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Tideswell Circular Walk

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  • Path by the stream
    Path by the stream
    Foto: Jack Cunliffe, Macs Adventure
Starting in the town of Tideswell, you will follow the Dale of  Tideswell, before joining the River Wye as it meanders through the hills. Using the dismantled railway on the Monsal trail, before dropping to riverside paths and eventually open farmland on the Pennine Bridleway which brings you back to Tideswell.
Strecke 19,6 km
5:30 h
323 hm
318 hm
366 hm
190 hm
A long and beautiful day of Peak District walking, you will be treated to the whole gamut of scenery this special area has to offer. Walking over hill and under dale, following the meander of small streams and rivers alike you will sometimes climb up out of the green valley to be greeted by far reaching views. The soft hills are broken up by jagged limestone outcrops for which the area is famous for, both for climbers and the architects and builders of the magnificent houses. Travelling across the historic abandoned railway the path is wide and clear, following the River Wye far below as you cross mighty stone and steel bridges. Dropping down to join the river, the path is less distinct, it follows the natural course of the river, even turning to stepping stones for a time, you must be sure of foot, but the effect of walking on water is magical. Finally, you rise back up, parting ways with your travelling companion the River Wye and cross wide and open bridleways as you return to Tideswell, a long day well spent.


A quick paddle in the river is sure to revive your aching feet, on a hot day perhaps nothing will rejuvenate you like the cool waters of the River Wye.
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Jack Cunliffe
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There are some road crossings, always be aware of traffic and be sure to use a pavement/sidewalk where possible, where it isn’t walk on the right-hand side of the road,

Some of the ground can be uneven, with steep descents and muddy/boggy ground. Ensure you have suitable footwear and step cautiously where needed, the mud is especially tricky in wet weather.

A note about farms and animals: Be very aware of closing gates behind you. Remember, animals on a farm are not pets and can be closer to a wild animal than a domestic pet - particularly for dogs. The main risk today is horses as the path often crosses fields with grazing horses.

When crossing the streams, be wary of slippery and loose stones, if you feel unsure bring walking poles for support, and you can always find a more suitable crossing a little up or downstream.

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Food and Drink

There are few spots to stop along the way, however, the scenery is beautiful and there are many riverside spots in which to enjoy a picnic. Pick up some treats in Tideswell before you start the walk.

Points of Interest

 Church of John the Baptist

The church is widely known due to its size and splendour as the "Cathedral of the Peak" (it is not actually a cathedral). It is one of the most famous churches in Derbyshire, and a Grade I listed building.


The Monsal Trail Tunnels

The Monsal Trail tunnels offer one of the most spectacular leisure routes in Britain for cycling, walking and horse riding.

It is the first time the public has been able to go through the tunnels since the former Midland Railway Line closed in 1968.

Following work by the Peak District National Park Authority – using £2.25 million funding from the Department of Transport – the tunnels have been repaired, resurfaced and lit to form an extension to the existing Monsal Trail.

The River Wye

The River Wye rises on Axe Edge above Buxton and flows in a southeasterly direction through Buxton and Bakewell to join the Derwent at Rowsley, 15 miles later.

Perhaps one of Derbyshire's prettiest and better-known rivers because of its limestone uplands and superb dales.



Church of John the Baptist, Tideswell (292 m)
OS Grid
SK 15247 75733
53.278363, -1.772795
53°16'42.1"N 1°46'22.1"W
30U 581825 5903939


Church of John the Baptist, Tideswell


0.00 km - Start with your back to the church gate between to wooden benches, TURN RIGHT past Coop and the TURN LEFT at the fork

0.18 km - TURN LEFT on to Queen Street

1.30 km - Cross the road and pass through a wooden gate on the left of the road and then TURN RIGHT onto the footpath

1.60 km - Through the wooden gate and STRAIGHT ON through carpark and on to tarmac path

2.00 km - STRAIGHT ON through the gate, ignore the left turn

2.20 km - BEAR RIGHT at giant wooden mouse, crossing bridge

2.70 km - STRAIGHT ON through wooden gate

3.20 km - BEAR LEFT onto the road

3.50 km - In Little Monton, TURN RIGHT paster water plant, don a narrow path and over a small bridge crossing the river, climbing briefly on the other side before you TURN RIGHT to join the Monsal Trail abandoned railway for 2 kilometres

