Algarve Coastal Trails

Algarve Coastal Trails

Follow the cliffs, beaches and turquoise ocean of Portugal’s Algarve Coast from Lagos to Cabo Sao Vincente. Secluded sandy beaches, white-washed fishing villages, excellent hotels and freshl caught seafood combine to delight you at every turn of the trail. 

The walk explores the beauty of the Algarve coast, where you can marvel at the weathered ochre-coloured cliffs, stroll barefoot along white sand beaches, birdwatch over blue lagoons, enjoy a freshly caught seafood feast overlooking picturesque harbours and wander the cobbled streets of Lagos, Sagres, and Salema. Abandoned fortresses along the way remind you of a time when this coast was ravaged by pirates. For one day your route takes you inland through rural villages and forests, where you can experience the true colours of Portugal. 
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Wanderung · Algarve
Lagos to Luz Beach
Strecke 10,7 km
Dauer 3:21 h
Aufstieg 195 hm
Abstieg 160 hm

Follow the cliffs lining the coast to Luz, where a golden sand beach awaits you.

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Luz to Salema
Strecke 12,3 km
Dauer 3:45 h
Aufstieg 196 hm
Abstieg 232 hm

Absorb the sights and sounds as you walk from Luz to Salema via Burgau, a quiet typical seaside village with a golden beach enclosed by cliffs.

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Strecke 17,3 km
Dauer 4:46 h
Aufstieg 207 hm
Abstieg 264 hm

Choose between a harder or easier option today and begin the day with a transfer from Salema to Barão de São João.

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Algarve
Salema to Sagres
Strecke 15,8 km
Dauer 4:38 h
Aufstieg 325 hm
Abstieg 305 hm

Discover secret beaches, lagoons, and pass the beaches of Ingrina and Zavial. 

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Strecke 12,4 km
Dauer 3:22 h
Aufstieg 110 hm
Abstieg 101 hm

Reach Cabo San Vicente and admire the lighthouse at Cabo San Vicente - is the final destination for today's walk.  

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure