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Qala to Xaghra

Wanderung · Malta
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  • Qala
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
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This scenic walk weaves in and out, and up and down along the coastline, taking in spectacular views of the endless blue sea and the quaint landscapes of rural Gozo.
Strecke 13,8 km
4:30 h
353 hm
339 hm
144 hm
2 hm

Straight off the ferry Gozo feels calmer than Malta. After a transfer to Qala (pronounced AH-la), you’ll walk across farmland. Here, traditional techniques still dominate; reeds lashed together provide a windbreak from howling northerly winds, drystone walls fortify terraced fields and prevent soil erosion, and drip irrigation keeps crops watered. Some fields appear like abundant Garden of Edens with drooping lemon and fig trees, colourful explosions of wildflowers, and with the sweet scent of fennel hanging in the air.

You’ll get up close and personal with the sea several times. Daħlet Qorrot is a fishing village with a humble and hard-working personality. San Blas is a small, remote and rocky bay with a feisty character. Ramla’s vast sweep of red sand is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. As you climb steeply from each bay, be sure to glance over your shoulder for the best views. Xaghra (pronounced SHA-ra) was one of Gozo’s earliest settlement and Victory Square is a pleasant place to people-watch with a glass of wine.


Pack your swimming trunks and enjoy a dip at Ramla beach!
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There are several stretches where you must walk on the road as there is no pavement. Walk on the right side facing the oncoming traffic, except where the road bends left.

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Points of Interest

Bay of Daħlet Qorrot

The colourful boathouses of Daħlet Qorrot are carved into the limestone cliffs so these manmade caves can shelter the fishing boats during the worst storms. In winter this picturesque beach can be transformed into a thick bed of seagrass that gets washed ashore.

Calypso’s Cave

As you climb away from Ramla Bay, you’ll pass a cave. Legend says this is the cave mentioned in Homer’s The Oddysey. Supposedly Calypso, a nymph, lived in this cave and hosted Ullyses here for seven years. The cave is currently closed, however, there is a great view of Ramla beach.

Food and Drink

There is little food and drink available on this hike so be sure to carry enough. There is a small general store in San Blas after 7.5 kilometres, and some restaurants on Ramla Beach after 11 kilometres.


St Joseph Parish Church, Qala (108 m)
36.035411, 14.311461
36°02'07.5"N 14°18'41.3"E
33S 437970 3988095
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Victory Square, Xaghra


0.00km - Start facing the St Joseph Parish Church. BEAR LEFT to pass the church and walk along the road. After 350 metres the road begins to curve left after a village green, TURN RIGHT then immediately BEAR LEFT.

0.60km – BEAR RIGHT as the road forks to keep enjoying the view across farmers’ fields on your right.

1.80km – TURN LEFT at the T-junction. After 200 metres, TURN LEFT to pass the stone tower.

3.50km – TURN RIGHT at the crossroads following the sign for cycle route 3. After 400 metres, BEAR RIGHT as the road forks to follow the narrow paved track as it descends to sea level.

4.90km – Now besides the sea, TURN LEFT to walk along the dirt footpath.

5.40km – As you near the fishing village of Daħlet Qorrot, BEAR RIGHT towards the railings to descend steps towards the slipway for boats and the impressive huts hewn into the cliffs.

6.10km – Having climbed away from the Bay of Daħlet Qorrot and crossed a bridge, TURN RIGHT beside an information board for In-Nadur hikes.

7.20km – TURN RIGHT as the footpath reaches a dirt track. After 200 metres, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON ignoring the sharp right turn.

7.60km – TURN RIGHT onto Triq Ghajn Berta, then after 50 metres, TURN RIGHT again.

7.80km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON at the staggered crossroads, but first, enjoy the view into the valley. After 400 metres, BEAR LEFT as the road forks around a tiny car parking area.

8.50km – BEAR LEFT to walk along San Blas beach, taking care when on the loose rocks. After 50 metres, beside a boulder that juts above the water, TURN LEFT to follow a narrow mud footpath between farmers’ fields.

8.90km – TURN LEFT to walk uphill along the paved track.

9.40km – TURN RIGHT at the crossroads. Remain on this road for 800 metres, ignoring all side roads.

10.20km – BEAR LEFT as the road forks to continue heading downhill. CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON across the car parking area and follow the footpath down towards the beach.

10.70km – TURN RIGHT sharply beside the tower, then after 100 metres, TURN LEFT to walk along the beach.

11.00km – From the statue, BEAR LEFT towards the cafes and then BEAR RIGHT to pass in front of the cafes. After 300 metres, TURN LEFT onto the narrow, uphill footpath. This junction would be easy to miss so check the map if you are unsure.

11.90km – From here you can detour to visit Calypso’s Cave and enjoy a nice viewpoint down to the Ramla Beach. Otherwise, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON along the road.

12.40km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON at the roundabout following the sign to Xaghra.

13.00km – Just before reaching the top of the road, TURN RIGHT onto Triq It-Tiġrija. After 300 metres, BEAR LEFT at the stop junction.

13.80km – Finish in Victory Square at the foot of the church. Why not stop for a coffee and a cake?


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36.035411, 14.311461
36°02'07.5"N 14°18'41.3"E
33S 437970 3988095
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Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

Make sure you bring enough water. It is recommended to drink 0.75 litres per 1 hour of hiking.

Be sure to bring plenty of sun cream and a healthy respect for the sun.

Long trousers are recommended today. There are a few footpaths overgrown with spiky thistles!

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