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Grasmere to Patterdale/Glenridding (via St Sunday Crag)

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  • Descending Towards Ullswater
    Descending Towards Ullswater
    Foto: Josiah Skeats, Macs Adventure
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A steady climb from Grasmere up to Grisedale Tarn, and then a continued ascent, partly along a ridgeline, up to St Sunday Crag, before a beautiful descent overlooking Ullswater.
Strecke 14,5 km
6:00 h
827 hm
730 hm
838 hm
70 hm

The standard Wainright Coast to Coast Route, is an ‘up-and-over’, climbing to Grisedale Tarn, and then descending beside Grisedale Beck towards Patterdale. For extra excitement, however, and infinitely better views you can continue the ascent from Grisedale Tarn by walking via the featureless peak of St Sunday Crag.

The path to St Sunday Crag walks atop a ridgeline and allows you to stand proudly where two valleys merge, but unlike Helvellyn’s fearsome Striding Edge, you shouldn’t experience any vertigo here. You can also expect less crowded footpaths up to St Sunday Crag which adds an exciting element of isolation.

From the summit beautiful views stretch in every direction – rows of jagged mountains peaks scratch at the sky, Grisedale Tarn appears cradled by its surrounding mountains, Grisedale Beck trickles through the pronounce V-shaped valley far below – but the most spectacular views lie ahead. Ullswater shimmers in the sun (if you’re lucky) curving through the valley like a long bony finger while steamer-boats ferry tourists across it, tufts of trees flourish in the crevices of the valley, and nestled amongst it all are the isolated dwellings of Patterdale and Glenridding, where you will spend the night.


Laura, Our Macs Adventure England Product manager always recommends a trip on the Iconic Ullswater steamers! Find out more information here: 

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The White Lion Patterdale


There are a few stretches where you must walk on the road as there is no pavement or verge. Walk on the right side facing the oncoming traffic unless there is a right-hand turn, in which case you should cross to the outside edge to allow drivers the maximum chance to see you.

There are several river crossings in today’s walk. There are always stepping stones available but these may be slippery.

The section along the mountain tops can be featureless. It is important to read the instructions and check the map regularly to ensure you stay on the correct path. If visibility is poor, we recommend taking the low route.

There are steep drops and exposed edges throughout the walk today. Be sure to stick to the path to avoid these.

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Points of Interest

Ullswater Steamers

The best way to see Ullswater is from the summit of Helvellyn or St Sunday Crag. The second-best way to experience Ullswater is up close on a historic steamer. These steamers stop at several jetty’s around the lake, allowing you to get off for an explore, or just remain on the boat and enjoy the tour!

More information available here:

Food and Drink

There is no food or drink between Grasmere and Patterdale so be sure to come adequately prepared with all the provisions you will need for the journey.

It might be beneficial to arrange a packed lunch in Grasmere.


Grasmere (70 m)
OS Grid
NY 33679 07617
54.459587, -3.024559
54°27'34.5"N 3°01'28.4"W
30U 498407 6034657
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*** To help you follow the route with confidence we have provided full written turn by turns to aid you on your walk from Grasmere to Glenridding/Patterdale (via St.Sunday Crag) today. Whilst, the Coast to Coast is waymarked, it can be featureless and off the beaten path at some sections so we strongly suggest that you follow the GPS tracks in the Macs Adventure smartphone app to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and problem-free day.  The daily maps can also be printed from the web version of the app should you wish to take paper copies with you. ***


0.00km – Start at the village green, facing the grass square. TURN LEFT to walk towards the red post-box, and following signs to Keswick. After 650 metres, with a bus stop on your right TURN LEFT onto Pye Lane.

0.87km – After passing a church you will reach a T-junction with the A591. TURN LEFT to walk towards Keswick. Continue walking on the pavement for 900 metres.

1.90km – After the road makes a sweeping left turn, TURN RIGHT onto the gravel lane between buildings following the public bridleway signpost to Patterdale. After 200 metres ignore the bridge on your right and CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON with the dry-wall on your left.

2.60km – After passing through a gate and crossing a stream on stepping stones, BEAR RIGHT to cross a bridge surrounded by trees and then BEAR LEFT to head uphill heading away from the section enclosed with railings. You will be walking with the stream on your left, on a clearly-established path.

