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Loop Walk from Voss

Wanderung · Voss herad
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  • Voss reflected in the lake
    Voss reflected in the lake
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From Voss, a steep footpath takes you up Mount Hanguren. Returning to the folk museum, perhaps stop in for a look around before boarding the train to Bergen.
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The town of Voss, centred around Vangvatsnet lake, is considered by many to be the outdoor activity capital of Norway. During the winter months Voss municipality is the largest snow sports area in Western Norway and throughout summer there are plenty of activities to choose from. Of course, the options for walking on both sides of the lake, but especially around Mt Hanguren, are fantastic.


This loop walk begins with a steep climb up the southwest slopes of Mt Hanguren on a woodland path, which due to the exposed roots and loose rocks can be tricky at parts. Once this initial section is complete however, the walking is simple as you stroll on the plateau enjoying views over Voss and passing by a number of small waterfalls, and a beautiful mountain lake before descending back through the forest. If it is open, take the opportunity to look around the Voss Folkemuseum, situated near to the start point.

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During your hike your bags can be stored safely at the train station using the secure & weatherproof lockers. Remember to collect them again after your walk before taking the train to Bergen!

The walk is a short distance from the centre of Voss, which is well served with multiple shops as-well-as a good number of small, reasonably priced restaurants.

Voss Folkemuseum: An interesting museum, opened in 1917 with the purpose of preserving items of historic interest from around Voss. There are over 20,000 items in the museum’s collection, including buildings which have been standing in place for over 500 years. For opening times see (closed September).

Outdoor Norway: A young start-up offering guided and un-guided outdoor activities and equipment rental, Outdoor Norway is operated by Marcio who combines excellent knowledge of Voss with skills and a good teaching manner. The prices are reasonable and the equipment is of good quality – those looking to do something other than walking (mountain biking/white water rafting/kayaking/paddle boarding) can find Marcio’s rental area by the lake in Voss, below Fleischer’s Hotel.


Voss Folk Museum (184 m)
60.633869, 6.412435
60°38'01.9"N 6°24'44.8"E
32V 358466 6724793
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Voss Folk Museum (via Mount Hanguren)


Take the bus leaving Lofthus at 08:00 and arriving in Voss at 09:25. We recommend checking the latest timetable here –

After completing your walk, take the train from Voss leaving at 17:41 which will get you into Bergen for 18:58.

0.00km - START with the Voss Folksmuseum on your left, beside the information board, head STRAIGHT ON up the path that leads into the forest. The ascent is immediate and quite long, so be prepared with water.

0.05 km - BEAR LEFT at fork staying on more established path.

0.10 km - BEAR RIGHT at fork.

0.25 km - BEAR RIGHT following red Ts at this point.

0.90km - BEAR LEFT following sign for ‘Hanguren’ & continuing to follow red Ts.

1.35 km - Here there is an opportunity to glimpse a view of the otherside of the valley across the lake.From this viewpoint the path continues to wind up through the forest – you should see red Ts marked on trees.

1.80 km - Emerging from the forest beside a large cabin, on left, continue STRAIGHT ON past the cabin for around 200m before BEARING RIGHT at a signpost. After a short while you will come to the first of a set of wooden boards & logs over a marshy area.

2.30 km - BEAR LEFT following sign for ‘Raugstad’. You are walking on wooden boards and then bare rock here – there are superb views over Voss.

3.00 km - STRAIGHT ON ignoring path on the left, and following red signs (‘Lanhorgil’/’Tvinnestahen’/’Vola’) and crossing a small stream before another log pathway for a short while – there are boggy sections here.

3.50 km - BEAR LEFT at the small mountain lake following signs for ‘Kiselborg’ & ‘Raugstad’.

3.85 km - BEAR LEFT staying to the left of the small waterfall.

4.80 km - STRAIGHT ON ignoring small path on left, following sign that reads ‘3.0km Raugstad’ and continuing downhill.

5.40 km - BEAR LEFT crossing over the stream – using the rocks or large logs as a bridge – and then stay on path that hugs river for a short while.

6.35 km - STRAIGHT ON, continuing along the undulating path.

7.30 km - BEAR RIGHT following sign for ‘Raugstad’ crossing small stream after 30 metres or so before picking up the path once more on the left – you soon re-enter the forest as ypou continue to descend.

8.00 km - BEAR LEFT joining a gravel road for 30 metres before BEARING RIGHT back into the forest and onto the dirt path.

8.95 km - BEAR LEFT continuing along the path that leads ahead.

9.20 km - BEAR LEFT following the sign for ‘Molster’.

9.80 km - Youhave ARRIVED back at the information board where you started. Why not check out the Voss Folkemuseum if you haven’t already?


alle Hinweise zu Schutzgebieten


60.633869, 6.412435
60°38'01.9"N 6°24'44.8"E
32V 358466 6724793
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Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Study walking boots are recommended and as the weather can change quickly it is useful to pack your waterproof gear. 

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