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Walk from Umhausen to Längenfeld

Wanderung · Ötztal
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  • Winkelberg Lake
    Winkelberg Lake
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
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Take a local bus to Umhausen (40 mins). then follow the scenic Ötztal Way to Längenfeld. The route snakes its way through scenic and peaceful hamlets high above the valley. From Längenfeld take the bus to Solden (10 mins)
Strecke 15,3 km
4:51 h
623 hm
460 hm
1.571 hm
986 hm

Today's stage begins leisurely along the Ötztaler Ache. At the small Winkelberger Lake, the path ascends to the rustic Wurzbergalm, where you can take a break. Enjoy the view from the romantically situated village of Köfels on the high plateau before descending to Umhausen. Follow pleasant alpine paths, forest tracks and quiet country roads on the recently established  Ötztal Way.

The route snakes its way through scenic and peaceful hamlets high above the valley. Enjoy fabulous views over the Ötztal mountains, before starting your descent past the Winkelberg Lake into Langenfeld, from where you will catch a bus to Sölden.


If the weather permits bring a picnic to enjoy on the shores of the Winkelberg Lake
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Minna Harshbarger
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Watch the short term local weather forecasts. Avoid high altitude hiking when the weather is bad. There are plenty of trails in the valleys, that allow you to reach a village quickly if bad weather sets in.


Umhausen (1.014 m)
47.140570, 10.924364
47°08'26.1"N 10°55'27.7"E
32T 645914 5222581




0.0 km – Start at the “Neudorf” bus stop, walk a few meters in the direction of travel and TURN RIGHT into Neudorf street. Follow the road and CROSS under the main road when you reach it.

0.2 km - At the intersection, with a traffic island, TURN RIGHT onto Antoniusweg Path. Walk along the path till the end of the settlement and then TURN LEFT onto Erlangerweg path. Follow the gravel road down and CROSS the river. Follow the path as it curves to the right.

0.9 km - At the large intersection with Elsa Pflug's Marterl, TURN LEFT and walk parallel to the river. Follow the signs to Köfels. Ignore the paths that branch off until you reach the next bridge is in approx. 2 km.

2.8 km - At the bridge, your path merges with an asphalt road. TURN RIGHT and ascend slightly. Pay particular attention to the traffic here, as there is no footpath. Follow the signs to Köfels.

3.2 km - TURN RIGHT at the junction onto a steep, wooden path. When wet, it can be slippery here so step carefully. Follow the signs to Köfels as the path ascends. After 500m CROSS a gravel road and continue STRAIGHT on the ascending path until you reach the asphalt road again.

4.0 km - At the asphalt road, TURN RIGHT and follow the road up to the mountain village of Köfels. PASS a chapel on the right at the entrance to the village. Walk on the paved road through the village following the signs to Wurzbergalm.

4.8 km - At the junction, just after the village, CONTINUE STRAIGHT from the paved road onto a gravel path. Follow the signs to the Wurzbergalm. En route you will pass a green and white barrier and a hunting lodge on the left.

6.8 km -  You have reached the Wurzbergalm, the highest point of today's walk. CONTINUE STRAIGHT,  at the next fork, BEAR LEFT. Follow the descending gravel road and the signs to Längenfeld.

8.2 km - TURN RIGHT at the junction onto a descending hiking trail.

9.4 km – Reach a gravel road with a bench and Marterl, TURN RIGHT and follow the road descending into the valley.

9.7 km – If you wish, make a detour to Winkelbergsee Lake (see photo). The walking time is 5 minutes and the way there and back are identical.

10.2 km - When you arrive at the car park in the valley, follow the asphalt road until you CROSS a bridge.

10.9 km - At the T-junction with the memorial stone TURN LEFT and follow the road as it bears right. Ignore the Längenfeld signs pointing to the right.

11.1 km - CROSS the main road and continue STRAIGHT until you reach the river.

11.4 km - At the river TURN RIGHT and walk parallel to the river. Until further notice, follow the signs to Längenfeld.

12.1 km - At the T-junction, TURN LEFT and continue walking parallel to the river. You will pass the Lehner Au settlement to your right.

13.5 km - CROSS the main road and continue STRAIGHT ON.

14.4 km - At the bridge with a large electricity pylon, TURN LEFT and CROSS the river. Follow the signs to Längenfeld. After the bridge, TURN RIGHT.

14.5 km - Before the bridge at the thermal baths (outside slides clearly visible) TURN LEFT onto a gravel path. Follow the red and white marking of the Ötztaler Urweg trail to the main road.

15.2 km - Reach the main road, TURN RIGHT onto the footpath next to the main road and walk to the church.

15.3 km - You have reached today's destination, the church of Längenfeld.

The bus stop is at the church in Längenfeld, take the bus from here to Sölden, the stop is very central, from there it is only a few minutes walk to your accommodation.


alle Hinweise zu Schutzgebieten


47.140570, 10.924364
47°08'26.1"N 10°55'27.7"E
32T 645914 5222581
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


We recommend sturdy waterproof boots with ankle support at all times of the season – steep steps, exposed roots and (if wet) slippery rocks can pose a risk

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15,3 km
4:51 h
623 hm
460 hm
Höchster Punkt
1.571 hm
Tiefster Punkt
986 hm


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