5.70 km - Toilet stop to your right

5.90 km - BEAR LEFT to remain on the path

6.70 km - Enter the Chee Tunnel

7.20 km - Before you enter the second tunnel, TURN LEFT signed for Millers Dale

7.30 km - Drop down to river and cross bridge

7.60 km - The path turns to stepping stones, STRAIGHT ON being careful of your footing

8.20 km - Through the wooden gate and STRAIGHT ON

8.40 km - Cross the bridge and ascend, then BEAR RIGHT onto the bigger path

8.80 km - TURN RIGHT signposted the Pennine Bridleway descending to cross a bridge and TURN RIGHT, just before this turn off you pass under a bridge with a unique echo

9.10 km - BEAR LEFT at the fork, ascending away from the river

9.20 km - Pass-through wooden gate and BEAR LEFT

9.60 km - TURN RIGHT at the wooden gate to pass through the farmyard and join a small road

10.00 km - TURN RIGHT onto footpath through a wooden gate and then BEAR LEFT

10.20 km - BEAR RIGHT across the field on a public footpath

10.20 km - Cross tumble down all and descend to the bottom of the field, do not pass through the gate at bottom of the field, instead TURN LEFT and follow the fence to a fence crossing, cross this and BEAR LEFT on the path

11.00 km - Through the wooden gate, follow the tree line to your right

11.30 km - BEAR LEFT across the field and through the gate, TURN RIGHT onto the road

12.10 km - TURN RIGHT, signposted for Wormhill onto an ascending track

12.40 km - Pass through the gate and STRAIGHT ON through a field

12.70 km - Through a gate and STRAIGHT ON back on a track

13.20 km - Pass through a farmyard

13.30 km - TURN RIGHT onto the main road then TURN LEFT at the red phone box signed for Peake Forest

14.50 km - Pass through a wooden gate into the field, descend onto the main road and TURN RIGHT

15.50 km - TURN LEFT at the farmhouse, signed for Pennine  Bridleway

16.00 km - BEAR LEFT off the road onto a track

16.70 km - TURN LEFT at the road and then TURN RIGHT ascending away from the farm

17.00 km - BEAR RIGHT on to a track off the road

18.00 km - BEAR RIGHT down the path, past a stream and join the road, TURN RIGHT and then immediately TURN LEFT ascending

18.70 km - TURN RIGHT at the crossroads

19.10 km - BEAR RIGHT at the fork in the road

19.40 km - BEAR LEFT at red phone box then BEAR LEFT down Pursglove Road

19.60 km - You are back where you began, your day of walking is finished





OS Grid
SK 15247 75733
53.278363, -1.772795
53°16'42.1"N 1°46'22.1"W
30U 581825 5903939
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Sturdy waterproof boots as the path can be slippery and wet in parts.

Walking poles for stream crossing and muddy descents if the weather is wet.

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RD Merritt
30.05.2022 · Community
This Tideswell Circular walk at 19.6km is rated difficult, perhaps because of length, but it is easier technically than the 'moderate' ranking of the 15.2km Goyt Vally walk. The Tideswell walk took us almost 8 hours vs the 5h30m suggested time. which included a lunch stop and stops to enjoy the amazing views and take pictures. Note that the bridge is closed at the 8.3km mark so continue west along the river and rejoin the path at the 9.1km mark. You will bypass the short loop to Blackwell Mill Cycle hire. I would suggest ranking this route moderate when compared to other walks on this Peak District trip and provide a range of times - from 5h30m to 8h depending on how one enjoys walking. If energy is flagging near the end you can bypass Wheston and head directly back to Tideswell on Summer Cross road. Highly suggest you end your walk at the Star Inn in Tideswell for dinner before returning to Buxton for the night - co-ordinate this with the taxi in the morning.
mehr zeigen
Gemacht am 08.05.2022
Foto: RD Merritt, Community
Foto: RD Merritt, Community
Foto: RD Merritt, Community
Foto: RD Merritt, Community
Foto: RD Merritt, Community

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19,6 km
5:30 h
323 hm
318 hm
Höchster Punkt
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