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Burnsall to Hubberholme

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  • Moors past Grassington
    / Moors past Grassington
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  • / Lime Kiln
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  • / Conistone Pie
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  • / Wharfe Dale
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  • / Buckden bridge
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  • / Down to Wharfe Dale
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After a riverside walk to the village of Grassington, enjoy a walk over moorland with beathtaking views and along a hillside before rejoining the River Wharfe at Kettlewell.  Follow the river to the little village of Hubberholme.
24,8 km
7:00 h
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As you leave Burnsall the river roars dramatically beneath limestone crags. Begin to climb and admire the amazing views over Wharfedale. Walk into Grassington, a fabulous Dale’s village with oodles of charm. Discover more stunning views over the pretty farm land, laid out like a patchwork quilt around you as you head up to Coniston Pike. After some gentle woodland walking, follow a riverside until you come to your destination for this evening, Hubberholme, a pretty little village.

There is a fair degree of ascent and descent in today's walk, all of which is well worth it as you will experience the beauty of wide open moorland and views of Wharfe Dale.


Be sure to visit Saint Michael and All Angels Church when you reach Hubberholme. Keep an eye out for the mouse carvings in the pews. 

The remains of the novelist and playwight, J B Priestly are interred here. The George, just over the bridge, at the end of today's walk, is said to have been his favourite pub.

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The path over the moor may be difficult to follow in very bad weather. Make sure to stay on the correct trail by concentrating carefully on your GPS tracks and maps if its foggy.

Take care on the roads around Grassington and over the road bridge in Kettlewell.

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 Please see the interactive map for notable points of interest.  Click the icons on the map for more information.


Where to eat along the way:

Grassington - there are plenty of options here. Lots of cafes, restaurants and pubs to choose from:


Kettlewell - there are some pub choices here, namely the Bluebell Inn


Fox and Hounds, Starbotton


If you wish to miss today's walk (but please don't!) there is a 874 bus that runs from Burnsall to Buckden. Please check the following website for times and schedules:


874 Bus from Burnsall to Buckden




The Red Lion Pub at Burnsall (149 m)
54.046670, -1.952161
54°02'48.0"N 1°57'07.8"W
30U 568607 5989222


The George Inn at Hubberholme


*** To help you follow the route with confidence we have provided full written turn by turns to aid you on your walk from Burnsall to Hubberhome.  Whilst the Dales Way is waymarked it is important that you follow the GPS tracks in the Macs Adventure smartphone app to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and problem-free day.  The daily maps can also be printed from the web version of the app should you wish to take paper copies with you. ***


0km – Standing outside of the Red Lion front door, with the pub behind you, TURN LEFT and continue down to the river. Then TURN LEFT again and walk along a path beside the River Wharfe, to your right. Carry on to reach a suspension bridge.

1.8km – TURN RIGHT to cross the bridge and then TURN LEFT, once across the bridge, and continue on the path alongside the river, now to your left. (OR be really daring and cross by way of the stepping stones). Carry on to a point where the path turns away from the river to reach a gate at a dry stone wall.

3.8km – Go STRAIGHT ON through the gate and continue on the path leading onto the asphalt road. Carry on along the road, pass the fish farm to your right, to reach a gate on your left leading to a footpath.

4.1km – TURN LEFT and walk on the footpath across a field. Continue along the path, traversing three stone walls, to reach a footbridge to your left.

4.6km – Go STRAIGHT ON along path, passing river weirs to your left. Follow the path, with the river bending right, to reach the far end of a long stone bridge spanning the river.

5.3km – TURN RIGHT onto a road and make your way uphill into Grassington. Carry on to a point where the road bends to the right.

5.7km – TURN LEFT into ‘Main Street’ (the second turning) and continue uphill to reach a crossroad.

6.0km – TURN LEFT into Chapel Street and carry on to reach Buck Lane on your right.

