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Whiteley - Day 3 Luxury Mont Ventoux with Provence - Mont Ventoux Summit

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  • Mont Ventoux in the morning sun!
    Mont Ventoux in the morning sun!
    Foto: Kirsten Ogden, Macs Adventure
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This is a fantastically rewarding day with a long, steady 22km climb to the summit of Mont Ventoux through pine forests and eventually the bald moonscape last few km's to the summit. Great views at the top and then an amazing winding descent to the valley below. A classic road cycling col to test any road cycling legs.
Strecke 55,8 km
5:30 h
1.739 hm
1.739 hm
1.901 hm
299 hm

The 'Beast of Provence' also known as the 'Bald Mountain', is the highest in the region at 1912m (though the sign states (1911m). Known for it's high winds, Ventoux has become one of the most testing climbs on the Tour de France circuit. averaging a a 7.5% gradient from Bedoin, the 22km climb reaches 10% on some stretches of the climb. After the 'Chalet' where the route from Sault joins, forested landscape givesway to a bald moonscape and this is where winds can add to the challenge of the ascent. On approach to the last KM you may wish to stop (if you can think you can get going again), at the Tom Simpson Memorial. One of Britains greatest professional cyclists, Simpson collapsed and died on the 13th stage of the 1967 Tour de France just 1KM from the summit of Mont Ventoux.

On arrival at the summit, take your time to enjoy the far reaching views of Bedoin and beyond. Your descent will be quick and fast as you head to Malaucene. On arrival at Malaucene take a few mins to find 'Le Teron Fountain'. Centuries old, the fountain has been rebuilt over the years to resemble the original.

Rolling back to Bedoin, there are plenty and cafes and bars to enjoy a post ride coffee with fellow riders all returning from the triumph of cycling Mont Ventoux.


Today is about experiencing a classic col, ridden by the greats of road cycling. With 10 summit finsihes in the Tour de France, victorious riders include Pantani, Merckx and Froome. Keep a steady rythym and when the summit comes into sight not long after the chalet, don't take off for a big finish. there is still a few KM's to ride after here. It's further than it looks!
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Known for it's windy conditions at the summit, please always check locally for weather conditions before cycling Mont Ventoux. If neseccary, do not ride and always heed local conditions and advice. It isn't unsual (owing to the altitude), for Mont Ventoux to experience snowfall during summer months.


44.125186, 5.180211
44°07'30.7"N 5°10'48.8"E
31T 674430 4888088


From Crillon please proceed to Bedoin.

0.00km - You begin your Mont Ventoux summit day by the fountain, in front of the Tourist Information building, at the north end of Bedoin. Take the D974 to le Mont Ventoux off the roundabout. CONTINUE on this road right to the summit.

4.00km - After 4kms you cycle through the small village of Saint Colombe. There is a boulangerie here if you decide that you can fit just one more Pain au Raisin into your pocket! Youwil now start you're long ascent to the top.

When you're 4kms from the summit there's a fountain where you can top up your water bottle.

22.0km Congratulations, you've reached the top! Have a well earned rest, take some photos and enjoy the view. When you're ready to go, or the wind's too chilly, head down the road on the north side (opposite to where you came up from) and begin the fantastic decent. Initially you cycle down through the trees and then it opens up to a long, winding road to the valley.

28.30km - If you're in need of any refreshments then can stop at a bar/restaurant here.

28.50km - At the roundabout, by a big stone sign for Station du Mont Serein, TURN LEFT on the D974 for Malaucene. Continue descending along this road for 15kms. Just before you reach the end, at le Groseau, there is a cafe and lovely picnic spot in the trees by the river.

43.40km - At the Stop sign go STRAIGHT ON, then BEAR LEFT onto Rue du Theron, and cycle through the low archway. There is a fountain here with drinking water. If you fancy 10 minutes off your bike you could lock your bike by the fountain and walk up the steps to 'Site Panoramique'. When ready, TURN LEFT in front of the fountain and TURN RIGHT just before the old church. Then TURN RIGHT again.

43.70km -  At the junction go STRAIGHT ON and TURN LEFT on Chemin de Cremessiere. At the T-junction TURN RIGHT and then TURN LEFT up the short, steep hill.

44.50km - At the Stop sign TURN RIGHT onto the D938.

46.90km - The road tat you're on takes and sharp bend to the right but BEAR LEFT on the D1a to Bedoin.

49.20km - After a gentle ascent you will pass over Col de la Madeleine. Continue on this road until you arrive back at your starting point in Bedoin.


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44.125186, 5.180211
44°07'30.7"N 5°10'48.8"E
31T 674430 4888088
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Besides cycling in the kit you are used too, we'd also suggest taking the essentials of water bottle(s), nutrition, an extra layer, cash/credit cards and mobile together with emergency telephone numbers.

Always wear a helmet and pack a spare tube, puncture repair kit, tyre levers and handpump. You may also like to take a multi-tool.

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55,8 km
5:30 h
1.739 hm
1.739 hm
Höchster Punkt
1.901 hm
Tiefster Punkt
299 hm


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