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Ta'Cenc to Qala

Wanderung · Malta
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After a transfer to Ta’Cenc this route hugs the coastline, wandering atop cliffs and beside beaches, passing the busy harbour of Mġarr and finishing in Qala.
Strecke 11,2 km
3:30 h
174 hm
188 hm
144 hm
4 hm

Coastlines are always packed with drama as the forces of the sea are pitted against land and rock. After a short transfer, today’s hike hugs one such coastline, crossing rocky clifftops (some of Gozo’s highest), sandy beaches and hidden coves. These folds in the coastline make a picturesque hotspot for outdoor activities such as swimming, scuba diving and walking.

Gozo’s south coast is steeper and rockier than much of the rest of the island, and therefore less suited to agriculture. You’ll still see small farms and terraced fields, but there are meadows of wildflowers and limestone plateaus with shrubs and bushes poking from a thin topsoil. This wild feeling is briefly interrupted by the bustling harbour of Mġarr before the coastal footpath resumes and leads you back to Qala.


Plan to rest a while to soak in the picturesque coastal inlet of Mġarr ix-Xini. Stop at the restaurant for lunch and a drink, or find a quieter spot along the limestone cliffs.
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There are several stretches where you must walk on the road as there is no pavement. Walk on the right side facing the oncoming traffic, except where the road bends right.

Some of the coastal sections are uneven and have a steep unfenced drop to one side. Walk carefully here and stick to the footpaths.

There is a steep and loose descent after 7 kilometres, though it is relatively short. Use hiking poles if you have them. Walk carefully using the edges of your boots to 'dig' in. The path is wide enough to zig-zag if necessary.

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Points of Interest

Mġarr ix-Xini

This narrow coastal inlet is a scenic spot of cobalt-blue water and towering limestone cliffs. Today its sheltered location made it a popular spot for swimming and diving, however, historically it was a landing spot for boats to unload and to beach themselves for vital repairs and to clean the hull. Gozo’s largest coastal watchtower sits at the mouth of the inlet, built in 1661 to watch across the Gozo-Comino channel and, if necessary, raise the alarm.

Food and Drink

There are several beautiful restaurants near Mġarr ix-Xini after 45 kilometres and a wide variety in Mġarr after 9 kilometres.


Ta'Cenc Bus Stop (144 m)
36.021384, 14.249934
36°01'17.0"N 14°14'59.8"E
33S 432415 3986580
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St Joseph's Parish Church, Qala


0.00km – Start at the bus stop facing the roundabout. CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to pass the roundabout and through the gates for the hotel. Once through the gates immediately BEAR LEFT, ignoring the right fork towards reception.

0.10km – As you reach a gated entrance, TURN LEFT to pass through a car park and follow the signs for ‘Beach’.

0.30km – At the T-junction with a phenomenal view of Victoria’s Cittadella, TURN RIGHT.

0.60km – TURN RIGHT by the gravel layby on your right, and then immediately BEAR LEFT as the footpath forks.

2.00km – After a short section of footpath that heads away from the coast, BEAR RIGHT at the fork to return towards the coast. After 100 metres, BEAR RIGHT onto the narrow footpath to continue walking towards the sea with a picturesque valley immediately on your left.

2.80km – Upon reaching a crossroads of paths, TURN RIGHT to head steeply downhill towards the flat headland that juts out to sea. BEAR LEFT after 100 metres to walk parallel to the coast on your right.

3.40km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON as the path splits to cross to the other side of the valley. After 200 metres, BEAR RIGHT at the paved road and remain on this path as it passes a collection of houses and heads around the coastal inlet.

4.30km – BEAR RIGHT at the paved road to descend to the beach.

4.40km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to pass through the car park and find a flight of steps on the far side.

5.50km – TURN LEFT onto the paved road to head steeply uphill. After 200 metres, TURN RIGHT by the derelict hut and follow the red painted arrows.

6.30km –BEAR RIGHT at the paved road to continue walking along the coast.

6.60km – After reaching a building with four garage doors, BEAR LEFT to head uphill on the rutted track. After 200 metres, BEAR LEFT as the path forks to continue uphill towards the corner of the fortress wall.

7.00km – TURN RIGHT from the corner of the fortress wall to pass to the right of the turning circle and find a narrow footpath that appears to walk precariously along the clifftops. Just before reaching the clifftops, TURN LEFT to follow the footpath that heads downhill beside the rutted path. This section is very steep and can be slippery. Use poles if you have them and use the edges of your boots to walk down.

7.80km – At the stop junction just before the ferry terminal, cross the road and TURN LEFT to walk along the pavement with the harbour immediately on your right.

8.70km – At the roundabout beside the harbour breakwater, TURN LEFT onto a footpath. The start of this footpath is sometimes hidden from view by parked boats.

9.30km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to continue along the coast, ignoring the left turn which has a short scramble on your left. This footpath occasionally goes close to the cliff edge; walk carefully and remain on the footpath.

9.90km – When level with the small island pocked with caves, TURN LEFT onto the footpath. After 50 metres, BEAR LEFT at the paved road.

10.80km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON at the roundabout. After 200 metres, TURN RIGHT at a second roundabout to finish back at St Joseph’s Parish Church.


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36.021384, 14.249934
36°01'17.0"N 14°14'59.8"E
33S 432415 3986580
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Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

Make sure you bring enough water. It is recommended to drink 0.75 litres per 1 hour of hiking.

Be sure to bring plenty of sun cream and a healthy respect for the sun.

Walking poles and sturdy boots will help on some of the descents.

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