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Carbis Bay to Marazion

Wanderung · Großbritannien und Nordirland
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  • Walk along the St Michael's Way to Marazion, where you can see St Michael's Mount
    Walk along the St Michael's Way to Marazion, where you can see St Michael's Mount
    Foto: Heleen Bosch, Macs Adventure

Follow the St Michael's Way Pilgrimage path from north to south finishing at the famous St Michael's Mount in Marazion.

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Leaving the north coast at Carbis Bay, this coast to coast section of St Michael's Way follows a number of varied paths south towards Marazion. Passing through rich pasture land off the beaten track, you will walk through the lovely Cornwall countryside. The path is waymarked with the black pilgrim way shell symbol, however you will have to use your navigation skills at some of the indistinct sections. You are met with the iconic St Michael’s Mount in the distance as you descend into Marazion to complete the walk.


Enjoy your first glimpse of St Michael’s Mount in the distance as you meander through the tranquil Cornish countryside.

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The cliff line is largely unfenced across the entire SWCP trail. Be sure to keep away from the edge, stay out of fenced-off areas, and take extra caution when there is a steep slope beside the path. Be vigilant also of walkers, walking in the opposite direction.

Please take care while walking along the coastal path as some sections can be narrow and may have exposed cliff-edge walking. If any erosion has taken place a diversion will have been put in place so please follow these diversion details and signs where necessary. 

There may be sections of roads with no pavement. Walk on the right-hand side facing the oncoming traffic.

There may be sections where you will be walking through fields containing livestock.  Be vigilant and respectful of all animals.

The paths can be rocky in places; take care as these may be slippery, especially when wet.

For any river crossing - there are always normally stepping stones or an obvious way to cross - be careful when crossing as it can be very slippery.


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There are limited places to stop and get refreshments on the route. It might be a good idea to prepare a packed lunch for this walk. There are a number of shops and bakeries in Padstow to pick up food and water before your train.

Knill's Monument -

Marazion has a pharmacy, toilet facilities and a number of eateries to choose from.


Carbis Bay Hotel Car Park (18 m)
OS Grid
SW 52751 38856
50.197974, -5.465836
50°11'52.7"N 5°27'57.0"W
30U 324017 5563552


Marazion town centre


Carbis Bay is a 3 minute train ride from St Ives.   Follow the signs to the train station from St Ives and on alighting at Carbis Bay you should walk out of the station car park to Beach Road. TURN LEFT to cross the railway tracks and continue walking for a few minutes until you reach the Carbis Bay Hotel where the walk begins.  

0.00km – Starting at Carbis Bay Hotel Car Park, facing towards the sea. TURN LEFT up the stairs to the hotel. BEAR RIGHT at the top, following a stone path in front of the hotel with the beach to your right. Follow the stairs around the hotel garden before crossing the railway track. Ignore two sets of steps on your left following the path to a junction.

0.50km – TURN LEFT and follow the sign for St Michael’s Way. Follow the tarmac path uphill until it meets the wider road. Follow this road to the right until it meets the main road opposite Hecla Drive and next to St Merryn Hotel.

0.80km – TURN RIGHT onto A3074 road. Cross road at traffic island and continue on past the Cornish Arms pub on your left. 

1.00km – Immediately after the pub, TURN LEFT into ‘Higher Tregenna Road’ and then TURN LEFT again into ‘Steeple Lane’ following pilgrim shell signs. Continue uphill to footpath sign avoiding any gates and nature reserve on route.

1.60 km – TURN LEFT off the road, following sign for St Michael’s Way & Knill’s Monument.

1.80km – TURN RIGHT after Knill’s Monument following the pilgrim’s sign before hanging a left at next sign onto a small track.

2.10 km – TURN LEFT when you meet the road, watch out for oncoming cars!

2.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at crossroads with farm to your right. Avoid temptation to leave road at any farm tracks or gates. Follow road around to the left, avoiding another farm track and public footpath.

3.50km – TURN RIGHT at St Michael’s Way Pilgrim sign onto small footpath flanked by low walls. Continue following the St Michael’s Way sign across a field – aim for the large barns at the rear of the field where you’ll meet a style. Watch out for horses and electric fences!

3.90km – BEAR LEFT after style out of farmyard to the road. Cross the road before manoeuvring another style to your right into a field. Continue STRAIGHT ON keeping to the left side of the field until you reach another style.

4.10km – TURN RIGHT after the style following a wide worn track with fields on either side.  Keep right as path widens.  Take care not to miss the style hidden beside rocks and foliage.  Cross the style and follow the path through overhanging bushes, passing a cottage.

