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Monte Oliveto Maggiore Monastery to Pieve a Salti

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  • Watch Tower at the monastery and your start point
    Watch Tower at the monastery and your start point
    Foto: Sally Thompson, Macs Adventure
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Walk from the impressive Monte Oliveto Maggiore Monastery on a variety of different terrain with fantastic views everywhere you turn.

Strecke 10,7 km
3:15 h
315 hm
391 hm
388 hm
155 hm

Starting with a short transfer to the monastery begin your walk at the watchtower and make your way to the little village of Chiusure which you walk through. Then follow a gravel road up and down before taking a dirt trail through a wooded area with pines and reeds (providing much needed shade on hot days). Pass farmhouses along the way and once more this walk provides great views of the Crete Senesi landscapes. As you get close to Pieve a Salti you can see views of it to the right on a ridge as you walk. Save some energy for the last kilometre as you have to climb steeply to get back to the agriturismo.


As today's walk is fairly short it is recommended that you spend time visiting the Monte Oliveto Monastery before you begin walking. Please check opening/closing hours.

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If it is a hot day don't forget to bring plenty of water for dehydration.

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Food & Drink ...

It is possible to buy lunch at the cafe just outside the abbey. There is pleasant outside seating here. There is also a cafe/food store in Chiusure if you wish to purchase a picnic lunch and eat it on route. You can also ask the Pieve a Salti Agriturismo to make you a panini. Please ask about this the evening before if possible.


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Monte Oliveto Maggiore Monastery: The Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore is the mother house of the Olivetians, or White Benedictines, a congregation of monks founded in 1313 by Blessed Bernardo Tolomei of Siena. The abbey is a huge complex. The main attraction is the cycle of 36 frescoes in the cloisters, painted between 1497 and 1508 by Luca Signorelli and Antonio Bazzi (Il Sodoma), that portray the life of St. Benedict. When you arrive at the abbey, find the frescoes by crossing the “drawbridge” through the watchtower, descending 200m to the clock tower, and swinging right around the clock tower to one of the entrances. Also note the intricately inlaid wooden stalls in the apse of the adjoining church.

The abbey’s hours are approximately 09.15-12.30 and 15.15-17.00 or 18.00 (the hours may change a little from year to year). To avoid being locked out during the midday closure, we recommend you take the shuttle from the hotel to Monte Oliveto in the morning (the earlier the better to avoid the tour buses), tour the abbey, and walk back in the afternoon. You need to make the shuttle arrangements the night before.


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Monte Oliveto Maggiore Monastery Watch Tower (306 m)
43.177549, 11.547330
43°10'39.2"N 11°32'50.4"E
32T 707034 4783681
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Pieve a Salti Agriturismo


0.0km – With your back to the monastery’s watchtower (and a car park above you and on your right) go STRAIGHT ON down the road in front of you. Then in 100m BEAR RIGHT at the fork following the signs to Siena, Pienza, Arezzo, etc.

0.2km – At the junction with the main road, BEAR RIGHT following the signs to Siena, Arezzo, etc. Walk down this road for 600m taking care of any traffic.

0.8km – TURN RIGHT when you see a little brown hut on your right and a sign saying “Sentiero Le Piaggiarelle". Then walk up the stairs in front of you and keep ascending until you reach the top and some wooden posts. Walk past the posts to the road.

1.0km – When you reach the road TURN RIGHT and walk down it into the village of Chiusure.

1.4km – Once in the village and at the junction go STRAIGHT ON between the old brick houses. When you come to a small piazza/square with a well on your left go STRAIGHT ON walking through the piazza on its right hand side. This road then bears slightly right (towards some green benches), then keep STRAIGHT ON with the views to your right. Keep walking down this road.

1.8km – When the road bends to the left you BEAR RIGHT down a smaller gravel trail with houses to your left and a metal sign on your right. After 10m at the T-Junction TURN RIGHT, ignoring a gravel track off to your left. Continue along the same gravel road for 500m until you come to a junction.

2.3km – At the junction BEAR RIGHT on the Strada del Fornacino ignoring the narrower track to the left. Stay on the same main road for 800m ignoring a trail off to the right at another sign for Strada del Fornacino.

3.1km – At this junction where there is another sign for Strada del Fornacino, BEAR RIGHT ignoring the track ascending left. Stay on the same gravel road for a further 1km, ignoring other tracks on the left.

4.1km – With a Do Not Enter sign (red, round and with a horizontal white stripe) in front of you and houses to your left and right, TURN LEFT down the smaller dirt trail. (You will also see a red and white waymarker (#5) on a small wooden post to your right. Follow the same main dirt trail through the woods for almost 1km.

5.0km – After you come out of the pine woods and about 100m later where there is a fork, BEAR RIGHT and ignore trail ascending left.

5.4km – At the ruined red brick house BEAR RIGHT walking to the right of the house. Here you can also spot a red and white waymarker painted on the wall of the house. The trail has now become quite grassy. Keep walking along it for a further 700m.

6.1km – At the junction and coming to the end of the dirt trail, TURN LEFT onto the gravel track ascending and signposted to San Carlo.

6.6km – Just before a row of cypress trees lining the road in front of you and ignoring a gravel track to your left go STRAIGHT ON towards the house. Walk past the gates of the house on your right and BEAR LEFT onto the dirt trail, descending. Continue on the same trail for a further 1.5km.

8.1km – When you come to farm buildings on your right go STRAIGHT ON towards the house and bear left in front of it. Keep walking down the same main trail. After 400m ignore a dirt trail off to your left. The Pieve a Salti is now visible on a ridge to your left. Keep descending for a few 100m more until you reach a junction.

8.9km – At the junction with a large house off to the left in the distance (and a sign post for Il Casale directly to your left), BEAR LEFT down a smaller gravel road which runs parallel to the road you were just on and which circles around behind the house which will be on your left (Podere Villa Casale). Keep walking past the house (where there is a no through road sign) and behind it and almost immediately you will see another house on your right. Then BEAR LEFT descending down the grassy/dirt trail for a further 700m.

9.6km – At the junction of pathways go STRAIGHT ON, ignoring the paths off to the right and left and crossing a stream bed. Walk on this dirt/gravel trail uphill. It is a short steep ascent here.

When you come to the road TURN RIGHT and walk up the driveway of the Agriturismo Pieve a Salti.

10.4km – Your walk finishes at the entrance of the agriturismo.


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43.177549, 11.547330
43°10'39.2"N 11°32'50.4"E
32T 707034 4783681
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Sturdy walking boots or shoes are highly recommended as walking on gravel roads can play havoc with your feet if you don't have the correct footwear.

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Roslyn Owen
18.10.2019 · Community
Beautiful hike, wonderful experience.
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Friday, October 18, 2019 9:27:48 PM
Foto: Roslyn Owen, Community

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