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Kandersteg to Allmenalp

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  • Kandersteg Kirche
    Kandersteg Kirche
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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Walk to the end of the Kander valley and ascend via the alpine meadows of Uschene on a gentle gradient to Allmenalp. 
Strecke 8,4 km
4:00 h
620 hm
65 hm
1.789 hm
1.170 hm

From Kandersteg centre follow signposts out of town and join a track through forest hugging the river.  Begin your gradual ascent of the valley side, passing a steep limestone cliff before emerging into the alpine meadows of Usser Uschene.  Leave the meadows behind and follow a track  traversing the mountainside to reach Undere Allme. The track itself is not especially captivating, but it provides a wonderful balcony from which to admire the surrounding mountains.  Finally, descend slightly to Undere Allme, here you can have a refreshment at the restaurant before catching the cable car back to Kandersteg.   

If you'd like to make an easier day of it you can take the cable car up to Allmenalp and walk down, simply following the GPS track in reverse – please note the route notes however will not work in reverse.  See 1.3km in the route notes for how to reach the cable car station from Kandersteg centre.


Make sure to allow plenty of time for admiring the scenery from Undere Allme, there’s a great viewpoint here.  Otherwise, find a table at the restaurant and soak up the view with a cool drink!   
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Catherine Allan
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This is an easy-going hike, but on an hot day it’s best to get an early start to avoid ascending in the mid-day heat. The track/path is sometimes shaded by trees but higher up you will be exposed to the elements.  Make sure to bring plenty of water (at least 2 litres per person) and food for the day. 

The tracks and paths on today’s route are generally well-walked by fellow hikers, and this is the easiest way up to Allmenalp but as ever you should be sure-footed and enjoy a good level of fitness. Take care on rocky sections of the track/path as these will be slippery after rainfall. 

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Points of Interest

Kandersteg Evangelical Church

The church in the centre of Kandersteg is a beautiful, white eye-catching building with a blue clock on its spire.  The congregation of the church are part of the Evangelical denomination of the Christian faith – the central position of the church makes it a great point for starting the walks from Kandersteg. 


The small cluster of charming wooden chalets at the top of the Allmenalp cable car line are situated at approximately 1725m.  Here you can visit the mountain restaurant and sample some local hearty dishes with a view before catching the cable car down to Kandersteg.


Allmenalp-Kandersteg cable car:


Food & Drink

You can pick-up provisions for a packed lunch, and snacks in Kandersteg from the Volg or Co-Op convenience stores before leaving Kandersteg.  Alternatively, there’s a small restaurant on the Usser Uschene meadow (please note this may not be open outwith the summer season), or another restaurant at the end of the walk opposite the cable car station at Allmenalp. 


Kandersteg Evangelical Church (1.173 m)
2'618'103E 1'149'295N
46.494725, 7.674444
46°29'41.0"N 7°40'28.0"E
32T 398278 5149870


Allmenalp Cable Car Station


0.00 km – At the T-junction in the centre of Kandersteg (near Hotel Victoria) with the white church behind you continue STRAIGHT ON to cross the river and walk towards the train station, passing the Co-Op on your left-hand side.

0.20 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to cross the pedestrian crossing outside the train station, then TURN LEFT to follow the brown signpost to Allmenalp (don’t go under the railway).  Follow this quiet road for 500 m with the railway on your right. 

0.70 km – At the T-junction TURN RIGHT to pass beneath the railway following the signpost for Allmenalp, then BEAR LEFT to stay on the road following it between some houses. 

0.95 km – At the junction continue STRAIGHT ON following the signpost for Allmenalp-First. 

1.30 km – After crossing a bridge ignore the wooden signpost for Allmenalp Bahn [unless you’re having an easier day and taking the cable car up instead of down] and continue STRAIGHT ON to the gravel track.  Follow this track, keeping the river on your left-hand side for ~700 m. 

2.00 km – With the International Scout Centre buildings on your right continue STRAIGHT ON following the signpost for Gastere.

2.10 km – Before the road crosses the river TURN RIGHT onto the track, which soon becomes a grassy path, following the signpost for Adelboden – the river is still on your left. 

