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Rinderhutte to Restipass

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  • The Rinderhutte cable car station signpost
    The Rinderhutte cable car station signpost
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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From Rinderhutte traverse the mountainside with excellent views over the Rhone valley before reaching the remote-feeling Restipass high above alpine meadows then retrace your steps to Rinderhutte.
Strecke 13,2 km
6:00 h
540 hm
540 hm
2.633 hm
2.290 hm

Take the cable car from Leukerbad to Rinderhutte and leave the ski furniture around Rinderhutte behind to follow the traversing mountain path with excellent views over the Rhone valley.  Soon the path curves left and you’ll see the jagged peak of the Mauerhorn ahead on the left of the Restipass.  Continue on the narrow mountain path to pass the Wysse See, from here the ascent steepens slightly, but on reaching the Restipass, at 2633 m, you are rewarded with views into the Lotschen valley. 

The high point of the pass it quite barren as snow lies here late into the season but the path over the gravel-field at the top is good and the high point is marked with a cairn (conical pile of rocks).  If there is still lingering snow and you’re not comfortable with the terrain simply turn back and retrace your steps to Rinderhutte where the route finishes.  Return to Leukerbad using the Rinderhutte cable car.   


Keep an look out for alpine marmots on the upper slopes as you near the Restipass and listen out for their charming calls.  


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Most of the route is on well-marked, and well-trod trails, but there at the Restipass some snow may linger late into the season – if the snow cover is hardpacked and you aren't comfortable crossing the terrain simply turn around and begin retracing your steps to the Rinderhutte station.  

Some short sections of the dirt path are eroded with steep grassy slopes below so please take care and navigate these carefully -  you’ll find walking poles useful.

Depending on the conditions when you do the route please make your own decision about whether any lingering snow is safe to cross.  We also do not recommend you walk the route in wet and windy weather conditions.  

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Points of Interest

Leukerbad-Rinderhutte cable car information: (approx. every 30 mins between 9am-5pm). 


Food & Drink

There is nowhere to eat or get fresh water along the trail today so make sure you bring plenty of food and water (at least 2 lites per person).  You can buy provisions from Leukerbad - there are a couple of small supermarkets/convenience stores there along with many cafes and bakeries.


Rinderhutte Cable Car Station (2.312 m)
2'616'171E 1'135'340N
46.369246, 7.648785
46°22'09.3"N 7°38'55.6"E
32T 396070 5135961
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Rinderhutte Cable Car Station


0.00 km – Leave the Rinderhutte cable car station by the left exit and facing the signpost BEAR RIGHT (don’t take the track with the sharpest right turn) to follow the signpost for the Restipass (2h 10 min) and pass the reservoir on your left-hand side. 

0.15 km – At the bend in the track TURN LEFT, with the viewpoint up ahead.

0.25 km – Where the track splits with a large building on your left-hand side continue STRAIGHT ON the ascending track to follow the signpost on the building for the Restipass. 

0.60 km – BEAR RIGHT off the wide track onto the descending narrow path and begin yo traverse the mountainside.

0.90 km – At the path junction TURN RIGHT to follow the signpost for Restipass (2h).

1.20 km – At the path junction BEAR LEFT to follow the signpost for Restipass.

2.70 km – With a signpost on your left continue STRAIGHT ON the path then BEAR LEFT to follow the signpost for Restipass (1h 30min). 

3.50 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON following the red and white painted markers on the rocky path, soon you’ll begin to descend to the lake. 

4.30 km – At the Wysse See (2340m) signpost on the right-hand side of the lake continue STRAIGHT ON following the signpost for Restipass (1h 10min).  Follow the path on the right-hand side of the dam. 

4.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON and take care on the path – here you may find the dirt path eroded.  Be especially careful in wet conditions and the path could be muddy and slippery. 

5.00 km – At the damaged signpost continue STRAIGHT ON for Restipass (1h) and traverse around the mountainside.

5.30 km – BEAR LEFT to stay on the path and pass through a gap in a low stone wall.  Then follow the path on the right-hand side of the stream bed to ascend.  In 100m BEAR LEFT to cross the stream and continue ascending gradually.

6.20 km – After following the rounded ridge up the middle of the valley BEAR RIGHT onto a path to follow the stream bed up to the pass.  

6.40 km – BEAR RIGHT to cross the riverbed and continue on the path left of the mound (with the river bed on your left). 

6.80 km – You have now reached the cairns at the top of the Restipass at 2626m.  The top of the pass is normally quite barren as snow lies here late into the season – if there is hard snow you are not comfortable crossing then please just turn around when you reach this terrain and begin your descent to Rinderhutte directly.  If the snow has melted then at the top of the pass enjoy the view and a well-earned break before turning around and retracing your steps to descend to Rinderhutte.

9.00 km – On returning to the Wysse See continue STRAIGHT ON retracing your steps and following the signpost for Rinderhutte (1h 15min)

10.50 km – You have now retuned to the spot with a signpost to Horlini on the left, instead at the fence continue STRAIGHT ON following the arrow for Rinderhutte (40min). 

12.30 km – BEAR LEFT to descend following the signpost for Torrent on the narrow path and retrace your footsteps to the Rinderhutte cable car station which you can see ahead of you. 

13.20 km – Finish the route outside the Rinderhutte cable car station with the signpost on your right and take the cable car to Leukerbad. 


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2'616'171E 1'135'340N
46.369246, 7.648785
46°22'09.3"N 7°38'55.6"E
32T 396070 5135961
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The route is well-walked but please make sure that you’re suitably equipped (see your information pack for a complete recommended kit list).  Waterproofs, warm layers, gloves, hat, sunhat and sunscreen are all recommended in a ~25 litre or less backpack.  Make sure to bring plenty of water (around 2 litres per person) and food for the day. 

If you prefer to wear sturdy walking shoes rather than walking boots feel free to wear those (as the terrain can be rocky you’ll find that gym trainers won’t have enough support).  Walking poles are a useful aid for helping to take pressure off your knees. 

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13,2 km
6:00 h
540 hm
540 hm
Höchster Punkt
2.633 hm
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2.290 hm


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