6.2km – TURN RIGHT into Buck Lane and climb uphill to the edge of the town, with the views of open moorland in front of you. Continue along track, with Dales Dairies away to your left. Now, look out for a small gate to a footpath on your left.

6.5km – TURN LEFT onto the grassy footpath. Walk through the field to a stile

6.6km – TURN LEFT, once over the stile, to then cross another stile over a wall to then TURN RIGHT and walk along the side of a field, with a wall to your left, to then reach another stile over a wall.

6.9km – Go STRAIGHT ON along a path in a field alongside a wall, now to your right. Follow the path around its edge to another stile.

7.2km – Go STRAIGHT ON, once over the stile, and soon after cross yet another stile over a wall. Now continue on the path on the wide-open moorland. Carry on to then reach a fork in the path.

7.6km – FORK RIGHT and continue towards a lone tree on the very far horizon. Carry on to then reach a Lime Kiln, to your left.

9.5km – Go STRAIGHT ON along path, crossing a couple more walls. Then climb uphill to pass through two gates at the top of the hill to then reach a track.

10.6km – Go STRAIGHT ON over the track on a path following the contour of the hill. Continue towards Conistone Pie (a natural rocky limestone outcrop), which you will pass as you continue onward. Carry on to a stile/gate     

11.0 - Go STRAIGHT ON over a wall, with Conistone Pie to your left. Continue on the path following the contour of the hill, with views over Wharfe Dale to your left. Traverse four more walls to then come to a small pine tree plantation.

13.2km – BEAR LEFT, once over a wooden stile beside the wooden gate, and make your way downhill along a track to reach a road.

13.9km – TURN RIGHT onto the road and carry on, passing Scargill House on your right, to then reach a footpath on your right.

14.6km – TURN RIGHT onto the footpath, following signpost ‘Dales Way, Kettlewell 5/8 mile’. Cross two fields on the footpath to then make your way alongside a wall to your left. The footpath runs parallel to this wall (sometimes crossing to its other side) over many walls dividing many small fields. Eventually, you will come to a path to your left, flanked by dry stone walls, with houses ahead of you, a bit to your left.

15.4km – TURN LEFT and make your way downhill along the path, flanked by walls, to reach a road, where you will find a church graveyard ahead of you.

15.6km – TURN RIGHT and continue to a T junction.

15.7km – TURN LEFT and walk through Kettlewell, passing a pub and bridge to your right. Continue to another T junction.

15.9km – TURN RIGHT and continue to another T junction.

16.1km – TURN LEFT and continue on road over the bridge over the River Wharfe to reach a track on your right.

16.3km – TURN RIGHT off of road onto track leading towards the riverside. Continue on along a flagstone path leading into the field. From here on, for a long way. the path is very distinct and well signposted as it runs in more of a straight line than the river, which meanders alongside it to your right. Carry on to then find a footbridge to your right, with a sign inviting you to cross over into Starbottom to visit the Fox & Hounds pub.

19.8km – Go STRAIGHT ON and now lookout for a point where the path merges onto a tack.

21.4km – Go STRAIGHT ON along track. Then lookout for a little signpost pointing right onto a footpath on your right.

21.9km – TURN RIGHT off of the track onto a gravel footpath and walk down to then pass through a gate and then along a path at edge of field, on an embankment, with the river to your right. Carry on along the riverside path to then reach a road, with Buckden Bridge to your right.

22.9km – Go STRAIGHT ON over road and continue on the footpath across a field and then along the riverside to reach another road.

24.1km – TURN RIGHT and walk along the road all the way to Hubberholme.

24.8km – ARRIVE at the George Pub and Hotel, to your left, and a bridge to your right. You have now completed this section of the Dales Way trail. 


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54.046670, -1.952161
54°02'48.0"N 1°57'07.8"W
30U 568607 5989222
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Stout footwear, preferably boats, would be most suitable and pack a rain jacket as this can be a wet part of the country.

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