2.30 km – On the narrow grassy path continue STRAIGHT ON through the small wooden gate to pass on the left-hand side of a wooden farm building with yellow Wanderweg markers on it. 

In 200 m continue STRAIGHT ON again to pass through a small metal gate. 

2.60 km – At the signpost at the top of a small rise BEAR RIGHT to follow the path as it ascends slightly towards the trees.  Follow the arrow for Bundeschrinde. 

2.70 km – At the edge of the trees continue STRAIGHT ON and pass through the wooden gate to ascend following the red and white painted markers. 

2.90 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to ascend as you pass through a small metal turnstile (mind your feet on the lower metal bar here!).  Take care in this field as there may be cows – alpine cows are generally quite docile but can become aggressive if spooked, or if you get too close to mothers with calves, or bulls.   

3.10 km – Pass through another metal turnstile and emerge onto the road.  Cross with care to the other side and continue on the path signposted Wanderweg by passing through another cow field.  After leaving the field by a small gate continue ascending STRAIGHT ON through the forest on a rocky path. 

3.40 km – At a T-junction with the road TURN LEFT onto the road and continue along it following the Wanderweg signposts. 

3.80 km – At the middle of the first hairpin bend leave the road to continue STRAIGHT ON to a gravelly ascending path.  Follow the signpost for Bundeschrinde. 

4.00 km – At the edge of the road BEAR LEFT to continue ascending on the path following the Wanderweg signposts.  Take care of the steep drop into the gorge below on your left. 

4.30 km – Pass through a gate then at the signpost TURN RIGHT onto the road.  Then in 50 m TURN LEFT to ascend on the road to a small restaurant ahead.  This meadow is called Usser Uschene. 

4.80 km – At the bend on the road with the restaurant on your right TURN RIGHT onto the wide gravel track to follow the signpost (Aeusser Ueschinen, 1598 m) for Allmenalp. 

5.20 km – At the Rert Lohner signpost continue STRAIGHT ON to stay on the track. The ascent eases gradually to a traverse and the gaps in the trees allow you to see the surrounding mountains and the turquoise colour of Oeschinensee lake on the opposite side of the Kander valley. 

6.30 km – At abend in the track continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the Wanderweg signpost – keep the fence on your right-hand side. 

6.40 km – At the Ryharts (1746 m) signpost on the side of a wooden farm building continue STRAIGHT ON to stay on the wide track. 

7.10 km – With the chalet on the promontory out on your right TURN LEFT to follow the track as it descends through a rock outcrop.  Take care on this short section as the rock type underfoot here makes it especially slippery in the wet. 

7.50 km – With the wooden farm buildings on the right of the track BEAR LEFT to continue following the Wanderweg signposts on the track. 

7.80 km – As the track splits BEAR RIGHT and follow the Bergstation signpost to descend.  Take care where the stream crosses the path – if in place you can use the narrow metal or large wooden bridges to cross more easily. 

8.00 km – At the T-junction in the track TURN RIGHT to descend to the cable car station following the signpost to Undere Allme.  Soon the track splits and you can follow either the high narrow path to the cable car station, or the lower wide gravel track. 

8.40 km – On arriving at the cable car station at Undere Allme you can now relax and take in the view!  There’s a restaurant, and a great viewpoint with benches ahead.  Make sure to check the time of last cable car down to Kandersteg. Once back in the valley after descending on the cable car follow the route you took earlier today which passes the cable car station to take you back to the train station in Kandersteg. 


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2'618'103E 1'149'295N
46.494725, 7.674444
46°29'41.0"N 7°40'28.0"E
32T 398278 5149870
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The route is well-walked but please make sure that you’re suitably equipped (see your information pack for a complete recommended kit list).  Waterproofs, warm layers, gloves, hat, sunhat and sunscreen are all recommended in a ~25 litre or less backpack.  Make sure to bring plenty of water (around 2 litres per person) and food for the day. 

If you prefer to wear sturdy walking shoes rather than walking boots feel free to wear those (as the terrain can be rocky you’ll find that gym trainers won’t have enough support).  Walking poles are a useful aid for helping to take pressure off your knees. 

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8,4 km
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Höchster Punkt
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