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Loop Walk Lovcen National Park

· 3 Bewertungen · Wanderung · Montenegro
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Starting at the edge of Lovcen National Park, you will walk through meadows and rocky paths until you climb Mount Jezerski before lopping back to where you started.
Strecke 8,8 km
3:30 h
412 hm
409 hm
1.554 hm
1.215 hm
Today's walk is a classic mountain loop and it takes in some of Montenegro's Lovcen National Park's finest scenery. You will meander through meadows of long grass and wildflowers, past jagged rocky outcrops and dappled woodland as you approach the mountain. As the path begins to rise, the going does get steep but the views become ever more panoramic the higher you get. Drifting back into beech and ash woodland, you will finally emerge on the rocky summit where you can take a look at the monument and mausoleum for Njegos, the famous Montenegrin poet, and take in the peaks of Albania shimmering in the distance. You follow the same path down the side of the mountain before diverging to join a wide track that leads you back through forests and fields to where you began. 


The red and white way markers are excellent for this route, to save you constantly checking your map you can use these for parts of the hike and enjoy more of the views.
Höchster Punkt
1.554 m
Tiefster Punkt
1.215 m


There are some road crossings, always be aware of traffic and be sure to use a pavement/sidewalk where possible. Where it isn’t, walk on the right-hand side of the road in the direction of oncoming traffic.

Some of the ground can be uneven, with rocky/pebbly paths. Ensure you have suitable footwear and step cautiously when needed. 

Parts of the route follow clifftops, so take care to walk a reasonable distance from the edge - particularly in low visibility.

Although most of the snakes are not poisonous, and many of them are very timid, you will see them. Take care by stopping moving when you see them and keeping a safe distance as it leaves the path to allow you to cross.

There can be quick but fierce thunderstorms, make sure you check the weather before you go out and make sure you know the correct behaviour if you are caught in a storm:


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Food and Drink

There is nowhere to get food or water the journey, so be sure to get a packed lunch from your hotel prior to departing.


Points of Interest

Njegos Monument

The monument to this famed Montenegrin philosopher-poet was constructed thanks to Jovan Dučić, It was unveiled on May 28/29, in the presence of king’s ambassador. The monument was made by the well-known sculptor Tomo Rosandić. This is the first monument honouring Njegoš in the world. Njegos wrote The Mountain Wreath, an epic that is both serious and light-hearted and is held in high accord by a hugely disparate number of groups and individuals in this part of the world.

“We were all born to die once; honour and shame will live forever.”


Mount Jezerski

Jezerski is the third highest summit of the Pohorje range. The name Jezerski derives from the fact that there is a lake nearby. “Jezero” in Slovenian means lake. So Jezerski can be translated as ‘Lake Summit’. It is rocky and sparse at the top, but lower down, there is forests thick with silver birch and grassy slopes draped in blooming wildflowers.


Wildflower Meadows

The route passes through wildflower meadows, replete with herbs, delicate flowers and the elusive wild orchid. The smell of the air is fresh and fragrant and changes as you pass from field to field.


Ivanova Konak Hotel (1.270 m)
42.379611, 18.832320
42°22'46.6"N 18°49'56.4"E
34T 321544 4694201


Ivanova Konak Hotel


0.00 km - Start with your back to the Ivanova Konak Hotel, TURN LEFT and proceed down the road

0.20 km - TURN RIGHT down a descending track off the main road, the way is now marked with red and white paint on the rocks for the duration of the day

0.50 km - BEAR RIGHT to stay on the track ignoring the left-hand turn

0.60 km - TURN LEFT off the track, crossing the small stream (it may be dry depending on the weather and the season) and joining a small, narrow grassy path through the meadow, continue on this path for 1 km

1.60 km - BEAR RIGHT as the path moves away from the road and descends through rocky fields, keep following the waymarkers as the path weaves between outcrops

2.10 km - BEAR RIGHT on the path through woods

2.90 km - TURN LEFT ascending, clearly waymarked and signposted for the summit

4.00 km - Cross the road and continue STRAIGHT ON through the woods, keep following the red and white way markers