4.50km – There is a waterfall on your right and beautiful views down the valley on your left. CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON using stepping stones to cross a stream. These stones may be slippery when wet. After 400 metres you will cross a scree slope; the path becomes harder to see for this short section but it is still there.

5.20km – There is a splendid view as you step through a gap in the dry-wall and Grisedale Tarn suddenly appears. CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON across the crossroads to head downhill on a gravel path towards the right side of the tarn.

5.80km – As you reach the edge of Grisedale Tarn, where it drains into Grisedale Beck, BEAR RIGHT to head uphill, ignoring the left path which crosses the beck on stepping stones. The path quickly becomes vague and grassy with no cairns. In low visibility check the map regularly to ensure you stay on the correct path. After 200 metres the path will become stony and easy to follow. After 500 metres BEAR LEFT at the cairn to remain on the stony well-established path.

6.70km – TURN RIGHT to head uphill on the stony path that heads steeply uphill to a rocky outcrop. Be careful as this section is loose and can be slippery – walking poles will help here.

6.80km – After passing the rocky outcrop on your right you will find yourself atop a ridgeline with a cairn beside you. TURN LEFT to head uphill along the ridgeline.

7.90km – The ridgeline flattens out into a wide, grassy area. Just 100 metres ahead is the summit of St Sunday Crag, but in poor visibility, you might need to check the map to remain on the right path.

8.20km – Congratulations, there are fantastic views from the top of St Sunday Crag stretching in every direction. From the peak BEAR LEFT in the 10 O’clock direction towards a small protruding rocky outcrop. After 100 metres, on the right of that rocky outcrop, you will find a stony path and a further 100 metres ahead you might see some low cairns.

9.40km – As the path forks BEAR LEFT ignoring the right fork that heads uphill on the grassy slope.

10.90km – BEAR LEFT after passing through a gate in the dry-wall, following the yellow arrow.

11.50km – As you reach a crossroads with a gate straight ahead, and a big tree, TURN RIGHT to walk along the stony track, headed away from Ullswater. After 300 metres BEAR LEFT as the path forks to stay on the flattish path headed towards the trees.

12.30km – After passing through the wooden gate CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON the stony path.

12.60km – After passing through a gate and into a wooded section, BEAR RIGHT as the path immediately forks. After 200 metres TURN RIGHT as you reach the gravel road to pass a stone building on your left.

12.80km – TURN LEFT as you reach a paved road. You will immediately pass the pub on your right and the well-provisioned Patterdale Village Store on your left. Continue on this road to Patterdale or Glenridding to find your accommodation for the night.

14.50km - Finish in the centre of Glenridding. Why not stroll down to the shores of Ullswater?


*** This is the end of our Grasmere to Patterdale/Glenridding (Via St. Sunday Crag) route, use your included documentation to find your overnight accommodation ***


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OS Grid
NY 33679 07617
54.459587, -3.024559
54°27'34.5"N 3°01'28.4"W
30U 498407 6034657
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Sturdy hiking boots, warm clothes and a waterproof/wind-break layer are all required. The weather can change quickly so be sure to take all equipment even if the weather looks okay. Walking poles will be a big advantage on some of these ascents and descents.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it might be beneficial to bring a power bank.

This walk is isolated with few opportunities to buy food or water so be sure to bring enough with you.

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William Hazelton
13.07.2021 · Community
For us, this was the best day of the C2C. Luckily we had great weather after a misty start. If it’s cloudy at Grisedale Tarn just go down the valley route - it’s also good. The ridge walk on St Sunday Crag is as good as it gets, with no real problems.
mehr zeigen
Gemacht am 24.06.2021
Fern-covered hills in Tongue Gill
Foto: William Hazelton, Community
Steep path up from Grisedale Tarn
Foto: William Hazelton, Community
Looking back to Grisedale Tarn
Foto: William Hazelton, Community
The ridge up to St Sunday Crag
Foto: William Hazelton, Community
We made it! Top of St Sunday Crag.
Foto: William Hazelton, Community
Looking down to Ullswater
Foto: William Hazelton, Community
Fine descent into Patterdale
Foto: William Hazelton, Community

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