4.70 km – At the end of the driveway BEAR LEFT and cross the road. Walk past the Bowl Rock chapel entrance.  Ignor the entrance on your right and the path to your left, instead follow on to some stone steps with the familiar yellow arrow guiding you to a wooden style.

4.80km – BEAR RIGHT after second style and aim for the top left corner of the steep hill.

5.20km – Go STRAIGHT ON over the road and style. At the fork continue straight towards the wooden gate following the dirt footpath to a kissing gate.

5.80km – TURN LEFT after swing gate at Tencrom Hill carpark onto the road. TURN RIGHT following the road to a fork in the road.

6.00km – BEAR LEFT down to the road, where you will see the black pilgrim symbol.

6.10km – TURN RIGHT before the houses onto a loose stone path before keeping right and following the gravel track which runs alongside a stream.

6.30km – After the swing gate BEAR RIGHT over the field towards another swing gate on the opposite side. Continue straight over the second field to another swing gate.

6.60km – TURN LEFT and go through the swing gate located between two fields. Continue STRAIGHT ON following the worn grass path to the next gate. Continue following the worn grass path which is well waymarked with the St Michael’s Way sign, passing through another six fields. You will get your first glimpse of St Michael’s Mount in the distance.

7.80km – After crossing the field, navigate the style into a small path through bushes and trees, follow this path down to a second style then continue STRAIGHT ON to the road.

8.00km – TURN RIGHT at the road, cross the bridge next to the ford and continue to follow the road uphill to a junction.

8.10km – TURN LEFT (sharp left) and continue to follow the road uphill. There is no pavement so watch out for cars!

8.50km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the road past the farm and public footpath sign on your left. Avoid the road going left and take the style into the field at the top of the hill.

8.60km – Go STRAIGHT ON keeping the hedge to your right where you will reach a style. Cross over and continue down the centre of the field to a style and a stream.

8.90km – Cross the stream and BEAR LEFT onto the dirt track. Cross another style into a field. Keep to the left of the field, before crossing diagonally to the top right corner – aim for the electric pylon. Pass through the field keeping the pylon to your right until you reach a road.

9.30km – TURN LEFT at road and walk along until you see a small red post box on your right.

9.50km – TURN RIGHT after the red post box onto a track sign posted for St Michael’s Way and Ludgvan, this leads to a style and a stream. Follow the path, taking the left fork uphill.

10.00km – After making your way through the woods, BEAR LEFT after the cemetery until you reach the road.

10.00km – TURN LEFT at road, walking past the Ludgvan Parish Church and White Hart Pub on your left.

10.10km – TURN RIGHT after the pub following the St Michael’s Way sign onto a footpath. Pass over several cattle grids along the well-maintained path passing fields to your left and right to reach a road with a garage in front of you.

10.70km – TURN RIGHT at the road and follow until you reach the main road.

10.90km – TURN RIGHT at the main road junction, cross the road via the traffic island. Continue on to find the footpath to your left.

10.90km – TURN LEFT into field and continue straight along several fields over several styles keeping the hedge to your left.

11.50km – Go STRAIGHT ON over busy road to path slightly to your left. This passes through a wood and duckboards over a marsh leading you to a railway track.

11.80km – Continue STRAIGHT ON over the railway track (with great care) and follow path through woodland, alongside brook and marshlands until you come to a road.

12.40km – TURN LEFT at road and cross the bridge continuing to a T junction.

12.40km – At T junction TURN RIGHT, following the road to another junction.

12.60km – BEAR LEFT at junction and continue towards Marazion. You will find the slipway onto the beach and causeway to St Michael’s Mount on your right as you head into the centre of town.

13.40km – Finish in the centre of Marazion at the viewpoint looking to St Michael’s Mount next to Gadolphine Arms hotel and restaurant.


OS Grid
SW 52751 38856
50.197974, -5.465836
50°11'52.7"N 5°27'57.0"W
30U 324017 5563552
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Sturdy hiking boots, layered clothing items, and a waterproof/wind-break layer may all be required. The weather in the south is usually better than the rest of the UK and temperatures can sore, especially in the summer months. Make sure to check the weather before you go to see if you need suncream or a waterproof layer, as the weather can change quickly.

Ensure your phone is fully charged; if you doubt the battery will last throughout the hike, it could be beneficial to bring a power bank.

Take plenty of water for the day's walk - especially if a high temperature in the summer. 

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