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Padstow to Constantine Bay

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    Foto: Craig Dickson, Macs Adventure
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A beautiful coastal walk along the cliffs of Cornwall from Padstow to Constantine Bay.

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6:30 h
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An easy to moderate coastal walk from Padstow to Constantine Bay. Follow the coastal path which winds west along cliff tops offering great views of the Camel Estuary, Gulland Rock and other small off-shore islands. Hug the coastline and continue down to a number of bays and beaches. Well waymarked, the path continues around the coast until you meet Booby Bay across the sands to Constantine Bay.


Enjoy the stunning views of the Cornwall coast on the route. You may see some wind surfers out in the water if the weather is suitable! Allow some time to relax on Booby Bay, the final beach you will reach on the walk.

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Prawn on the Lawn
Cherry Trees Coffee House
Paul Ainsworth at Number 6
Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant
Caffe Rojano
Trevose Lighthouse
Snack Shop


The route follows a coastal path with steep drops at some points, ensure you take your time and mind your step.

There are two unmarked sink holes on the route, be careful not to get too close to the edge.

Be careful when walking on the roads, checking for passing cars.

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Points of Interest

Please see the interactive map for notable points of interest along the walk, including recommended pubs/restaurants and cafe stops.  Simply click the icons on the map for more information as you walk. 


Food and Drink 

There are a number of places to stop and get refreshments on the route. You will pass a number of beach cafes. Padstow has plenty of hotels, B&Bs, cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops. Padstow is a lively fishing port with a number of amenities. The town has plenty of hotels, B&Bs, cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops. Ideal if you are wanting to stock up on food and water before you go. You can also find our recommended picks in our information pack.


Public Transport  

A taxi transfer is included to take you from Constantine Bay back to Padstow at the end of your walk. Should you wish to finish the walk early, the 56 First Bus service runs hourly between Padstow, Harlyn and Constantine Bay. Timetables available: 


 Recommended Local Taxi Services

 Padstow Cabs (Padstow): +44 (0) 1841 532 903




Padstow Harbour (9 m)
OS Grid
SW 91900 75415
50.541389, -4.938327
50°32'29.0"N 4°56'18.0"W
30U 362656 5600621
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General Store at Constantine Bay.


*** To help you follow the route with confidence, we have provided full written turn-by-turns to aid you on your walk from Padstow to Constantine Bay. Whilst part of Cornwall is waymarked (it is normal for the South West Coast Path, but local towns and villages are usually also signposted). At sections, the trail can be featureless and off the beaten path, so we strongly suggest that you follow the GPS tracks in the Macs Adventure smartphone app to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and problem-free day.  The daily maps can also be printed from the web version of the app should you wish to take paper copies with you. ***


DISCLAIMER: Please note, the distances and ascent/descents are approximations of the direct routes at the time our pathfinder walking them (this excludes walking to/from your accommodation to the start/end point, or for example, coming off the path for lunch). There may be some slight discrepancies/small diversions that make the distances slightly out compared to your own mapping software (Strava/Garmin/Apple Watch).


0.00km – Start at Padstow Harbour, facing the sea TURN LEFT and follow the edge of the harbour around towards the north quay. 

0.15km – BEAR LEFT past the public toilets following the sign for the lower beach. Continue on the concrete path walking towards the large Celtic war memorial cross at the top of the hill. 

0.75km – Go STRAIGHT ON, down the uneven surfaced path towards the beach, avoid the steps to your left and follow the main path, avoiding the temptation to walk down to the beach. 

1.20km – Continue STRAIGHT ON following the yellow arrow and acorn sign, avoid the right turn at the next junction by continuing on the main path until a junction.

2.50km – TURN RIGHT at the junction. 

2.50km – TURN LEFT following the acorn sign over a bridge. 

2.80km – After crossing the small wooden bridge go STRAIGHT ON climbing rocky stairs to find the yellow acorn sign (see image.) TURN RIGHT and follow the dirt track through some trees to the coast. 

3.50km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past cottages and uphill to a tarmac road. 

3.50km – TURN RIGHT following the sign for the coast path down the road. 

3.60km – TURN RIGHT again following the wooden coast path sign before taking steps and continuing to be directed by the coast path sign. Pass the ‘Rest a While’ tea garden keeping the sea to your right as you walk along the dusty trail.

4.30km – At the acorn sign continue STRAIGHT ON and follow the gravel track uphill. If you turn right instead, you can walk down to Stepper Point which offers great views of Padstow Bay. 

4.50km – Follow the path to a style and BEAR RIGHT after. Following the narrow trail and yellow arrow sign up to Daymark Tower. 

5.00km – Continue STRAIGHT ON alongside the stonewall – keeping the wall to your left. Deviate away once the wall turns inland, instead following the grass path along the coast towards an acorn-waymarked post in the distance. Keep following the path around the cove. 

