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Champex to Le Châble

Wanderung · Schweiz
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Walk through small Swiss farming villages as you leave the TMB behind you. Today’s hike is a gentle one offering an opportunity to rest and recover before tackling the challenges ahead. Drop from Champex-Lac to Le Châble, losing 800 metres elevation but gaining a vision into a Swiss rural idyll. 

Strecke 13,8 km
4:10 h
188 hm
818 hm
1.479 hm
722 hm

Today’s walk begins along the route that once connected Champex-Lac and Orsières before the road was built in 1928; back then it would have been a trundling two-hour horse-and-cart journey. The path contours along the mountain flanks; though the ground rises and falls steeply on either side, your track loses height gradually and makes for pleasant hiking. On your right, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of some of the imposing mountains you’ll be tackling in the coming days, however, there’s nothing to trouble you today except for the occasional picturesque Swiss villages or rural pastures to stop and admire.

From Sembrancher, the path veers right through a wide and verdant valley, walking beside the Bagnes Stream and through pine forest until reaching Le Châble. From this lower elevation, the mountains seem to tower even higher above you. This lively valley has an excellent variety of opportunities to rest and have fun; be sure to check out the perks of a VIP card, attainable from your hotel. 


Enquire about your VIP Pass upon arrival in Le Châble; it includes free access to many attractions including gondolas, swimming pools, mini golf and cheese workshops!

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Occasionally you must walk on minor roads. Where there is no verge or pavement you should walk on the left side facing the oncoming traffic, except where the road bends left when you should cross over to the other side. Stay alert to vehicles around you.

The trail is often rocky and uneven and can be slippery when wet. Wear appropriate footwear and take care with your foot placements, particularly at the end of the day when you may be tired. Walking poles can be useful on some of the steep ascents and descents.

The weather can change quickly. Be sure to pack appropriate clothing in your day-bag.

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Points of Interest


Champex is a traditional Swiss mountain village sitting at 1,500 metres and centred around a tranquil lake popular for boating, paddleboarding, fishing, and lazy strolls. Its position on the Tour du Mont Blanc has made it a lively village, however, it is also known for high-quality cuisine and great wine with cafes and restaurants lining the north side of the lake.

Musée de Bagnes

This museum is located beside the church where you finish today's hike. It is housed in the old parish church, parts of which date to the 13th century. On display is an exquisite mural of the crucifixion dating to 1627, an intricately painted ceiling, from the early 1700s, and several local art displays and exhibitions. It is open regularly throughout the week.

Further information at: 

Food and Drink

There are limited food options along today’s walk so be sure to leave Champex with enough food for the day.

There are cafes, restaurants and shops in Sembrancher, a short detour from the trail after eight kilometres. La Châble, where you finish has a wide variety of places to eat and stock up on provisions.

There are water fountains to refill your bottles in Soulalex and Sembrancher after 4.50 and 8.60 kilometres respectively


Tourist Information Office, Champex-Lac (1.468 m)
2'574'948E 1'097'738N
46.030715, 7.115109
46°01'50.6"N 7°06'54.4"E
32T 354130 5099187


Eglise St. Maurice de Bagnes, Church in Le Châble


0.00km - Start facing the Champex Tourist Information. TURN RIGHT to follow the road alongside the lake on your right. At the end of the lake after 650m, BEAR LEFT onto the minor road, following the green ‘TMB’ sign and the sign to Orsières.

1.00km - As the road ends beside a hotel, BEAR RIGHT onto the path headed downhill signposted to Soulalex and Sembrancher. Continue heading downhill following the yellow diamond blazes.

2.00km - Having crossed straight over a gravel track and as a panoramic view opens out on your right, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to head downhill, ignoring the gravel track that bends sharply right.

2.50km - After passing a collection of houses on your right, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON along the wider gravel road to continue contouring along the flanks of the mountains on your left.

3.00km - As the road forks after crossing a (potentially dry) water gully, BEAR RIGHT, following the yellow sign. As the path forks around a bench after 200 metres, BEAR LEFT. Keep following the signs to Soulalex.

4.00km - As the path bends sharply right, TURN LEFT and then after 20m, BEAR RIGHT onto the grassy path.

4.50km - TURN LEFT by the fountain in Soulalex. From here you are following signs to Sembrancher. Ignore three right turns and then CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON as the paved road becomes gravel. After 200 metres, BEAR RIGHT as the road forks beside a bench to pass through the ‘dead end’ sign.

6.00km - CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross the gravel road and follow the grassy path.

6.60km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to pass the chapel in La Garde and head downhill ignoring all side roads.

6.90km – From the serpentine bend of the paved road, BEAR LEFT onto the gravel track to walk beneath the row of pylons. BEAR LEFT as the road forks after 300m, still under the pylons, and then after 200m, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to follow the grassy track downhill between the trees, following the yellow hiking signs and ignoring the main gravel road that bends right towards a church.

7.80km – TURN RIGHT by the bench to follow the gravel road downhill towards Sembrancher. After 300 metres, CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON to cross over the paved road.

8.30km – TURN RIGHT at the road to head downhill and cross above the railway tracks.

8.60km - CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON at the ‘Stop’ junction beside a cross and follow the Rte des Moulins towards Chamoille. Because of the blind corner on your right, it is recommended to cross the road at the nearby crossing place.

9.00km – After crossing the bridge over the river, BEAR LEFT to follow the flat road through the wide valley. From here, you are following the signs to Le Châble. As the path forks after 900 metres, BEAR RIGHT towards the fenced building and follow the gravel track uphill through the woods.

11.20km – As the path forks after a slight opening in the path, BEAR LEFT to head downhill. After 100 metres, BEAR LEFT to continue steeply downhill. This path is steep, rocky and with exposed tree roots. Walk carefully and use the edges of your boots for grip. Walking poles are recommended here.

11.50km – BEAR LEFT at the gravel track and then before reaching the bridge over the river TURN RIGHT to walk with the river on your left. This will soon pass around an artificial lake and Verbier Bike Park.

13.20km – Upon reaching the road, TURN RIGHT to head away from the bridge crossing the river. There is no pavement here; walk on the left side of the road towards oncoming traffic and with a wider verge, though because of the slight blind bend, be sure to check it is clear through the chainlink fence before stepping out. After 200 metres, TURN LEFT towards the ‘La Poste’ depot and then immediately TURN RIGHT towards the church.

13.70km – TURN LEFT as the road becomes paved to walk towards the church.

14.00km - Finish beside the church – Eglise St. Maurice de Bagnes – in Le Châble. Be sure to enquire about the VIP card from your hotel.


2'574'948E 1'097'738N
46.030715, 7.115109
46°01'50.6"N 7°06'54.4"E
32T 354130 5099187
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Bring appropriate footwear, preferably walking boots with good grip and ankle support.

Bring a waterproof jacket and trousers, even where the weather forecast makes this appear unnecessary.

Walking poles may be useful on some of the steep ascents and descents.

Food for the duration of the hike and two litres of water is recommended.

A power bank and phone cable may be useful if you are navigating using your phone. Remember that phone batteries may be less effective in cold weather.

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13,8 km
4:10 h
188 hm
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