4.40 km - When you come to the next road, TURN LEFT sharply, back on yourself to ascend a stone path to the summit carpark

4.60 km - You have arrived at the carpark for the summit, from here you can take a look around the summit before your descent. To descend, turn around and come back the way you have come

4.80 km - When you reach the road, TURN RIGHT to descend through the woods

5.10 km - Cross the road and rejoin the path on the other side, BEAR RIGHT to follow the path and then continue as it slaloms don the mountain

6.30 km - You reach the point in the path where you turned to start ascending the mountain, continue STRAIGHT ON, you are no longer following the same route you came up on. Continue to follow this route as the path turns to a track, for 2 kilometres, keep looking for the red and white markers

7.90 km - Rejoin the main road, TURN RIGHT and ascend as the road takes you back to the start point

8.80 km - You have reached Hotel Ivanova Konak, you have finished your days walk


alle Hinweise zu Schutzgebieten


42.379611, 18.832320
42°22'46.6"N 18°49'56.4"E
34T 321544 4694201
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Sturdy boots as the path can be slippery and wet in parts.

Walking poles for stream crossing and descents. 

Grundausrüstung für Wanderungen

  • Feste, bequeme und wasserdichte Bergschuhe oder Zustiegsschuhe
  • Kleidung im Mehrschicht-Prinzip mit Feuchtigkeitstransport
  • Wandersocken
  • Rucksack (mit Regenhülle)
  • Sonnen-, Regen- und Windschutz (Hut, Sonnencreme, wasser- und winddichte Jacke und Hose)
  • Sonnenbrille
  • Teleskopstöcke
  • Ausreichend Proviant und Trinkwasser
  • Erste-Hilfe-Set mit Blasenpflaster
  • Blasenpflaster
  • Biwaksack/Survival Bag
  • Rettungsdecke
  • Stirnlampe
  • Taschenmesser
  • Signalpfeife
  • Mobiltelefon
  • Bargeld
  • Navigationsgerät/Karte und Kompass
  • Notfallkontaktdaten
  • Personalausweis
  • Die Listen für die „Grundausrüstung“ und die „technische Ausrüstung“ werden auf der Grundlage der gewählten Aktivität erstellt. Sie erheben keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit und dienen lediglich als Vorschläge, was du einpacken solltest.
  • Zu deiner Sicherheit solltest du alle Anweisungen zur ordnungsgemäßen Verwendung und Wartung deines Geräts sorgfältig lesen.
  • Bitte vergewissere dich, dass deine Ausrüstung den örtlichen Gesetzen entspricht und keine verbotenen Gegenstände enthält.

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William Wingert
07.09.2021 · Community
We enjoyed this hike. It is a nice mix of terrain and elevation. A forest fire has taken out a large swath of trees.. Views along the way but especially good at the mausoleum. The last part is the steepest. Not many people on trail but lots at the since one can drive up. Trail stops at the start of 532 steps further up to the mausoleum. There is a small restaurant at the top with cold beer and passable food. With lunch and a brief stop at mausoleum this hike took 7 hours. Walking was 3:15 up and 2:30 down.
mehr zeigen
Tuesday, September 7, 2021 6:04:44 PM
Foto: William Wingert, Community
Tuesday, September 7, 2021 6:05:06 PM
Foto: William Wingert, Community
martine dupuis
08.10.2019 · Community
Wonderful moderate hike. There is a restaurant near the mausoleum.
mehr zeigen
Gemacht am 07.10.2019
Foto: martine dupuis, Community
Foto: martine dupuis, Community
Tom King
03.10.2019 · Community
The mountain park is a great place to stretch the legs but we found this walk a little short. The view point is impressive however the vast majority of tourists drive to the summit and you have to pay €5 to get to the very top - which spoilt it somewhat.
mehr zeigen
Foto: Tom King, Community
Foto: Tom King, Community
Foto: Tom King, Community

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021 6:04:44 PM
Tuesday, September 7, 2021 6:05:06 PM
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8,8 km
3:30 h
412 hm
409 hm
Höchster Punkt
1.554 hm
Tiefster Punkt
1.215 hm
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