5.70km – BEAR RIGHT at the fork taking the right-hand gate closest to the sea.

6.80km – BEAR RIGHT after the style, keeping the sea to your right until you meet a junction. 

8.20km – At the junction, avoid the farmer's field and gate to your left. BEAR RIGHT following the grass path which descends to Trevone Bay. Passing the ‘Round Hole’, which is a naturally created sinkhole.

8.90km – BEAR RIGHT and follow the Coast Path sign around before crossing the front of the bay to avoid the car park. 

9.00km – TURN RIGHT onto the road at Trevone Bay following the Coast Path sign and continue past the lifeguard station to the edge of the beach.

9.10km – TURN RIGHT at the road, following to the end before BEAR RIGHT onto the loose stone path with the sea on your right. Until you come to a point where the path ahead has collapsed. 

9.50km – TURN LEFT through the swing gate. 

9.50km – TURN RIGHT following the path keeping the wall on your right and a field on your left. Continue walking on this path to Harlyn Bay car park. 

10.90km – TURN RIGHT either walking through car park or along the beach towards a bridge. 

11.00km – TURN RIGHT and walk over the bridge. You will see Harlyn Inn to your left across the road, which is a good place to stop for a break. 

11.00km – TURN RIGHT immediately after crossing the bridge down some small stairs to the beach. Keep to the left, following the fence around. Avoid two sets of steps on your left and continue along the beach. 

11.30km – TURN LEFT and take the stone staircase hidden in a cove (see photo 'Beach stairwell'). 

11.40km – TURN RIGHT at the top of the stairs, following the path always keeping the beach to your right.

12.00km – BEAR RIGHT before the cottage towards the swing gate with the familiar acorn symbol. Follow the path around the cove. 

12.80km – Cross over the road before BEAR RIGHT through the gate. Continue walking straight ahead with the caravan park on your left and the sea on your right.

13.20km – Follow the path down the steps to a small road. TURN LEFT and walk up the concrete road over two-speed bumps. You will see a small acorn sign directing you right. TURN RIGHT up the small ramp to a swing gate and continue following the path with a field to the left. 

13.50km – Continue STRAIGHT ON, avoiding the path down to the beach. Follow the path past ‘Trevose Head’ sign. Concentrate on this section as the path skirts close to the cliffs at points. People with vertigo can stay left close to the wall. 

13.90km – TURN LEFT when you reach the road, cross over and find the small steps to your right. Follow the path which runs alongside a field away from the coast. 

14.20km – Go STRAIGHT ON over the road, passing the ‘Padstow Lighthouse Station’ sign on the right. Keep the wall to your left before navigating away from it when the main path heads towards the lighthouse. 

15.00km – BEAR RIGHT at the fork after the lighthouse and follow the path down to the road. Cross the road and take the small path which runs alongside it instead. 

15.10km – TURN LEFT on the path until you see the disused quarry on your right. 

15.10km - BEAR RIGHT and take the steep steps down to the quarry. Pass through making your way to the exit at the rear. Follow the path around the cove circling around another sinkhole on your left. Keep the sea to your right and continue on the path towards Booby Bay. 

16.60km – Continue STRAIGHT ON after the lifeguard station, walking on the path until you reach a wooden stairwell. 

16.80 km - Take the stairs down to the beach, TURN LEFT and walk along Constantine Bay aiming for the concrete ramp in the distance. 

17.50km – Take the slipway at the end of the beach. TURN LEFT and continue to walk through the car park and past the toilets on your right. Follow the road up to Constantine Bay. 

18.30km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past several residential houses and side streets until your get to the Constantine Bay Surf Store on your left and see the road sign for Padstow on your right. 


 *** This is the end of our Padstow to Constantine Bay route. ***


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OS Grid
SW 91900 75415
50.541389, -4.938327
50°32'29.0"N 4°56'18.0"W
30U 362656 5600621
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The terrain is a combination of sand dune tracks and footpaths. Good comfortable boots or walking shoes are recommended. The ground can be quite soft, and the paths are well-used by walkers. Whilst the terrain is not particularly difficult, it can be muddy, with some waterlogged stretches after heavy rain. Walking poles are an option if preferred. The British weather is changeable, so waterproofs should also be carried just in case.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike/or if you have an older phone, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank as a backup.

There are opportunities on today's walk to buy food and drink; however, ensure you bring enough snacks and fluids with you.

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Jessica van Vliet
14.06.2021 · Community
This entire walk was great, however doing it in the listed 4h 45min seems crazy. Maybe if you cranked it and didn't stop to look at anything or take lunch or spend time looking for toilets. It took me 7 hours total.
mehr zeigen
Gemacht am 14.06.2021

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18,6 km
6:30 h
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239 hm
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