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Loop walk via The Carracks & Rosewall Hill

Wanderung · Großbritannien und Nordirland
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  • St Ives, a bustling fishing town
    St Ives, a bustling fishing town
    Foto: Heleen Bosch, Macs Adventure
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This walk takes you along the coast path towards Zennor before turning towards Rosewall Hill to enjoy the views across to St Micheal's Mount before returning to pretty St Ives.

Strecke 14,9 km
5:30 h
275 hm
275 hm
220 hm
5 hm

The beginning of today’s walk takes you along the South West Coast Path and past beautiful coastal scenery to The Carracks, rocky islands just offshore and which mean “rocky” in Cornish. Continue inland climbing Rosewall Hill for more fabulous views before walking back into St Ives.

Please note as of July 2022 - a section on this route has been re-routed to avoid walking through private land.


On the return to St Ives you will pass the Barbara Hepworth museum, a fantastic attraction dedicated to the town's most famous daughter.

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The path can be slippy underfoot, particularly some of the stones that make up sections of the coast path.  At Rosewall Hill the paths and tracks become indistict with gorse and bracken covering much of the paths.  

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Points of interest:

Tate Gallery, St Ives 

A renouned art gallery ( exhibiting work by modern British artists with links to the St Ives area. 

The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden 

Run by the Tate Gallery, this museum ( preserves the 20th-century sculptor Barbara Hepworth's studio and garden much as they were when she lived and worked there. She purchased the site in 1949 and lived and worked there for 26 years until her death in a fire on the premises in 1975. 

Food & Drink:

There is nowhere to purchase food or drink on today's walk but there are plenty of shops, supermarkets and restaurants in St Ives where the route begins and ends. 


Salvation Army Building, St Ives sea front (8 m)
OS Grid
SW 51837 40577
50.213044, -5.479743
50°12'47.0"N 5°28'47.1"W
30U 323080 5565261


Salvation Army Building, St Ives sea front


0.00 km – With your back to the Salvation Army TURN LEFT, along the sea front.

0.20 km – At the main slipway on your right TURN LEFT by the red post box and follow the sign for Sloop Craft Market.  BEAR LEFT up Church Street, keeping the church on your right and follow the road behind it.

0.30 km – TURN LEFT at the end of the walled garden and TURN LEFT again onto Back Road West.

0.40 km – BEAR RIGHT at Harry’s Court until the sea wall and follow the road, keeping the sea on your right.  You will shortly pass the Tate Gallery on your left.

0.70 km – Follow the pavement as it BEARS RIGHT and continue past the bowling green. Continue STRAIGHT along the path, following the Coast Path signs until you reach a wooden gate.

4.00 km – Continue STRAIGHT through the gate and across the small stream, BEAR LEFT as the path ascends.

4.40 km – BEAR RIGHT at the wooden signpost to continue on coast path.

6.30 km – As the coast path gently descends continue STRAIGHT across the granite bridge spanning a small stream.  Climb the steep steps and go through the wooden gate.  Follow this path, keeping the sea on your right.

6.40 km – At the stone marker and stone bench TURN LEFT sharply to follow the sign for River Cove and Field Path.  Follow this grassy path uphill and away from the sea.

7.00 km – TURN LEFT through the wooden gate with a cattle grid. Note: the ‘Treveal Mill Private Property’ sign is misleading, this is a public footpath.  Pass the garage and house on your right, following the grassy path uphill and through a wooden gate to exit the property.

7.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT at the junction of paths, following the sign for Public Bridleway until it reaches a tarmac road.

8.10 km – TURN RIGHT onto the tarmac road and follow the road past the farmhouses as it begins to curve to the left, ignoring the Public Footpath signs.

8.90 km – On reaching the main road TURN LEFT then cross the road to BEAR RIGHT through the National Trust car park for Rosewall Hill.  Go through the metal gate to follow the grassy path uphill.

9.30 km - Continue STRAIGHT through the wooden gate and uphill on the grassy path until reaching another wooden gate

9.50 km – Go through the wooden gate and BEAR LEFT at a wooden sign post, turning uphill towards the boulder stacks on your right.  Once past the boulders BEAR LEFT along the grassy track, keeping a wire fence on your right.

10.00 km – Pass through a wooden gate to continue STRAIGHT up to an area of rubble.  BEAR LEFT to go over the rubble and downhill, keeping the chimney tower on your left.

10.20 km – TURN LEFT, passing the lower chimney on your right as the track ascends.  The tracks become indistinct at this stage so take care when walking through the bracken.

10.40 km – TURN RIGHT to follow a rocky path downhill through bracken and gorse until you reach a junction.


10.60 km – ***UPDATED ROUTE - TO AVOID SECTION THAT GOES THROUGH PRIVATE LAND AND IS NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE***. Instead, take the trail path that heads downhill (South East) towards Towednack Road. When you reach the road TURN LEFT and follow it till you you reach the Hellesveor Methodist Church, passing it on your left. Towednack Road, is a small single track country road but not busy - please take care when walking along it.


11.80 km – TURN LEFT on the main road, taking care as there is no pavement.  Follow the road, passing the Hellesveor Church on your left.

12.00 km – TURN RIGHT onto Trevalgan Road and shortly afterwards TURN RIGHT passing Hellesveor Campsite on your left. Shortly along the trail TURN LEFT where the trail eventually rejoins the road. Follow the road where it will switch to a trail path again, staying on it till you reach at junction

12.90 km – At the junction TURN RIGHT along the gravel footpath.  Continue STRAIGHT through two metal gates, keeping to the footpath. As you approach two metal gates, just before the path bends right, TURN RIGHT across a stone stile. Follow this path and BEAR LEFT as you enter a clearing through a gap in the hedge.  Ignore the path immediately to your left and instead, BEAR LEFT on reaching the wooden signpost, crossing a series of stone stiles.

13.50 km – TURN RIGHT on reaching the lane until it meets a tarmac road.

13.90 km – TURN LEFT at the road towards the town.  As the main road bends sharply left TURN RIGHT downhill onto Belmont Place (Windsor Hill).  Just before the steps TURN LEFT onto Carrack Dhu Terrace and continue along Ayr Lane. 

14.80 km - TURN RIGHT onto Black Street then BEAR LEFT through the marketplace to the Lifeboat Station and the Salvation Army building.


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OS Grid
SW 51837 40577
50.213044, -5.479743
50°12'47.0"N 5°28'47.1"W
30U 323080 5565261
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Long trousers and boots are recommended.

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14,9 km
5:30 h
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275 hm
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