Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi Trails: Lodge-to-Lodge

Hike the best of Cotopaxi National Park on this lodge-to-lodge itinerary, in the heart of the Avenue of the Volcanoes. Explore the rivers and waterfalls of the Pita River system, the headwaters for much of Ecuador, and cross the vast highland Páramo, or alpine tundra, between welcoming mountain lodges. Enjoy views of rugged volcanoes at every turn and wrap up your time in the National Park on the slopes of Cotopaxi, ascending to the snow line at nearly 16,000 feet.  
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Wanderung · Ecuador
Hike the Pita River
12,2 km
4:15 h
159 hm
159 hm
Enjoy the vast and open terrain of the Highlands, with stunning views of five volcanoes including Cotopaxi, before entering the Pita River Canyon ...
von Claire Peters,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Ecuador
Hike the Pedregal Valley
17,9 km
6:00 h
376 hm
98 hm
Hike from Chilcabamba Lodge to Tambopaxi Lodge, making your way through the Pita River Canyon and a vast plateau of alpine tundra (or Páramo) as ...
von Claire Peters,   Macs Adventure
9 km
2:30 h
145 hm
28 hm
Walk from Tambopaxi Lodge and circle Limpiopungo Lago, a lagoon collecting water flowing off of Rumiñahui Volcano and a popular stopover for ...
von Claire Peters,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Ecuador
Hike to Cotopaxi's Snow Line
3,8 km
2:00 h
405 hm
411 hm
Hike to Cotopaxi Volcano’s snow line for commanding views of the rugged peaks surrounding you and the plains down below.
von Claire Peters,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Cinque Terre,Golfo dei Poeti
Bonassola to Monterosso
11,6 km
4:10 h
518 hm
498 hm
This day of walking takes you through the picturesque town of Levanto before continuing your walk down to Monterosso.
von Callum Broad,   Macs Adventure