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Neumagen-Dhron to Kesten/Osann-Monzel

Wanderung · Neumagen-Dhron
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Walk through mixed beech forests, across meadows, past stone walls and past a Roman-era spring before arriving in Kesten or Osann-Monzel
Strecke 18,1 km
5:13 h
428 hm
437 hm

After a leisurely breakfast, ascend through a maze of carefully maintained vineyards. Be sure to pause on the way up to catch your breath and take in the surrounding valley views. Continue through mixed beech forests, across meadows and past stone walls before reaching a Roman-era spring. Enjoy a refreshing drink straight from the source!.

Tonight you will be staying in Kesten or Osann-Monzel (depending on availability). Both are small wine towns, nestled on the sunny left bank of the Moselle

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There is no stop for snacks and drinks on the route Therefore you have to take enough water and provisions with you.

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Moselbahn - A steam train which ran until 1962 from Bullay to Trier.  It is known in German as the Moselstrecke, i.e. "Moselle line". It is often called the Moselbahn links der Mosel ("Moselle railway left of the Moselle"). It was abandoned in the 1960s. The line was built as part of the Cannons Railway (Kanonenbahn) and opened in 1879.


Moselloreley -  It is a natural monument rising almost vertically from the banks of the Moselle. Between 1852 and 1872 and between 1937 and 1939, glance copper ore and potter's ore were mined in the rock formation.


Neumagen-Dhron (116 m)
49.855323, 6.893920
49°51'19.2"N 6°53'38.1"E
32U 348616 5524672




START your walk by the Moselbahn (Mosel train) on the right side of the river.  Walk along the towpath which keeps you close to the shore to the CROSS the bridge to the other side of the Moselle. 

Steeply ascend the Kandel-Ameisenberg mountain as you make your way into the Zweach valley.  Look back, you can spot Neumagen-Dhron in the distance.  The Neumagen-Dhron harbour is the main port for the wine ships to transport their wines up and down the country.

Before you reach the plateau and enter the forest, once again admire  Mosel loop and the Piesport village in the distance, which we are getting closer to now.  But this view should soon from the view at the Weißlei.  Hut be surpassed.  In the direction of the Spoar Chapel, the trail leads quickly downhill in the forest.  On the way to Piesport you can take a detour to the natural monument Moselloreley.  The rock protrudes vertically up and until 1939 copper and ore were mined here.

The detour takes you back to the Moselsteig and on through the vineyards, with a constant view down the Mosel valley.  Aa you walk towards Kersten your view changes, spots the vineyards of Wintrich on the other side of the Moselle.. Continue through the forest as you descend to Sauerbrunnen, a wellhead which dates back from Roman times.  Follow the trail as it directs you to Kesten.  Pass through Kersten to cross one final hill through vineyards and forests to reach your destination, Osann Monzel.


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49.855323, 6.893920
49°51'19.2"N 6°53'38.1"E
32U 348616 5524672
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


We recommend wearing hiking boots that are well broken-in, plus a rain jacket and waterproof trousers in wet weather, as well as taking sun cream and a hat on nicer days.

In your information pack, you’ll find a detailed list of all the required hiking gear, including some good hiking boots, appropriate clothing, a rain jacket and a backpack.

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18,1 km
5:13 h
428 hm
437 hm


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