the trail follows the Lech, now a larger river as it flows downstream. Arriving in Elbigenalp, the centre-point of the Lech valley, enjoy an apfelstrudel and soak up the mountain views!


If crossing the Holzgauer suspension bridge is not for you, then take the Simms Waterfall trail (marked as the official Lechweg) from Holzgau. If you want to enjoy both experiences, then first cross the bridge, and immediately take the path on the left up the hill (past the Steinbock statue) to follow the trail to the point at which you can view the waterfall. You can then retrace your steps and rejoin the Lechweg before continuing towards Schiggen and Bach.
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Take care on the narrow paths through the forest today, staying close to the right side of the path where the valley falls away to the left.  You will also need to cross the road in a couple of places, be careful and look both ways for traffic.

You may be walking past a few different areas where cows graze. Although generally very docile and used to walkers, keep your distance and never turn your back on a cow that is behaving strangely or aggressive. Be particularly vigilant around cows with calves. 

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Points of Interest


Holzgauer Suspension Bridge

The Holzgauer suspension bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Austria and is 200 m long, 110 m high and only 1 m wide. The bridge spans the dramatic Hoehenbach Gorge just above Holzgau. Since opening in 2012 it has closed what used to be a gap in the 125km Lech River Trail. The bridge also forms part of the European E5 long-distance hiking route from Lake Constance all the way to the Adriatic Sea.


Simms Waterfall

In a 1907 trip to the Alps, Hamburg-born British engineer Frederick Richard Simms discovered a waterfall near the village of Holzgau, now called the Simms Wasserfall. According to several stories Simms created the waterfall by changing the watercourse. Nowadays part of the water is derived to its original course. Simms was a scion of a wealthy manufacturing family and a mechanical engineer, businessman, prolific inventor, motor industry pioneer and allegedly coined the words "petrol" and "motorcar”. He was also a founder of the Royal Automobile Club.


The Geierwally Open-Air Theatre

Built directly into the striking rocks of the Elbigenalpen Bernhardstal Gorge, the impressive backdrop of the Geierwally outdoor theater draws visitors to Elbigenalp year after year. 


Food and Drink

There are a couple of options to eat along the way today.  There is a small mountain restaurant at the foot of the Joechlspitzbahn cable car at Hexenkessel (closed on Wednesdays).  Alternatively, you can divert off the trail to buy provisions in Bach.  There is a small supermarket in the town square in Holzgau, where today’s walk starts, should you wish to buy drinks and snacks if you would prefer to stop at your leisure.


This tour is available on the following itineraries: WGLRT, WGLRTSV


The Post Office in Holzgau (1.101 m)
47.259389, 10.343200
47°15'33.8"N 10°20'35.5"E
32T 601621 5234864


Spar Supermarket in Elbigenalp


The walk today starts in the town square (Dorfplatz) in Holzgau, in front of the post office/tourist information centre.  With the building behind you, walk towards the church, crossing the road to pick up the signs for the Lechweg.


After a couple of hundred meters, you will find yourself standing in front of the church and at a junction of small roads.  From here your route will be determined by your choice to either cross the Hängebrücke suspension bridge or not. If the weather is good, at this point you should be able to look up and see the bridge!


If you wish to take the bridge route, turn up the hill, with the church to your left, following the small road and the signs for Hängebrücke über Schiggen.  If you would like to take the Simms Waterfall route, follow the Lechweg path signed “Lechweg via Bach” sign – this path leads under the bridge to the waterfall at the head of the gorge.


Directions for the Suspension bridge walk

Continue to follow the signs for the “Hängebrücke”.  Soon you will pick up the Lechweg “L” waymark signs again.  Then, cross the bridge….the crossing is an incredible experience affording superb views up the gorge and down to the valley below.  After crossing the bridge, you can choose to continue on the Lechweg by following the “L” symbols straight on signed “Panoramaweg Richtung Bach”.  Alternatively if you would like to see the Simms Waterfall, take the path on your left after crossing the bridge following the signs for Café Uta. After walking a few hundred metres, you will be able to see the dramatic waterfall at the head of the valley.  At this point, retrace your steps to return to the Lechweg trail and the lovely panoramic path that leads to Schiggen (where there is a viewing platform). The trails then rejoin and continue towards Bach.


The path passes through alpine meadows before entering the forest.  Once in the forest, there are sections of steep ascent, and descent.  Take care on the narrow forest paths, particularly where they are open sided to the valley below. You are currently on the left bank of the Lech, and close to Stockach (approx. 5.8km) there is a beautiful wooden bridge across the river.  This is a great place for a photo, but don’t cross the bridge.  Continue on the left bank of the river once again as the path ascends steeply to Hexenkessel, and the Joechlspitzbahn cable car station. Here you can take the cable car up to the mountain restaurant at Berggastof Sonnalm (using your Lech Aktif card) for the views and a spot of lunch, or lunch at the restaurant by the cable car station.  It is worth double-checking opening times if this is an option you would choose to take.  There is also a bus stop here, should you wish to curtail your walk today and take the bus to Elbingelalp.


Beyond Hexenkessel, the trail passes through meadows and by several farms before entering the forest again near the hamlet of Seesumpf.  After a short ascent, the path descends, via a small chapel, towards the village of Bach.  As you reach the church, you can choose to turn right into the village, or continue to follow the Lechweg by crossing the road ahead of you and following the Lechweg signs which lead you once again along the left bank of the Lech. Follow the path as it passes through fields and forest towards Elbingenalp.  Take care on the section that joins the road (stay on the pavement) and continue to follow the path close to the river.  


After crossing an architecturally impressive bridge with covered wooden sections, turn immediately left onto a woodland track following a blue “L” Lechweg sign towards Elbingenalp.  Reaching the road into the village, turn right and follow the pavement to the small Spar supermarket where today’s walk ends.  There is a café with a terrace above the supermarket serving excellent apfelstrudel….


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47.259389, 10.343200
47°15'33.8"N 10°20'35.5"E
32T 601621 5234864
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Remember that Alpine weather can be changeable!  So always be sure to bring a warm layer and waterproofs, just in case.

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14,8 km
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Höchster Punkt
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