Dordogne: Cycling Souillac to Rocamadour

Discover the Dordogne’s geological wonders, medieval settlements and world famous gastronomy as you pedal from Souillac to Rocamadour. 

Following the River Dordogne cycle to the hilltop villages of Martel and Collonges la Rouge. Pedal to the enchanting villages of Carennac and Loubressac where sun drenched restaurant terraces invite you to indulge in local dishes created with ceps, truffles and canard. 

Continue west to the dramatic cliffside village of Rocamadour. Here sample local delicacies of goats cheese and saucisson, rounding off with a day of poolside relaxation.
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Radtour · Midi-Pyrénées
Souillac to Martel
Top mittel
21,5 km
3:00 h
411 hm
261 hm

Testing, but very pleasant cycle through the backroads of Dordogne from Souillac to Martel

von Angus Smith,   Macs Adventure
Radtour · Midi-Pyrénées
Martel loop via Collonges la Rouge
Top mittel
33,4 km
4:30 h
480 hm
475 hm

A testing route through glorious countryside to the rose red village of Collanges de Rouge and back.

von Angus Smith,   Macs Adventure
Radtour · Midi-Pyrénées
Martel to Saint Cere
Top leicht
37 km
2:30 h
144 hm
220 hm

This longer route sees you following the River Dordogne from Martel, through the pretty village of Carennac and onto Saint Cerre.

von Angus Smith,   Macs Adventure
Top mittel
52,2 km
5:00 h
514 hm
511 hm

A long loop ride that takes you through stunning countryside, past Castelnau Chateau, and along the riverside to Beaulieu-sur-Drodogne, then giving ...

von Angus Smith,   Macs Adventure
Radtour · Midi-Pyrénées
Saint Cere to Rocamadour
Top mittel
33,5 km
2:40 h
393 hm
295 hm

A gloriously scenic route that takes you through pretty villages of Autouire and Loubrassec, and onto the Rocamadour famous for its spectacular ...

von Angus Smith,   Macs Adventure